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Thread: Survivor 23–South Pacific: Spoilers/Speculation

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    Re: Survivor 23–South Pacific: Spoilers/Speculation

    I see Ozzy a little differently. Sure, he's aware he excels at physical challenges, but honestly he's been very quiet and relatively low-key, IMO, compared to others. Coach constantly crows about himself, his "dragonslayer" persona, his leadership ability, etc...combine that with his OTT dragon tai-chi on the beach as the helicopter hovers over top taking aerial shots and his OTT praying on the sand for guidance...and I think he can definitely give Ozzy a run for his money in the arrogance department.

    The difference when it comes to fan favourite, and what might favour Ozzy, is the last few episodes Coach has burned a lot of bridges. He spoke about Edna in a very uncomplimentary way several times and tossed her out even though she was, according to him, the only friend he had at first. He turned his back on Brandon and then used God's Will as an excuse for betraying him, this in front of a very disbelieving and cynical jury. He's promised Ozzy the F3 spot, and then if it comes out and he votes Ozzy out over Albert (who everyone pretty much agrees is useless) then he'll be viewed again as a liar. It's definitely playing the game to win, but all of this goes directly against his "honour and integrity" mantra. IMO he lost a lot of points in the last week or so with viewers.

    Cochran thought he was making the big move but his lack of follow through made it fizzle, and he was tossed out while begging to be kept because 1. they owed him and 2. it was his birthday. To me it came across as kind of pathetic and not really worthy of any huge accolades.

    I liked Dawn, but she's not very memorable, unfortunately. Neither is Cowboy. Brandon is off the wall, I doubt he'll get it. You can forget Albert getting it. So that leaves Ozzy or Sophie, and honestly she's played a very conservative game but hasn't really stood out as someone that people are rooting for.

    I will be very surprised if Ozzy doesn't get it.

    Then again, Russell won it a few seasons ago so I guess it doesn't matter if you're considered evil in the game. Then again, he owned his evilness rather than hide it behind a cloak of self-righteousness like Coach does.
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    Re: Survivor 23–South Pacific: Spoilers/Speculation

    Quote Originally Posted by SugarMama View Post
    I don't know, I see it differently. Ozzy seems to have a huge ego, and I'd say if he doesn't vote for Coach it isn't because of a Final 2 deal gone bad, I think it would be Ozzy's ego not wanting Coach to win over him.

    Again, just my opinion.
    I don't believe for a minute that Ozzy was really counting on a deal with Coach. Neither one of them believes the other. So if he votes against Coach that won't be why.

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    Re: Survivor 23–South Pacific: Spoilers/Speculation

    It seems Maxx's spoilers and other Ssucks spoilers I posted a while ago have come together and spelled it out for us.
    Thanks for the person who let me know the sole survivor reveal was live, never knew! I guess as soon as the votes are put in that pot and production have read them, the secrets out.

    Im disappointed Coach didn't win but hopefully he'll do a Rob and make a 4th season if he isn't a winner (Yes people hate return players but we know hes entertaining)

    If this forum/Ssucks forum is anything to go by Im not so sure of an Ozzy win for fave player of the season. I think Dawn and Coach (has a lot of twitterers saying theyve voted 15 times for him) are hot contenders as is Sophie (If sole survivor can win sprint also).
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