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Thread: Finale Episode Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS

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    Originally posted by fij
    -Deena's question to Matt was just petty. This is why I can't stand feminists!
    Took the words right out of my mouth! People like that give females a bad name.

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    this season is a disappointment

    Last night's show sucked. It really was like high school where the popular girl is nasty to everyone but the other popular kids and the guys who is different is ostracized. I'm not sure i'll watch Survivor anymore. it is just too lame.
    I love Probst usually, but he didn't ask the main question last night to anybody other than Christy, namely WHY did you vote the way you did?
    But then, maybe he knew the reasons wouldn't be forthcoming?
    Here's my 2 cents:
    Dave/Alex/Rob: to different degrees, they all voted AGAINST Matthew more than for Jenna b/c they felt angry to have been defeated by him. Matt was the real competition of the F2, and so it was a BITTERNESS vote from each of them. Voting for Jenna didn't make them feel defeated b/c she was so obviously not a strong competitor in the ways that their ego defines competition.
    Deena: i have always thought she had a self-hating thing going on and i think in the end she chose to overlook jenna's lameness and instead PRETEND to be in the popular crowd WITH jenna instead. i don't think it was about gender. i think it was also about feeling like she had some part in the winning outcome (i.e., a past alliance)
    Christy: the hardest to understand. maybe Heidi and Alex (what an a$$) swooped in to tell her that jenna was just intimidated by her, liked her, whatever and that Matt stabbed her in the back while pretending to be allied with her? Or maybe she just went with her HEART and took the apology at tribal council to be more meaningful than it probably was. Matt didn't really aim to garner her vote there and probably should have apologized for lying to her when he had the chance.

    The only redeeming thing about jenna is her admitting that she acted terribly. i went back and forth all season with who i hated more--heidi or jenna. not i can squarely say heidi. for jenna's own sake, i hope she actually meant what she said. as for heidi--wow. continues to be such a dilluded freakazoid. Jeanne's remarks were GREAT w/o even trying to mean at all. Way to go!!!!!!

    I hope matt reads some of these boards to see how well-liked he really was by others.

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    How cute is Matt when he's not in the Amazon?!?!?!

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    Jenna did a very smart thing by saying that she wanted the toughest competition possible at her side. That made the jury look at Matt, who had played a "dismiss me" strategy all along and say to themselves: "is this the toughest competition you've got? You deserve to win Jenna!". It also made the jury think what a brave woman she is, and how only a true survivor would have the will to pick their best competition at the end.

    We all know this is a load of BS, but for some reason the jury didn't. But it looks like she read the jury like a book, and told them what they wanted to hear.

    IMO, Jenna lied to everyone when she said she wanted to change at the reunion. It is just a continuation of her "i've matured" act she started after Heidi was voted out. That very night when she told Matt Butch and Rob she wanted to be friends, and she was glad to have played the game with me, I smelled something bad. That was her strategy though - that and winning immunity. That won her a million dollars.
    "The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy."
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    Jenna may have won a million bucks but she'll always be a loser in life unless she grows up and wises up fast. Of all the people on the show, next to Heidi, IMO she deserved least to win. I wonder how she would ever react if she lost at anything she tried. Looks to me like things have come too easily to her in her life. Jeff called it right when he said she was spoiled and I don't think she really learned anything from the Survivor experience contrary to what she wants everyone to believe.

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    In the live chat with Matthew, I just would like to state that Matthew said that he rents an apartment and drives a used car (well, until he won that car on Survivor), so it was particularly egregious of Jenna to claim he didn't need the money. Also, he really showed himself to be eloquent and intelligent in the live chat. Jenna made an ass or herself, though...

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    It's one thing for Jenna to say she's going to change, and another thing to actually do it. I don't have high hopes for her.

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    Originally posted by SamsMom
    3. what is allt his talk from Jenna about how hard she worked in the game??
    Matt for sure worked much harder than she did. Period.

    But clearly Survivor, especially this one, isn't about hard working, being able to catch more fishes,...blah blah. The impression I got from the jury this time:

    1. Spending time to socialize and make friends is more important than being able to build the shelter, catch fish and feed the rest of the team members. The voting this time is like " Okay I hate this guy, he 's been my competition in the game and he beat me up, and this girl didn't do much but I hate her less; therefore, I voted for her." which is probably the mentality of Alex and Dave. What a jerk! :fyou

    2. Most people didn't really give a good explanatation or when they were asked to explain their decision on voting, they kind of dodged didn't really answer the question. Obviously, their decisions on voting Jenna are purely personal ( we are good friend....she is a woman...she needs money more...etc), which is not fair to Matt.

    3. Jenna might have contributed to the teams that we didn't get to see THAT BIG PART OF CLIP, but if that is true, then I think we could also assume Matt also has contributed more than what we got to see on the TV, which means Matt clearly has contributed more to the team in terms of helping everyone to survive on the island. ( By the way, Matt has lost 31 pounds during the show, what does it say??? ).

    Overall, I enjoyed this Survivor very much ( could not compare it with the past Survivor because in the past, I never had the patience to watch the whole show. But I am disappointed with the outcome this time :mad:... but not as much as with TAR 3 ( FLO SUCKSSSSSSSSS!!!).

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    I was rooting for Matt, but the more I think about it, I can see how Jenna won.
    Matt was an "outsider" for most of the game - so, the first few people on the jury didn't really know him well, or maybe couldn't relate to him since he was playing his "crazy guy" role. Jenna, on the other hand, was very visible. We, the viewers, were aware how well Matt was playing the game, but on the inside, only Butch and Rob were close enough to him to see the real Matt. The others probably viewed him as having ridden along on the coattails of others (as other posters have said). He and Rob had an agreement to take each other to the final two, and I think Rob knew that Matt purposefully lost the IC so he wouldn't have to pick. I think we can assume Rob felt betrayed by this since he felt Matt had only gotten that far because of him (which is probably true). Whether Rob voted for Jenna because of this or because he actually thought Jenna was a better player, who knows? I think his chat is sure to be very interesting tomorrow. The others, in my opinion, never got to know Matt well enough to appreciate him for anything other than his fishing abilities. Also, Alex, Deena, and Dave may have been bitter, knowing how many times the plan had been to get rid of Matt, yet here he is in the final two.
    I never cared for Jenna, but I thought she was much better without Heidi around, and her IC wins, especially in the end, were very impressive. I began to appreciate her from a strategic standpoint when she gave away the necklace to Heidi. She became the first person to hand off immunity, showing she was not only out for herself. This probably won her some votes in the end, too, and at the time she was also showing Rob that she did not trust him. It was a pretty bold move to make.
    I had hoped Matt would win, but all in all, was not displeased with the outcome.

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    Re: Finalé

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Xantham Gum

    Isn't that "xanthan gum"?

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