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Thread: Favorites Each Season

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    Favorites Each Season

    Since I did a Favorites one for TAR, I thought I'd do one for Survivor.


    1. Richard
    2. Jerri
    3. Lex
    4. Kathy
    5. Shii Ann
    6. Rob
    7. Fairplay
    8. Rupert
    9. Chris
    10. Tom
    11. Rafe
    12. Cirie
    13. Yul
    14. Yau-Man
    15. Peih-Gee
    16. Yau-Man, I guess
    17. Bob
    18. Coach
    19. Mick
    20. Sandra

    And if I were to name my least favorite ever, I'd have to go with Lindsey or Jenna in Amazon.

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    Re: Favorites Each Season

    JohnnyK, maybe you want to move this to the dream teams thread? Seems to fit there.
    I think you have Yao-Man twice?

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    Re: Favorites Each Season

    I'll just do the ones I've seen...

    Palau: Bobby-Jon
    Guatemela: Danni, Stephanie
    Panama: Terry, Bruce
    Cook Islands: Yul
    Fiji: Yau-Man
    China: James
    Micronesia: Yau-Man (again)
    Gabon: Randy, Matty
    Tocantins: Tyson, Coach
    Samoa: Russell
    Heroes vs. Villains: Russell, Boston Rob
    Nicaragua: My early favourites are Marty, Tyson, Chase, and Kelly B.

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    Re: Favorites Each Season

    I could far more easily compile a "most hated" list!

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    Re: Favorites Each Season

    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;4060906;
    I could far more easily compile a "most hated" list!
    Go ahead.

    JohnnyK, maybe you want to move this to the dream teams thread? Seems to fit there.
    I think you have Yao-Man twice?
    I don't know I think it's fine here. And I know, but I didn't really like anybody who made it further in FvF.

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    Re: Favorites Each Season

    Can barely remember any of these people, so I'll just say favourites are Boston Rob (don't care, any season he's been on), Ozzy, Sandra, Ethan, and Cirie.

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    Re: Favorites Each Season

    This is going to be a wordy post that no one will read, but I will go ahead anyway since I want to distract myself from other stuff.

    BORNEO Jenna I'm sort of ashamed to post this because we all know who Jenna Lewis turned out to be. And the thing is, I watched this season after it aired and had known about her sex tape and all. But judging solely on her stint on this season, she was my favorite. Coming into the season, I expected to like popular castaways like Gervase, Colleen, and the Tagi 4. But I guess my expectations were too high and I ended up liking the person I didn't expect to like. It's not like I didn't like the aforementioned though, because I did (for the most part). I just liked the Jenna more. She was edited as sort of a sweetheart; her most endearing moment was when she didn't get a tape. [Honorable Mention: Gretchen]

    AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK Tina This one is a tough one because it's a generally likable cast, but I wouldn't say I have a clear favorite. But again, I watched this season after it had already aired, and usually when this happens I gravitate towards rooting for the winner. (I mean, that's natural right? You already know that they win, so might as well root for them. ) [Honorable Mention: Mad Dog]

    AFRICA Kelly Gosh, was she screwed over! She didn't deserve to be booted in 9th place. If it wasn't for Brandon's completely pointless and stupid decision, she would have gone way farther in the game. [Honorable Mention: T-Bird]

    MARQUESAS Kathy I consider Kathy to be the most robbed castaway of any season in the history of Survivor. The woman deserved to win after playing an amazing game. And who could forget when she peed on John's hand? If it wasn't for that stupid dress malfunction! [Honorable Mention: Gina]

    THAILAND Tanya Yes, she was an early boot, but she was so damn sweet. If the fans' wish of a Second Chances season ever comes true, I hope she is the first one called up. [Honorable Mention: Jake/Helen]

    THE AMAZON Rob I didn't expect to like him (this is another season I watched after it had initially aired), but I did. I loved the way he played the game--he was a complete mastermind. He also deserved to win... but I'm fine with Jenna's win. I probably would have thought otherwise if I watched this season live, but I really like who Jenna has become nowadays, and I don't think she would have matured as she has if she had not won the show. But still, Rob at least deserved runner-up. [Honorable Mention: Deena]

    PEARL ISLANDS Sandra I love Sandra. She was absolutely hilarious on this season, and it still blows my mind that she managed to win. She provided great entertaining moments while also still thinking about her game. This season would not have been the same without her. [Honorable Mention: Christa]

    ALL-STARS Jenna This is hard because I don't really a lasting favorite from this season. I liked Romber, but I've been so wishy washy on them--love them with one show, hate them another, then love them, then hate them, then... you get the point. Because of that, I can't choose them. Jenna was a quitter and went out early, but in the end I guess I liked her the most out of the whole cast. I truly felt bad for her situation and absolutely agreed with her decision to leave. [Honorable Mention: Romber]

    VANUATU Eliza This was my very first season. Yes, even though I consider myself a huge fan of the show, I started fairly late. But hey, I was 7 when the show began, so yeah. Anyway, I hated Eliza at first. She was such an annoying little brat. But the editors played around with her and gave her a huge story arc. She suddenly became the underdog, and many people--including myself--started to root for her. [Honorable Mention: Chris (at the time), Ami (in retrospect)]

    PALAU Stephenie Eh, I don't think I need to explain this one. Steph defined what an underdog is, and everyone rooted for her just for that. It was a sad day when she was voted out. [Honorable Mention: Jenn ]

