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Thread: Matt's chat ~ transcript

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    Matt's chat ~ transcript

    Mattís chat.

    Q: Do you think acting like a psycho lost you the game?
    M: I donít think so. It is possible but I donít think so. That was really a strategy to distract peopleís attention and to dismiss me as a threat. Its possible that I played that card a little too long and people started to be frightened of me, but Iím not sure that holds much water. But it did help me get ahead in some critical phases in the tame,

    Q: Why did you take the jacket as you luxury item?
    M: I took the jacket as my luxury item because I thought it might serve as a pillow or at least help me sleep at night which I felt could be an issue from what I read on various survivor websites there were sleeping challenges in the jungle, It did in fact prove to be very useful.

    Q: Did it take you long to get your weight back?
    M: It took me about six weeks to put the weight back on. There was a lot of fast food and a lot of weight training that was required.

    Q: How did you feel knowing only Butch voted for you?
    M: it bums me out a bit but it doesnít really surprise me. I donít think that the members on the jury gave me a lot of credit for my strategy and how far it got me, I also donít think that they really acknowledge the journey and evolution my character underwent in the game.

    Q: Did any of you survivors get attacked by anything while out in the Amazon?
    M:Ē Well we got attacked by insects on a daily basis. WE did encounter some toothy piranha which bit Butchís finger but there werenít any close calls with Anaconda, jaguars or crocodiles although we knew that they were always lurking in the neighborhood.

    Q: What was your favorite moment on Survivor?
    M: I think one of my favorite moments on survivor was one morning during a rainstorm when Christy and I enjoyed a bottle of wine and talked about ourselves and shared stories. It was just a great opportunity to get to know her as a person and itís a real pleasant memory.

    Q: Was it difficult to maintain a secrecy and not share the news with your family and friends about finishing in the top 2?
    M: It really wasnít difficult to maintain secrecy about my finish in the top two although there was an article that came out about CBS betting that named me and Jenna as the final 2 and that did raise suspicion.

    Q: What was the first thing you ate when you got back home?
    M: The first thing I ate when I got back was a Big bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken! It was a dream come true!

    Q: Did the cameramen/women ever get in the way?
    M: Thatís a great question! When Butch and I were fishing there was always a cameraman or crew within the vicinity and oftentimes theyíd board our boat and they would make a lot of noise and movement and make it very difficult to fish!

    Q: Were you surprised that Christy did not vote for you?
    M: I was surprised that she didnít vote for me but I also knew she could be unpredictable which is the reason she was ousted from the game earlier, so I was surprised but in hindsight I should have anticipated that she would be somewhat of a wildcard.

    Q: Do you really spend weekends studying Swedish?
    M: I donít spend entire weekends studying Swedish but I do enjoy foreign language study and Iíve been known to study Swedish or another language for hours for fun Ö believe it or not!

    Q: Tell me what was your reaction after the food auction when Jenna and Heidi made those rude remarks about Christy buying her letter?
    M: I at that juncture in the game thought that Jenna and Heidi were being rather mean to Christy, My feeling was that Christy had waited to big on the letter and it was the only item sheís been on and she really deserved it more than Heidi or Jenna although I understand that all three really wanted to hear from all their loved ones.

    Q: If you had to do it again, what would you do different?
    M: I would probably have made an effort to be even more outgoing and gregarious during the initial phase of the game, I wouldíve made more of an effort to build strategic relationships from day one but also spent time to better understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of each contestants so I could partner with someone I could trust and who could take me further in the game.

    Q: What was the most uncomfortable thing about the adventure (physical or otherwise)?
    M: The most uncomfo0rtable thing about the adventure was really the psychological dynamics of the game. I found it very uncomfortable knowing that others were plotting against me or planning to deceive me and it was very difficult to face that possibility every day. It was difficult to identify and determine who was to be trusted and who not. The uncertainty could make for very uncomfortable situations

    Q: Did you feel that Jennaís statement about you ďnot needingĒ the money was an unfair statement?
    M: I think that Jennaís statement was unfair. In fact I rent an apartment and drive a used car. I feel that I could use the money just as much as she could.

    Q: Are you and Jenna dating?
    M: Jenna and I arenít dating, we are merely very good friends.

    Q: Do you consider any of the other cast mates friends, and if so why?
    M: I consider Butch, Ryan and Dan among others to be good friends of mine. People whom I intend to maintain contact with for many years to come. Butch in particular, always struck me as very genuine with a great sense of integrity. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him in the Amazon. He was one of the few people whom I could really trust and a great fishing partner.

    Q: I thought Butch was pretty loyal to you Matt, what do you think?
    M: Butch was extremely loyal to me and the one regret that I have in the game is that we couldnít go further together. The group decision to oust butch and put him in the 4th spot was very very difficult for me.

