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Thread: Jenna's chat ~ transcript

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    Originally posted by Wyndemere
    I thought Jenna's chat was just like herself, boring with a lot of fluff .... I'm just sorry nobody else on the tribal council saw that...

    oh well *shrugs*
    And thanks, Wyndemere for posting the chats!

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    Thanks Wynd!!
    Zzzzzzzz.... how boring though she seems to be. There weren't really any tough questions either.

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    I wondered if someone would ask her what was up with her and Matt and I guess I was right. She said they have "a special bond" well what exactly does that mean? Dude, are you dating him or not?

    Wow, I didn't know she was such a huge Survivor fan! That's kinda cool to think that a Survivor fan went on this show. Maybe one of us will be there in the future. I'm thinking of applying...

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    Originally posted by mflcommish
    I thought she had ample opportunity to snob up and give much more petty answers than she did. Two weeks ago I would have never expected her capable of these answers...
    I totally agree! I was impressed with how she answered the questions given by the jury. She just gives simple and direct answers and none of those that makes you want to say "What the hell were you thinking when you said that?"

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    thanks wyn!!!

    this interview...lame...boring...ju st like her interview in the magazine years ago...has no substance...

    and where are the hard questions???

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    The chat was boring, but then the questions they selected for ehr were boring.
    Nothing to challenge her at all.

    I agree with the peope who were impressed by her answers to the jury, I was too.
    I thought she did very well.
    Still don't understand the vote though.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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