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Thread: Survivor Dream Season

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    Re: Survivor Dream Season

    Quote Originally Posted by CuckoosNest;3910809;
    Chad Crittenden (Vanuatu) - Remember the totally competent player from Vanuatu who just happened to be an amputee? I loved this guy. Feisty. Confident. And almost oblivious to the fact that he lost a major portion of a limb to cancer. I found him to be really inspirational... and a bit shady, which is why I think he'd mix well with this group.
    I loved him too, and would love to see him play again. From Lopevi, he was my favorite "lopevian", and he's the lopevian in my screenname. Loved your other choices as well.

    I would really like to see machete sharpener Matthew from Amazon back. And Ami from Vanuatu/FvF, one of the most fascinating survivors ever.

    1. Chad - Vanuatu
    2. Matthew - Amazon
    3. Rob C. - Amazon
    4. Richard the First - Borneo
    5. Brian - Thailand
    6. Russell - Samao/HvV
    7. Earl - Fiji
    8. Steven - Toucantins
    9. Edgardo - Fiji
    10. Yul - Cook Islands

    1. Ami - Vanuatu/FvF
    2. Michelle - Fiji
    3. Kathy - Marquesas/All-Stars
    4. Little Kim - Africa
    5. Twila - Vanuatu
    6. Kelly - Borneo
    7. Courtney - China/HvV
    8. Natalie - FvF
    9. Helen - Thailand
    10. Dani - Guatemala

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    Re: Survivor Dream Season

    Quote Originally Posted by ActMax;3911520;
    Another idea is to have 4 strong players back, take your pick, Boston Rob, Russell, Parvati, Terri (Fighter pilot), Ethan, Hatch etc., and have them as team leaders with 3 tribe members each for 4 teams total with 4 players each. And do a start with 4 tribes thing with 4 all star team leaders. Have these guys actually pick their contestants from the entire entry list. (They would have to collaborate with the producers for the months leading up to the season). That way, you would have 4 really smart players picking their teams as opposed to the producers picking a bunch of lame brains they think will make good TV.
    I'm tellin' you this idea has me really juiced!

    2 guys 2 girls - and not every team leader is a guy - mind you

    O the drama! The emotion!

    And BTW, some of my votes for returnees:

    I hope it happens

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    Re: Survivor Dream Season

    I'd want a Second Chance season, made up of people that went pre-merge in their original season.

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    Re: Survivor Dream Season

    I'd like to make this be a very fun season to watch...

    Though I'd like to stay away from the people we've seen a lot from lately, and I'd like someone from every season.

    -James Miller (Oracle of Ulong! Helllll YEA! Come on.)
    -Rob Cesternino (A bevy of great quotes)
    -Shane Powers (Lunatic)
    -Jean-Robert Bellande (He's a great character... and had the most intriguing initial strategy of any contestant)
    -Randy Bailey (Hilarious jerk. Love this guy!)
    -Judd Sergeant (Maybe this guy ain't no damn bad sportsmanship after all, man. Just a male tosterone thing... they should definitely, by far, give Judd another shot)
    -Sean Rector (Mariano had some memorable moments on Marquesas, but Sean carried the season. Bet on black, bruh)
    -Clay Jordan OR Robb Zbacnik (Either would do Thailand proud. I would give the edge to Clay as the original Final Tibal Council Goat, but Robb is a great character and had he lasted longer, might be a more oft-remembered contestant)
    -Penner (Between the trash-talking and banter with Probst and his head always being in the game, he makes for a fun guy to watch)
    -Big Tom Buchanan (One of the funniest Survivors ever)

    -Crystal Cox (How else will her tribemates remember to eat their rice? I'd love to see her dominate the game again, plus the dynamic with Randy is very promising)
    -Taj Johnson-George OR Erinn Lobdel (There isn't a lot of bite to the prominent Tocantins women, though both were definitely entertaining. I think I'd go with Taj)
    -Ghandia Johnson (Denver Diva. Victim of GrindGate. Went on to victimize fallen tree)
    -Twila Tanner (She's.. Twila)
    -Alicia Calaway (This is where she belongs instead of on All-Stars)
    -Soo Hauk (Maybe she would be ok if Hatch wasn't around... )
    -Sandra Diaz-Twine (I'm not yet tired of her... and besides the usual Fairplay and Rupert, there's not much entertainment depth to PI)
    -Heidi Strobel (Handicapped strategic mastermind... she is a requirement for any season such as this. So much unintentional hilarity)
    -Lisi Lanares (Can't stand her, but I can admit she's a good character)
    -Laura Morett (Between her and Shambo for Samoa... I'd much prefer we didn't see Shambo)

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    Re: Survivor Dream Season

    OK... There's no way I could name them, but how about a season with the "first outs" getting a second chance?

    Just the people voted out first... Give them a little more air time!

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    Re: Survivor Dream Season

    First Out by Season:
    1.Amazon: BB
    2. Australia: Debb
    3.Africa: Diane
    4. Marquesas: Peter
    5. Thailand: Jon
    6. Amazon: Ryan
    7. Pearl Islands: Nicole
    8: All Stars: Tina
    9. Vanuatu: Brook
    10. Palau: not selected for tribes: Jonathan and Wanda, casualty of the 1st vote: Jolanda
    11. Guatemala: Jim
    12: Exile: Tina
    13: Cook Islands: Sekou
    14: Fiji: Jessica
    15: China: Chicken
    16: FvsF: Jonny Fairplay (quit)
    17: Gabon: Michelle
    18: Tocantins: Carolina
    19: Samoa: Marisa
    20: HvsV: Sugar

    I think this is correct.

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    Re: Survivor Dream Season

    I haven't checked the others, but the first one is definitely wrong. The season was in Borneo, not the Amazon, and Sonja was the first out. BB was second.
    Coach Ken: "Kid, you make this kick and you die a legend."
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    Re: Survivor Dream Season

    Thanks for correcting that. It is the only season I didn't watch and sorry for giving bad info. Now I hope the rest are correct.

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