    Q: Did you know that there would be letters up for auction or did you think that it was only food?
    M: I had no clue that there would be letters up for auction. At the time I was really only interested in food anyways.

    Q: Are women approaching you more now?
    M: Yes, in fact during the party last night I was approached by dozens and dozens of women. IT seems I have a very loyal following among female Survivor fans.

    Q: What was the toughest challenge and why?
    M: The maze challenge which Jenna won. That challenge was difficult because I didnít spend enough time studying the sign that indicated which direction we should go in to find a particular key. I actually confused two of the symbols and in the end lost to Jenna because I simply couldnít find the last key.

    Q: When Jenna won immunity in the maze, did your strategies change?
    M: Yes when she won immunity in the maze I had to adapt to the new situation. A situation which she controlled. I had to abandon my alliance with Butch and Rob and create an alliance with JennaÖan alliance which eventually would take me to the final two.

    Q: What did you miss most from home and why?
    M: I really missed my journals and writing implements because I love to write and I found it frustrating that I couldnít record everything that I thought and experienced while I was in the Amazon.

    Q: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to be the next Survivor?
    M: I would suggest that they watch a season of Survivor so that they get a good idea of how demanding the physical and mental aspects of the game really are. I would also suggest that they spend time on some of these Survivor groupie websites such as Survivor Sucks to get an analysis of the successes and failures of past contestants as this information can be invaluable

    Q: Did you feel like giving Alex a cup of ďshut the hell upĒ at the reunion show?
    M: I did, I found that his outburst really showed a lack of class. I felt that it was really unnecessary and it was kind of a cheap shot. In my opinion he was just being a sore loser.

    Q: What are your plans for your car, are you really gonna let Rob use it?
    M: Robís not getting his grimy little hands anywhere near my new car! Iím not sure what Iím going to do wit the new carÖ I need to think about that.

    Q: You seem to have a great relationship with your mom, what did she think of your second place finish?
    M: My mother is very proud of me. She knows that I did the best that I could do and she feels that I have played the game with a lot of integrity and that people have a lo t of respect for me for having gone so far in the game even though I never watched an episode of survivor./

    Q: There was a lot of talk that Butch didnít do much out there to help with everyday survival, was that true or just the way he was portrayed?
    M: Butch actually did a huge amount of work at camp. He was tireless in collecting and stacking wood, collection, boiling and filtering water as well as fishing. I think that he had the best work ethics of anyone from Survivor 6: The Amazon.

    Q: How bossy was Roger?
    M: Roger could be very bossy as well as opinionated but I respected him cuz he worked hard and tried to play the game honestly. He was very upfront in most cases with how he felt about things and people.

    Q: Did swallowing that worm whole end up making you sick?
    M: Nope not at all, it went down smooth.

    Q: Were you portrayed the same way you are in real life?
    M: Nope., I think my editing was very creative. Iím actually a very warm, gregarious person wit ha great sense of humor. I think that I was portrayed in such a way as to maximize the entertainment value of the show, which I completely understand. In fact, I found the machete sharpening incident to be absolutely hilarious.

    Q: What was your single best memory of the Amazon?
    M: My single best memory of the Amazon was the plan trip which we took and which allowed us to really see areas of the Amazon jungle that were inaccessible to us before.

    Q: What do those manioc patties taste like?
    M: Those manioc patties had absolutely no flavor

    Q: How long did it take for you to get used to having guys sticking cameras in your faces 24/7?
    M: It took a few days for us to get used to the cameras. After awhile you almost forgot they were there.

    Q: Did you think that Jeff would withhold your mom from you after you gave up your reward to let the other contestants see their family members? Or were you hoping he would do what he did and still let you see her?[/b]
    M: I didnít expect that he would let me see my mom after I gave up my reward for my tribe mates, I was very surprised to see her later on.

    Q: What will you do with your $100,000?
    M: Deposit the check in the bank and consider some desert trecks in Sudan and Ethiopia in the future.

    Q: Are you dating?
    M: I am dating someone in DC, sheís a great girl. Although we donít see much of one another since weíre both so busy.

    Q: How has being on survivor changed your outlook on life?
    M: It has affirmed some of my beliefs that if you work hard and keep your mouth shut you will be recognized and rewarded. It also revealed that Iím also perceived as a very intense person which can often intimidate others. Thatís a character trait that can often intimidate others.

    Q: How did you feel at first hearing that the tribes were men against women?
    M: I was worried because Iíd hoped to use my charm and charisma to build strategic relationships with the women. When I found out that we would begin as an all male tribe, I felt like I really needed to scramble and devise a new strategy.