    GUATEMALA Amy I really need to go back and watch this season because I don't remember much about it. I do, however, remember liking Amy. She was a pre-merge boot, but she was one tough cookie. I also remember being the guise that Stephanie was still the same Steph that we all knew and loved in Palau. But alas, that's untrue and I can't list her as my favorite. But she'll be my honorable mention. [Honorable Mention: Stephenie]

    EXILE ISLAND Sally/Terry Aw, I really liked Sally. She was so sweet, and I was really happy when she was sent to Exile Island that one time and was saved from elimination. Too bad she has pretty much disappeared from the face of the planet. I also really liked Terry. My opinion of him has sort of drifted recently, and I wouldn't list him as my sole favorite for that reason. But yeah, at the time I was really rooting hard for the guy. [Honorable Mention: Ruth Marie]

    COOK ISLANDS Yul Like Terry, my opinion of Yul has sort of drifted after realizing how much his game relied on the hidden immunity idol (something that I have come to hate over the next couple of seasons). But I still think he played a great game and used the HII to his greatest advantage. [Honorable Mention: Becky]

    FIJI Yau-Man After Kathy, Yau-Man is my second most robbed contestant of all time. Oh my goodness, the guy played a great game. I don't blame Dreamz for what he did, but it still makes me a bit angry to know that Yau-Man was thisclose to the title. I did like Earl though. Still, I would have preferred a Yau-Man victory. [Honorable Mention: Michelle]

    CHINA Amanda I was really rooting for Amanda. I thought she played a fantastic game and that she would easily win the title... and then she had to muck it up with her horrible performance at the FTC. I still had hope though, but she ended up only getting 1 vote from the jury (from Erik, more specifically). What a disappointment. [Honorable Mention: Aaron]

    MICRONESIA Cirie This is an "in retrospect" decision. Fresh from China, I still really liked Amanda and wanted her to win. But thinking about it, Cirie was a fantastic player and outshined not only Amanda but Parvati also. I didn't really take notice of Cirie during EI (which I don't know how I didn't), but I noticed her this time for sure. There are actually a lot of people that I really liked this season, so picking a favorite for this one is hard. [Honorable Mention: Amanda]

    GABON Crystal Eat yo rice! Forget chu, go home, goodbye! Such great memories with the one and only Crystal Cox. Many people didn't like her, but I thought she was hilarious. But people did shift their opinion on her finally when witnessing Ponderosa and the way the Onions treated her. Ugh, that still makes me mad when I think about it. And if you still don't like her, compare her to NaOnka this season. Crystal is harmless compared to her! [Honorable Mention: Sugar (at the time), Susie (in retrospect)]

    TOCANTINS Taj Her reaction when realizing that her husband Eddie George would be visiting was classic. But I thought she was a great castaway: calm, kind, and played a decent game. I was really impressed with her EI alliance, until it amounted to nothing when the merge came. But nonetheless, I still really liked her and was disappointed when she was voted out. [Honorable Mention: Sierra]

    SAMOA Natalie Most of the time, I love underdogs that people don't expect to win. This was one of those times. She got a horrible edit and was invisible throughout the season, but she started to shine once the rat episode was aired. From then on out, people started to take notice of this girl. Russell overestimated her and failed to see that the social aspect can be the most important part of this game. Natalie is my favorite winner of this show. [Honorable Mention: Laura]

    HEROES VS. VILLAINS Rob Before, I said I was wishy-washy on this guy and his wife Amber. But this time around, I absolutely loved him. It all began when he succeeded in making fire on his own--that certainly impressed me. He had the game controlled until Tyson made the stupidest decision of all-time (IMO) and cost the game for him. Luckily for him, he was avenged by Sandra winning. [Honorable Mention: Candice]
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    Re: Favorites Each Season

    I only started watching Survivor last season. My favorite was Colby , Parvati , JT, and Amanda. My favorite from Nicaragua 100% CHASE !!

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    Re: Favorites Each Season

    1. Richard
    2. Jeff
    3. Kelly/Kim P.
    4. Kathy
    5. Clay
    6. Rob
    7. Sandra/Fairplay
    8. Romber
    9. Chris
    10. Ian
    11. Rafe
    12. Aras/Shane
    13. Jonathan
    14. Dreamz for being lol
    15. Erik
    16. Erik
    17. Kenny
    18. Tyson
    19. Brett
    20. Sandra
    21. Alina

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    Re: Favorites Each Season

    Can't edit so I'll add Fabio for Nicaragua, change Micronesia's to James, change Samoa's to any of the F4, and change Pearl Islands' to a tie between Fairplay and Sandra.

    And another thing we can do is name our fav males and females each season. Mine would be (with main fav being named first):

    1. Richard and Gretchen
    2. Jerri and Colby
    3. Lex and Kim J.
    4. Kathy and Robert
    5. Shii Ann and Robb (Robb's #3, Helen #2)
    6. Rob C and Christy
    7. Fairplay and Sandra
    9. Chris and Eliza
    10. Tom and Stephenie
    11. Rafe and either Lydia or Danni
    12. Cirie and Dan Barry
    13. Yul and Becky
    14. Yau Man and Michelle
    15. Peih-Gee and James
    16. James and Cirie, I guess.
    17. Bob and Sugar
    18. Coach and Taj
    19. Russell, Mick, or Brett, and Natalie
    20. Sandra and Rob
    21. Fabio and idk yet. I'll have to actually watch the whole season

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