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Thread: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Oceansands;4130180;
    I agree about Rob. I am sick of this guy. Stopped watching TAR because of him. I will not watch Survivor if Rob is Host. He is a boring self centered jerk. I have always liked Jeff but Rob - UGH!
    I don't mind Rob but sure wouldn't want him as host... bring in a new face if Jeff is going to retire.
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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    Rob won't be the best host, but I'm glad Probst is leaving. Didn't like his attitude and got tired of him a few seasons ago. It's not exactly the most exciting job, so I'm not surprised he's leaving. He says the same thing in every situation. He's so predictable! Maybe now he'll get a real job. He's a smart man but Survivor isn't mentally stimulating for his intelligence level. He's sort of the Vanna White of Survivor. Good, long run, but time to go.
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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea;4130141;
    Loved that Chase managed to throw Marty's question back in his face.

    Seeing Russell made me shudder. I can't believe I actually had a physical reaction to seeing him pop up on my screen.
    Marty just needs to get over himself. I would much rather be around someone who is being called "dumber than a bag of hammers" than being around someone who is acting like an arrogant A$$hole.

    It never ceases to amaze me how some contestants of Survivor take things to such a personal level in their attacks at the FTC. But usually by the time that they have had time to reflect back on the whole experience, they are able to come back with a kinder assessment and realize that Survivor is just a game. As in anything in life, a certain amount of luck is involved in how they play the game of Survivor. So, like or not, Marty made his fair share of mistakes along the way. He put the target on his back very early in the show by being so outspoken.

    LOL. Russell had the same affect on me. I wonder why Jeff didn't talk to him last night.....not that I wanted him to.

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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by CharmOffensive;4130205;
    I'm glad Probst is leaving.
    Where does it say that? I thought it was just speculation.

    Probst has been the best part of Survivor.

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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by MHcarrollton;4130078;
    Why would Jeff leave a show that he probaly is making a lot of money on if the offer is still there? Does he have that many other offers in the works? I think it is so dumb that these Hollywood people act like a good paying job is so disposable. I really would not mind a change up to hosts, to me it is a moot point who hosts the show.
    The lifestyle required to do Survivor does not easily accomodate a love relationship and he mentioned that a job in one place would be a welcome change. I can see this easily. He has been doing this for 10 years.

    When this show ends Mark Burnett will create another show and probably involve Jeff in some capacity.

    For me, Jeff is the glue and without him the show would tank. It is on its last legs now. When Anderson Cooper quit The Mole it could never again get legs. He was key to its success.

    Jeff mentioned he was ready to move on before he signed this last contract to do a few more. They must have made him an offer he couldnt refuse.

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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks;4130210;
    Where does it say that? I thought it was just speculation.

    Probst has been the best part of Survivor.

    It's just speculation. I hope he doesn't leave I love him as the host...

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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    The way Jeff cut off Shannon's ignorant comments at the reunion is enough reason for me to want him to remain host until Survivor runs its course!
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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by brycola;4130107;
    Talking about Jane getting a P90X commercial...have y'all actually SEEN any P90X commercials? They're filled with hot people. I'm VERY sorry that this is going to come across as rude and mean...but Jane AIN'T hot. She was downright frightening at times. A few of the shots of her could be used in horror movies.
    I hear ya! But, that was kind of the point. All the beautiful hotties are taken care of in the marketplace. All the older, wrinkled but still spry folks have lots of money to spend too. People are living a lot longer than they used to in past generations, they want to be healthy. Also, people want to buy from somebody they can relate to. Jane won the $100K fan favorite/player of the season prize. Lots of people like her. I'd tap that market.
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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    Congrats to Fabio on his win.
    I would have preferred Chase as I felt his comments and what he wanted to do with the money, if he won, were a lot more heartfelt than Fabio's. I just really didn't care for the latter's comments or his arrogant attitude at all.
    Congrats to Jane on winning fan favorite.
    I really have a lot of respect for the woman and all the effort and preparation she put into her time out there. And, I did really like the lady.
    I have to say that I couldn't remember Shannon at all from this season. After hearing these rude comments at the Reunion, I can understand why. Congrats to Jeff for calling him out on that.
    It was nice to get the update on Rob and amber, but I do think I would find him, as a host, if the rumors are true, way too difficult to listen too. And, a tad too polarizing....
    I also wish more time was spent with the actual contestants as opposed to Naonka's mom, et al.
    I dislike Marty even more after seeing him at final TC. The man was way too bitter and self important.
    I'm not a big Country music fan, but I did really enjoy Chase's song. I hope he does build a career in Nashville.
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    Re: 12/19 Finale Show *Spoilers*

    SO do we know that Kelly Purple, Naonka, and Brenda (we saw this one) voted for Chase? That means either Holly or Jane (one of them) did NOT vote...and they were two people who I thought might actually swing his way (particularly Holly).

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