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Thread: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Wow, I can't believe I'm actually glad that Brenda, and not Na'onka got voted off.
    Na'onka really doesn't have redeeming qualities, to say the least, but Brenda was just totally delusional.
    At least, these people are waking up.

    That Jane just totally amazes me. You go, girl!!
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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    is that a ripple effect of Marty and how he influenced everyone?

    So much for Brenda saying at the start that she got rid of "THEIR LEADER" only to have the "KING" voted off next. LOL

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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    My favorites are shaping up after this amazing show tonight. I would really like to see Jane (Marty warned against this) Holly and, I can't believe I'm saying this, Fabio as the final three.

    Such a good show. Everyone going on about how Chase runs around like a chicken, when NaOnka is as bad or worse. Kudos to Jane for beating out the alpha males in a strength challenge. Sash gave us some warning that he probably wouldn't give the Idol to Brenda, but I loved the drama that played out with Chase and Brenda looking over at him with big eyes and smiles soon turned to frowns. Brenda's arrogance did her in as Marty's did him in. I think the example of those two may have brought Sash down a few notches, but we'll have to wait and see.

    Wow! That volcano slide looked awesome. I don't understand how they don't all need tums or something after eating pizza, chocolate and fizzy soda. Talk about a churning sensation.

    The fire looked to be devastating, but later when the others returned there was no more talk about it or the losses as all talk went strategic. *sigh* The edit, of course. I can't wait to see what NaOnka does this time to turn the whole tribe against her. Worse than hiding food? Juicy.
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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I think Sash and Chase realized that they didn't have the numbers to keep Brenda so they voted with the rest of the tribe. Don't really think they 'turned' on her. They just knew it was over and were trying to somewhat save themselves. Giving her the idol wouldn't have changed anything, either. They'd still only be three strong and one of them would go the following week. The boys had to do it.

    Jane. My God woman! I loved Jeff telling her NOT to quit. I think he has a soft spot for that tough old broad. I know I do.

    My husband (who is a firefighter and has his investigating certificate) said that production put that fire out before it could burn down the entire camp. The tarp was only half burned and the bamboo would have went up like paper if the fire had been allowed to burn.

    Naonka is nuts. The behavior in the past and from the previews...I'm positive that that girl ain't right in the head.

    Fabio. I've always liked him but I'm really digging him now. I also think he isn't nearly as dumb as he plays. Sure, I think he's a ditz but that's different than being dumb.
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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Tonight's episode was fun! I love it when the power shifts! Bye Bye Brenda!!

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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    This was the first really great episode of the season! There was so much that I enjoyed. Jeff's full-on snark mode during the RC was hilarious. Jane's display of strength and grit in the IC was very impressive (even though I still find her pretty creepy).

    I love that Holly went from being on the verge of quitting early in the game to strategizing and orchestrating the destruction of the Kingdom of Brenda. That was awesome. Alina could barely contain her delight. I can't wait to see the video of Brenda arriving at the Ponderosa.

    As far as Brenda not "scrambling" to stay in the game, I think she just really did not believe for one second that people would have the audacity to ever vote her off. She was really that impressed with herself. And she was sure Sash would give her the idol if it looked like she really was in trouble. Her strategy for trying to keep herself in the game by talking only to Chase and Sash made no sense at all. She needed to work the fringe players of her alliance. If she had included Purple Kelly (which would have been very simple), and had some serious discussion to sway NaOnka and one other person back into the fold, her alliance would have held. NaOnka tries to talk a strong game, but I think she is really pretty weak.

    The final burning question (pun unintended) of the night is: how is it possible that NO ONE thought that surrounding the fire with wooden chests, and then placing more wood directly over the fire across the tops of those chests, was a bad idea? Geniuses. Unbelievable!

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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I thought about that when they are putting all that wood around the fire. It will catch fire but noone thought about it. Not sure how long they were gone.

    About Brenda, I thought she talked to Chase, Sash and Kelly that they are voting for Naonka? Obviously, Chase knew they didn't have the numbers and so did Sash later on but they never told Kelly so she would vote for Benry and get the ire of the remaining members. Kelly will be next to get voted off after Benry learns that she voted for him. What's funny is that Kelly is so clueless. Even Brenda didn't let her know that she's voting for Naonka. I think Brenda was expecting Sash to give here the idol because she was smiling smugly (that was their plan) until Sash decided not to give it to her because he voted for her.

    Hurray for mutiny! Now there will be plenty of positioning and making new alliances.

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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    When are these players going to plead the fifth at Tribunal?

    Sash and Brenda wasted their power on Marty last time. He wasn't a threat and all they did was expose themselves as 1) the ring leaders and 2) deceivers. "She's so irritating" is gone. "Ouch!"

    There are more lame players than usual this season. The kid with "20 years of life experience." The lovestruck boy. The limping senior. The loose canon. The chest managers. Etc.

    The game is wide open now. Hopefully it comes down to Miss South Carolina (North?) and NaOnka.
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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    As much as I'd love for Jane to just shut her mouth at times, I'll claim her. She's from North Carolina, I believe. She truly is tough.

    I honestly think that Brenda just expected Sash to hand over the idol. She really should have pressed him on this before tribal because even when she was talking to him you could just see the uncertainty written all over his face. Arrogance certainly bit her in the butt.

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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Jane is making a strategical error in showing her strength. She was safe and should have dropped out of that challenge early. She has a target on her back without adding the threat of winning II on top of it. She would be better to fade to the background so others loom larger. Just be that vote they need to eliminate strong or irritating players.

    Each season I find it interesting that the muscular men have trouble in challenges that require strength. Big muscles do not necessarily mean stronger. It means you look good though.

    Fabio for the win!!! This was a great episode!

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