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Thread: Edna - South Pacific

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    Re: Edna - South Pacific

    Definitely like her!
    No one should have to dance backwards for all of their life.

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    Re: Edna - South Pacific

    Quote Originally Posted by KatesMom View Post
    She is an interesting one. Apparently knew someone from a previous season - maybe Mick (went to medical school with him). She has created a product that is a numbing cream for "down there" when you go in to get laser hair removal or waxing. She contacted the person she knew asking if he knew a contact from Shark Tank - that's the show she wanted to get on. He told her no, but that Survivor was casting. So she decided to give it a try. I like her. According to Jeff Probst, how well she does depends on which Edna shows up.
    Not that I've ever done that, but even I can see this could be a product with a future!

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    Re: Edna - South Pacific

    Edna had interesting headgear this past week. It was a visor, made of plant parts. It looked like the sun was bothering her. I wonder if she made it or someone made it for her.

    Sunglasses would be a great luxury item. They don't seem to do luxury items anymore, though.

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