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Thread: 12/15 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 12/15 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by holly71;4127966;

    I can't stand Chase, he can't think beyond the moment. And I really didn't appreciate how, when confronted by Jane, he stood there & stared at Sash & Holly & waited for them to say they were voting her out that night. It was like he thought he'd be absolved of any responsibility if he wasn't the one to say "yes Jane, we are voting you out." He doesn't "own" any of his decisions.

    I also didn't like JP interfering at TC. This was beyond just getting information, or "leading". He flat out interfered. Thank goodness these people are dense, otherwise the whole outcome of the game could have been altered based on his interference.
    Chase is an enigma to me...sometimes he actually makes some pretty smart decisions and other times he acts like a complete jackass. For example, tonight we saw him tell Fabio that he would absolutely take him if he won the reward challenge: SMART move. That pretty much ties him up for a reward (which we know is family) because the most likely candidates for the win are Fabio, Chase, Jane and Holly (in that order). Speaking with Fabio and making a deal almost absolutely ensures he will be taking part in the reward.
    ...BUT then he goes and does something very stupid--he does not honor his agreement and takes the wrong people, thereby further screwing his chances at actually winning a jury vote if he makes it to the F3. Since he has a solid alliance and an immunity idol it makes the most sense to take Fabio and Jane. That leaves Holly and Sash at camp with Dan and even if they took it personally and thought he was a threat they would still want Fabio and Jane burned before him and Chase likely secures a jury vote from Fabio (if Fabio doesnt make F3) because he is clearly ridiculously close to his mom.
    OR, give your spot to Fabio and let him, Holly and Sash go. Holly and Sash know Fabio and Jane are more of a threat than Chase and will not turn on Chase before they get these physical and jury threats out. Plus, they would all be ridiculously grateful. Then he could go back to camp and spin it as: I wanted to hang with my other NC mom (Jane) or vice versa (if he sent Jane instead of Holly.) Its like the boy cant see the forest for the trees--does he realize there is a jury that actually votes for who wins a freaking MILLION dollars? As we might say here in NC: "Think longterm, son." He lives in NC and can see him momma anytime...making a million bucks takes a lot longer (although we do have an "education" lottery..).

    As for Jeff and what he said--he could have absolutely changed the entire outcome of the game if Dan/Fabio/Jane could count. The past few seasons have featured tiebreakers that involve a skill from Survivor--usually making fire. Now, lets see, who would win that versus Jane? My guess is the only dude that could give our gal a run for her money is 'survivorman,' and cbs isnt his network. Fabio and Dan would earn Jane's absolute loyalty and ensure F2 NO matter what...they could engineer a blindside at F5 or take her to F4 and vote her out. The other contestant(s) could easily be swayed to vote to get Jane out. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Again, where do they find these morons?!?!
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    Re: 12/15 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by NCLurker;4128874;
    I don't see Chase as dumb. I just think Chase tends to be swayed either by the desires of those around him, or his own desire to be liked. That doesn't make him dumb, it just makes him less than effective in the game of survivor. He may be quite bright in other areas but is just too consumed with pleasing whoever he is with in the present. Chase didn't want to tell Jane because Chase really didn't want the vote to go that way.

    I do think that Fabio has played this game well. He is much smarter than any of his fellow players believe and that will be their demise.
    After reading your post, I'm thinking that maybe you're right about Chase not being dumb. It's so easy to jump to conclusions and I think that's what I did. Chase just doesn't seem savvy enough to win Survivor.
    I love Survivor but I know I couldn't be on it for these reasons:
    1. I'm not athletic, at all
    2. I don't like being miserable, cold, dirty, wet, hungry or without a bathroom.
    3. I am not a schemer. It does not come naturally to me to stratagize. It's not a good thing or a bad thing, just an ability. To me, Chase doesn't have that ability. Russell had it in spades and so did Pavarti.

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    Re: 12/15 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Marty has said he wants to vote with someone who had a strategy similar this. Not sure who that would be but Sash might be closest. Hard for jury members to really know what is going own beyond what recently pissed off voted out tribe members say is happening at camp.

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    Re: 12/15 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    About the whole Jeff Probst possibly ruining the outcome of the game or changing the outcome by asking the tribal council why they didnt form an alliance of their own. We only see the edited stuff that CBS wants us to see. From the Jane interview I gathered that there was lots of talk about just that but Jud and Dan wouldnt agree to it. Jane has to be hard to put up with around camp and that is why I think they didnt care if she left or not. At the point of her being voted off lets face it, this becomes every man for his or her self. Jeff Probst isnt going to make any of them not want the million bucks. They had to do what they thought would give them the best odds of winning. And I think they all did just that by getting rid of Jane right then. How are you going to get more votes than her on the jury? Youre not!

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    Re: 12/15 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    After reading all you read, I actually think that this may be Chase's game. Maybe in my delulsional mind that this may have been his game plan.
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    Re: 12/15 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    If Fabio makes the final 2 or 3 I believe he will sweep this. He has not made any enemies and seems to be well liked by all. And I am all for that.

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    Re: 12/15 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by shoepie;4129674;
    If Fabio makes the final 2 or 3 I believe he will sweep this. He has not made any enemies and seems to be well liked by all. And I am all for that.

    I agree - love Fabio. But if he doesn't win immunity I'll be pulling for Holly. I can't stand the thought of Sash or Chase winning. I doubt if Dan would get anyone's vote since he hasn't done anything - but it would be pretty funny if he ended up in the final 3 with Chase and Sash and the jury voted for him .
    Damn football is making the finale start 20 mins late!!! I hate Football!!!!

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