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Thread: Sucks winner spoilers?

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    Originally posted by dagwood
    I wouldn't mind at all if Butch won. Butch and Matt are the two most deserving. Rob wouldn't bother me, either. Now, if Jenna won I would have to scream.
    Dagwood, why do you feel Butch is deserving of the win?
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    Re: Re: Butch -- Winner?

    Originally posted by CaliGirl
    I smell something and it's a rat!

    There is no freakin' way that they would read the votes at a rehearsal!

    I refuse to believe that! I will not have a knee jerk reaction to this, I refuse, I'm having a hissy fit, I'm about to throw a tantrum, I want to scream, I want a Xanax, I want to aaaaaaaaaaargh

    This is just not possible NONONONONONONO

    The only thing I can figure is that they (the production crew) were rehearsing camera angles and places for the cameras, etc. No way would they read the votes in public - but I bet they rehearsed the reading of the votes so the directors, cameramen and others working tonight know where best to stand, which camera is shooting Jif, which ones shooting the F2, etc.

    If not, I will be joining others in a mass scream!

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    I'm actually quite pleased Butch didn't win.
    He's a nice guy, but for me he hadn't really done enough (from what we're allowed to see of the action) to merit the win.
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    He Should Have Won.

    I would been pleased if Butch had won the game he was better than anyone of them but the game was rigged for slut Jenna.

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    I know Jenna's strategy now, Her strategy is to be lazy and save her energy to the final two ICs. Look at Matt, he was exhausted by overworking, how could he compete with Jenna?
    What a strategy!

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    Originally posted by Bill_in_PDX
    Dagwood, why do you feel Butch is deserving of the win?
    Because he made it as far as he did without losing any of my respect. He was a hard worker and I just plain like him. I like the idea of the nice guys winning, not the spoiled brats. I know it probably isn't a good enough reason, but I did like him...of course I wanted Matt to win more than the rest.

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