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Thread: Survivor 7: Panama (Pearl Islands)

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    Definately DD,, it will be beautiful for sure..

    Ok who here hopes these new ones at least study up on ways to build shelters and to find and cook food! Geeze there has got to be some variety there!

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    After the great Survivor we just saw I think we are in for a bad one. They seem to go that way lately.

    What I really want to see is the Survivor allstar edition. Or if they can get big name stars a Celebrity one, but only if they do it as a regular one and don't make it easier. But preferablly the allstar Survivor one.
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    All Star would be great or perhaps bring back some faves??

    I would love to see Elizabeth again, Colby, Colleen, just to name a few..

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by firegirl
    I would love to see Elizabeth again...
    Just tune in to The Look for Less on the Style Network. She's as charming as ever!

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    can you say Amanap backwards?

    Originally posted by JR.
    I want it to start now, to get this bad taste out of my mouth.
    No kidding, JR!

    I am in such a mood, I tell ya.

    The jury was so hypocritical and that upset me. After all, Matt had never been nasty to any of them, nor had he stabbed anyone in the back contrary to his lame end speech which was ridiculous. The one person that I did not think had any sort of charisma ended up to be the only loyal one to Matt. Everybody else flip-flopped more than Rob. SIX votes to ONE?

    Why am I still going on about that?

    Panama, here I come!

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    This new season of Survivor looks really good, but I cant help thinking that it reminds me of Gilligans Island, anyone else thinking that?

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    The scenery looked so beautiful. The wildlife this season has been great. Can't wait to see the whales in Panama!
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    I'M so excited! I hope that they have way more twists in store for us. This is exciting. Curious to see how they'll be marooned. I am sick of all that rain on the amazon, i'm lookin forward to seeing warmth and tropical water!!! This last season was fun to watch tho. Congrats to Jenna and to Matt. WHen is the next season starting???

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    Count me in too. PANAMA, here I come.
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    I want to go! How do you say that in Spanish--Quiero ir...?

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