    Q: What is your opinion of Heidi and all the comments she made?
    M: Heidi had a difficult time in the Amazon. She was very sick at times and I think that she made some statements that she shouldnít have. I would also chalk up some of those statements on immaturity on her part. I think that the audience reaction to her statements has helped her to understand more about how she is perceived by others.

    Q: Any embarrassing moments for you in the Amazon?
    M: Hmm..there arenít any embarrassing moments that come immediately to mind although Iím sure I will think of some in due course.

    Q: Who was the hottest Survivor?
    M: I think Shawna was the hottest Survivor. She has a vibrant personality and a natural beauty that made her really stand out. Sheís also a very generous, genuine individual.

    Q: Did you fully recover from your drastic weight loss?
    M: I have completely recovered from my drastic weight loss. It took me nearly six weeks but Iím back to normal now.

    Q: What surprised you when you were watching the season of Survivor? Were you surprised by everything Rob was saying about you to the camera?
    M: I was somewhat surprised but Robís confessionals but during the course of the game I knew there was a level of manipulation which went both ways. I found many of his comments to be quite funny. He provided a lot of comic relief for us both during and after the game.

    Q: Would you do this experience again?
    M: I donít think that I would do this experience again. For me, it was a one-shot deal. My goal was to get selected and compete in a game that I initially knew very little about but over time I really began to understand and eventually build a strategy that would bring me to the final two. I donít have an interest in repeating the experience.

    Q: Are you and Rob still friends?
    M: Yes Rob and I are still friends. He proved to be a great gamer and during Survivor: Amazon I learned quite a lot from him.

    Q: How hard was it to wait for the outcome of the show?
    M: It wasnít really a big deal. I was not confident that I was going to win the final Tribal Council so I was no necessarily looking forward to the outcome.

    Q: You seem like the type of person who enjoys challenges in life. Any challenges youíd like to attempt in the future?
    I'm always looking for new challenges, Iím toying with the idea of writing screenplays and potentially getting involved in the entertainment industryÖa dream Iíve had for some time.

    Q: How much contact did you have with the others after you got home from the Amazon?
    M: We werenít allowed to contact other membersÖother contestantsÖuntil after the finale.

    Q: How are you enjoying the spotlight so far? Do you think you could get used to being the center of attention?
    M: Itís actually a lot of fun. Iíve met a lot of supportive people. Iíve met many people who believe I shouldíve won the final Tribal council and I think Iíve really gained their respect which means a lot more to me than winning the money.

    Q: Did you get to see any of those sloths or strange animals that they kept showing the viewers?
    M: I never really saw a sloth although I did see a crocodile or two.

    Q: Where the heck did that Colin Powell comment come from?
    M: I have a list of Colin Powellís top ten ways to succeed in life taped to my desk at home and one idea that he mentions is versatility and adaptability and in the game of survivor the ability to be versatile and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the game is critical.

    Final comment:
    Iíd like to say that Iím grateful for your support. Survivor is a great game and I hope that it continues to be popular well into the future.

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    Woah, that was fast Wyndy.

    great job, thanks so much
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    His chat was much more interesting than Jenna's...by far!

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    in the hizzy

    Thanks so much for transcribing Matt and Jenna's chats!

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    Agree, Plinko.

    Of all the chat's I have sat in on/read, his was the most intelligent. He answered well, and the questions were mostly good, although there were some repeats. (damn moderaters!)

    Thanks for transcribing, Wynd!
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    Matt grew on me as the show went along, and he is now one
    of my favorite all time players ( together with Colby, Ethan and Brian ).


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    I loved Matt's chat... I think he is just a really nice guy and very interesting as well .... I'll have to agree with the one above me, I think he'll be one of my all time favorite players....

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    Wynd, thank you SO much for taking the time to transcribe both the chats today (and others in the past) you did a great job

    Matts answers were geat. I was happy to read that he's a warm gragarious person with a sense of humor

    I found it funny to read he wasn'tgoing to let rob get his grubby little hands on his new car!
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    Re: Matt's chat ~ transcript

    Originally posted by Wyndemere
    Mattís chat.

    Q: Did you feel like giving Alex a cup of ďshut the hell upĒ at the reunion show?
    M: I did, I found that his outburst really showed a lack of class. I felt that it was really unnecessary and it was kind of a cheap shot. In my opinion he was just being a sore loser.

    I love it! In life there are winners and losers and Matt will always be a winner. The experience was probably worth more than a million to him and he will go down as one of my favorite players. Jenna, Alex and some of the others have probably gained nothing. Go Matt!
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    I was in the Matt Chat.. (lol) he was a really nice guy, it was alot better then jenna's chat which was kinda boring.

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