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Thread: Now that it's over, how do you really feel?

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    Now that it is over I still feel robbed.

    I guess I just like the nice guy. Editing bothered me with the Amazing Race and it bothered me with Survivor. I don't want the "witch" to win. I just don't. I would have felt much better had both shows showed some kind of nice side to either Jenna or Flo. To edit them as whiney witches all season knowing they won is annoying as crap to me. It truly makes me fel as though there just wasn't much noice stuff to show.
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    Re: Now that it's over, how do you really feel?

    Originally posted by CaliGirl
    It's time now to take a step back and assess the entire season of Survivor Amazon.

    Take a deep breath...there now.

    It was a very entertaining lively series that sparked heated passionate debates between us all.

    The cast of characters was interesting, ranging from intelligent (you decide) to amicable (insert name here) to colorful and bitchy (several choices here.)

    I liked Dave and Matt the most. I thought this was great t.v but, I won't invest anything into the next episode. I got to pissed off about Jenna winning and it's just t.v

    I give up on picking or having a favorite! I'd have loved to have seen Butch win. I know he didn't play the game as well as Rob but, him over Jenna OR Matt. I was rooting for one of them.

    Matt- definately interesting
    Butch - seemed very sweet
    Rob- played the game very well and could be funny
    Alex- seemed nice in the beginning then seemed to go from 30 something to 18. just UGH
    Heidi - Pathetic and annoying and fake!!!!
    Jenna - very young (younger than 21 mentally) I'd say like a 15 year old.
    Christy -- I have to say I liked her a lot but, the end voting...her voting for Jenna I just didn't get. Jenna was mean to her. So, she thought Matt was creepy???? I lost some respect for her over that final vote.

    I think the last night was disapointing. It dragged on and the reunion show was a bummer.

    I'll watch again but, not like I did this one (I was fanatical about it)

    I'm curious to see T.A.R after reading so much about it on here.

    Plus my sister-in-law and brother love it and I thought I'd give it a try.

    Next Survivor I won't pick the winner like I did this one.

    It was great t.v though!!

    the jury was sucky. I thought it was going to be really good and it was a let down. Boring questions and answers.

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    Originally posted by jodaar
    Sorry Bravo, but this from Matt's chat...I know they can't edit stuff in, but they can edit out & take situations out of context. Misrepresent the truth. People always disagree on this, so I won't argue the point. Just my opinion from the insight I've had this season.
    But jodaar, Matt said himself during the reunion show that the machete sharpening and act was done by himself on purpose.

    Are we to believe his own words in chat or his own words live?
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    I thought I'd be really angry that Jenna won, but I wasn't.
    She came out fighting when she needed to, so good luck to her.
    She's a younger, hotter Mama Kim in that regard, pulled out a couple of IC wins exactly when she needed them.

    My problem (as many others have stated) is the margin of her victory over Matt.
    I just can't understand it.
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    I don't blame Mark Burnett. You can't edit in. I was at both Heidi and Jenna's CBS chats and yes, they are that vapid and self-centred as they seemed on the show.

    I blame 3 people for the outcome of the show... Christy, Deena and Dave.

    Heidi and Alex were always in Jenna's pocket. Butch was in Matt's.

    Rob was going to vote for the person that 'beat' him... and that happened to be Jenna, not Matt. Matt was there with Rob's help.

    I'm still scratching my head as to why Christy voted for Jenna when she really had no clear reason and had said in a confessional that she wouldn't let either Heidi or Jenna near the million. I still wonder if she voted accidentally.

    Deena and Dave I'm not really sure about. Deena likely wanted a woman to win. Dave likely felt Matt's 'honesty and integrity' platform was too much BS for his liking. Or maybe they felt betrayed by Matt as he was so closely linked to Rob.

    I can't blame MB.. it was a great season and the outcome/editing isn't his fault. I don't think after the Reward Challenge with the letters he COULD portray Jenna as a wonderful human being. She's not.. and she still won.

    I also don't think there were several layers to Jenna. No one can tell me that she isn't spoiled.. self centred... shallow or lazy. Even Jeff said as much at the reunion and why would he say that if she was such a warm, wonderful intelligent human being? She's not. And sometimes people like that get lucky.
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    editing problems?

    Originally posted by BravoFan
    From Matt's chat transcript (and another 1 or 2 I read) they specifically said everyone was portrayed exactly as they acted.

    Much of what bothered me about Jenna was not available to the jury members at the time of their vote.
    I think you are right. I wonder how the jury feels about its vote now? That, and I think possibly the reason that there is such a disconnect between what we saw every week and the final vote is that the reasons the 6 did it were so much about bitterness and resentment and even last-minute loser lodge politics that it might only be explained in psychological terms--not visually or verbally. Maybe that's it.
    Best summary comment I read anywhere was, ahem, at another site yesterday:
    "Never again will we ask this question: so how does a show go from "best season ever" to "worst season ever" in three seconds flat?"

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    Well this was from Jenna's chat:

    Q: Who in your opinion was portrayed correctly and who was portrayed poorly on TV?
    J: I think everybody was pretty much true to character. I mean we all had our bad days and good days. If anyone was portrayed negatively it was Heidi. She is a much more caring and giving person than you saw on the show
    The fact that she hasn't tried to make excuses for herself either at the reunion show or in the chat make me think more highly of her. And Heidi was caring and giving -- towards Jenna.

    I am surprised that Jeff did not ask if the jury would have voted differently now that they have seen the show and witnessed the things that were said behind the scenes.
    "They can only edit what you give them. They cannot manufacture a fictional character out of thin air." (Bill Rancic - 4/04)
    Regarding editing reality TV: "You can't edit IN a bad personality." ("Cali"-11/02)
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    Xantham Gum
    I think the show is a good educational lesson for children to see how things work in the real world. The mean, selfish, and callous people get ahead based on their underhanded behavior or their good looks or both and the people who work hard and do what they think is right are often overlooked and unrewarded.

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    know they can't edit stuff in, but they can edit out & take situations out of context. Misrepresent the truth. People always disagree on this, so I won't argue the point. Just my opinion from the insight I've had this season.
    ______________________________ ______________________

    Welcome, all. This is ManySkills, emerging from the lurkland! Thanks for all the posts - I read you guys religiously. My bosses are starting to notice!

    Anyway, I'm sticking my head up because I'm kinda annoyed. Doesn't it seem like this season they took too many liberties with the editing?


    During the every-famous Christy vs. Joanna debacle, Joanna miraculously changes her outfit. Can we say 'splice?'

    Alex repeatedly insists that the sticks and twigs were unfairly portrayed. This seems consistent with other hints that are slowly emerging; for instance, that Heidi was well-liked by the tribe members (person most had a crush on, for instance), and that 6-1 vote at the end that seemed patently impossible.

    Usually, for entertainment value I guess, the editing tends toward the negative. However, in Christy's case, they never seemed to show her reportedly whiny side. (Jiff had to take her aside and tell her to tone it downearly on. When did we see any of that?)

    Just a few examples which keep emerging.

    Usually when asked the contestants say "You pretty much saw the real me". We're not getting as much of that this time.

    Where can I complain? Where do I send an e_postcard?!?

    When does any of that actually work?!?!?



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    Im sad to see it be over, this was a really good season. I'll miss my Mateo on thursady nights! *cries*

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