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Thread: Who dissapointed you?

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    Originally posted by fluff
    I'm also disappointed in Matt.
    I thought some of his answers to the questions were feeble.
    I found Jenna's to be far better than his.
    Actually, I thought Matt's answers were generally better than Jenna's feeble efforts. BUT I'm still disappointed in him because I think he didn't answer as well as he could have. In particular, he didn't focus any of his responses on the strategic moves he made to get into that final chair. Neither of them did, for that matter, but it was critical for Matt to prove to everyone that he was not Rob's lap dog and deserved to be in that chair on his own merits. In that effort, he failed.

    I still think "Colin Powell" is a better answer to Dave's question than "My mom". How can Dave defend his vote after those answers?!?
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    Damn straight!

    We all saw what Matt did in his last couple weeks there, but what did Dave and Deena see earlier? He was still following Rob's every move then. I cringed during that final TC because I knew he wasn't making his case to the jury as to why he should WIN. The final vote still surprised be though. If everyone had flipped a coin or had them choose numbers he would have had more than one vote.
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