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Thread: Finale Episode Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS

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    If Deena gets off on her own strength and admires the strength of women, that does not make her a man-hater. Deena dug Rob. She has a husband. When asked if it would change her vote, if Rob were in the Final 2 instead of Jenna, Deena nodded yes. It's the strawman argument, folks. Don't put words in her mouth. If you're speculating, then say so.

    When Deena asked Matt about "may the best man win," she got the answer she wanted, and she still voted for Jenna. Deena used her jury airtime to foster a political agenda, much like Christy did when she asked Matt about competing with a deaf contestant. Nothing wrong with that.

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    Xantham Gum
    Oh, I didn't realize it was a signature, I just thought you were prone to non-sequiturs in your messages. Sorry. I like Emo Phillips, but you don't see him much anymore. I think he's friends with Weird Al.

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    Yeah, I don't have a problem with the way Deena voted other than I thought she voted wrong.
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    I wasn't just talking about Deena's final comment to illustrate her lopsided views. If you took the things she said about women and men and reversed the genders and had them coming out of, say, Roger's mouth, you would definitely be calling him a misogynist. She talked about the men being cocky and condescending when she was just as guilty of that behavior herself.

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    Isn't it ironic?

    Throughout this season, anyone who felt they were unbeatable or anyone who revealed the slightest amount of arrogance was voted out immediately.

    Jenna made a point of not selecting Rob, whom she felt she could easily beat. She selected Matt instead, thinking him to be better competition for the jury's votes.

    Ironically, had she selected her "sure thing", Rob, she may well have lost!

    Perhaps in the end, Jenna revealed the least amount of arrogance (relative to gameplay), and it paid off in an unexpected extreme.

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    Yeah I'm totally pissed that Jenna won, but at the same time I realize that this is why I love this show! If it were scripted, then Butch or Christy would have won and everyone would be all warm and fuzzy inside. But life's just not like that and sometimes the crappy people win.
    In her defense, Jenna did really seem to mellow out and become much more of a competitor once Heidi Ho left. I don't think she played the mom card in answer to Dave's question... I think she answered it truthfully. Think of her what you will, but the reality of your mother having cancer for a number of years and watching her go through all of those ups and downs has to have a huge impact on your life. Also, Jenna is only 21 and hasn't really lived yet, she's gone from a spoiled high school girl to a spoiled sorority girl and has alot of growing up to do.
    I loved Matt and was rooting for him from the beginning, but I think he made 2 BIG mistakes at the end...
    -If he really threw the final immunity challenge, he should have at least outlasted the first person, I think it made it look like he didn't want it as bad as he should have.
    -The "I don't deserve it" speech was a bad move. There is definately a place for humility with the jury, but last remarks certainly isn't the best time to show it.

    Other random thoughts:
    -Deena's question to Matt was just petty. This is why I can't stand feminists! I guess I'm just a bad female.
    -Heidi is just so sad and pathetic. We were laughing at her just so blatantly fishing for a compliment.
    -We'd been in bed for aboult a half hour and I was almost asleep when hubby blurted out..."Dave's question was a trick question" He was trying to see who would talk out their a$$ and Matt totally fell for it.

    Oh well..... on to TAR!!

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    I'm starting to feel a bit better about this season; Jenna certainly came through when her head was on the chopping block. I agree there had to be some discussions at the lodge about voting and what people had done. Dave had been there over two weeks by the time the final vote came so there was a lot he didn't see. Hearing Alex or Heidi's sob stories was enough to change his or anyones vote. Matt really needed to make his case at that final TC though. If there was a time to go on the offensive that was it.

    I agree after reading many of the posts that the game should problably not be changed, but what about the final TC? Questions should be about the game; you could have asked their favorite color some other time. Jeff asks the questions at the other TC's, why not here? Yes it could change the outcome but it could be prearranged questions and his earlier questions change come peoples outlooks. (yeah Heidi--intelligence and athleticism?)

    That said I'm still looking forward to S8. If anyone great like Matt comes along again, at least they might know to step out of the shadows sooner and make themselves heard.
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    Heidi's remarks at the reunion special just reinforced my belief that she is delusional. Playing down her intelligence, indeed!! Not to mention her remarks about being an athlete. Sure didn't see much evidence of that either. What an idiot!!

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    Didn't else find it amazing that Matt didn't completely burn his face off when he lit the boat on fire???!!!!

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    Originally posted by mflcommish
    Jenna made a point of not selecting Rob, whom she felt she could easily beat. She selected Matt instead, thinking him to be better competition for the jury's votes.
    Actually, she said at the reunion special that she thought she could more easily beat Matthew, but that she was trying to appear more fair to jurors, as a means of garnering votes for people who thought she was putting up the "better" player. Actually, that shows that she WAS playing the game and using strategy.

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