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Thread: Survivor: Interview with Sandra, Parvati, and Russell - "I wasn't afraid of him!"

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    Re: Survivor: Interview with Sandra, Parvati, and Russell - "I wasn't afraid of him!"

    Rich understood the game from the get go. He also went before a jury where the majority of people disliked him and he still won the game. In comparison, Boston Rob played a dominating game in All Stars but the ill will was so palpable that he couldn't win.

    Richard's gameplay became the template of future players/survivors. He set up how the game is supposed to be played. He created strategy. It also helped that he has the gift of gab that helped him in FTC. As further insurance - and as a hedge against potentially duplicitous alliance members - he worked extra-hard on his fishing skills. Because no one else fishes, the starving castaways rely on him heavily. Nevertheless, Rich knew that he and the alliance are not invincible.

    Richard knew that he needed the protection of a voting alliance if he wanted to advance in the game. He formed a tight bond with Rudy Boesch, and by aligning with Susan Hawk and Kelly Wiglesworth formed an alliance of four and kept it secret. He took out Gretchen who he knew was a potential threat to his alliance. He took out Greg who was a challenge threat. He learned of Sean Keniff's alphabet strategy and rode on it with his alliance vote which eliminated each and every former Pagong tribe members (pagonging). The voting alliance became a standard in later Survivor seasons.

    Rich’s forfeit of the last immunity challenge was the most brilliant move played in Survivor: Borneo. Rich was in a tough spot here, with remaining players Rudy and Kelly. He had a deal with Rudy that they would stick together until the very end. They agreed that if either of them won the challenge, they’d vote Kelly off the island and go to the finals together. The problem is that Rich was well aware that he’d lose the grand prize if he went to the panel of 7 judges against Rudy. Rich was seen as slimy and Rudy, though a bigot, was well liked. If Rudy won the immunity challenge, he’d take Rich to the final 2, but Rich would still lose. That’s not good.

    If Rich wins the immunity challenge, he’s stuck. He can’t take Rudy with him to the final 2 (since Rudy would win the final popularity vote), but has to take him (they had an agreement). Rich would be forced to break the agreement and vote Rudy off. Unfortunately, that means he’d lose Rudy’s vote (in retaliation) in the finals. In fact, he might even lose more votes since breaking an agreement is a slimy thing to do.

    That leaves only one possibility: Kelly must win. If she wins, her gut instinct will be to vote off Rich (she hates him) and go to the finals with Rudy. Unfortunately for her, she’d lose the finals by a landslide to Rudy. Rich’s gamble is that Kelly, scrubby as she is, is not dumb enough to go to the finals against Rudy. And if she votes off Rudy and goes to the finals with Rich (her smartest option) then she’s done Rich’s dirty work for him. Rich is in the final 2 with Kelly (just like he wanted) and he never had to break his agreement with Rudy, so he’ll still have Rudy’s vote in the end. Kelly had already proven her ability to win such immunity challenges, so it was fairly certain she’d beat Rudy if Rich just conceded. Even if by fluke Rudy won the immunity challenge, he’d still take Rich to the final 2. So Rich took the gamble and took his hand off the idol on purpose, hoping Kelly would win—and she did. It all worked out exactly like he planned. This exact move was used by Matthew von Ertfelda of Survivor:Amazon which worked for him to make the F2 but he failed miserably in the tribal council because Rob Cesterino, who became the victim of his move felt betrayed and voted against him. Even Christy who hated Jenna didn't vote for him. Only Butch, his best friend in the game, voted for him.

    BTW, Gervase and Colleen changed their votes to Kelly because they felt sorry for her after that infamous speech by Susan Hawk and wanted to stick it to Sue for being a sore loser. Greg already knew who he wanted to vote for and was using the numbers question just for show and build suspense and only because he already made up his mind. He wasn't really the swing vote. In other words, if it were not for Sue's speech, Richard would have won 6-1.

    (Read last sentence) Survivor: Borneo - Survivor Wiki
    (Read 3rd from last paragraph) Booking Richard Hatch Appearances, Contact Richard Hatch Agent Manager, Hiring Richard Hatch Speaker Engagements Costs Fees

    Which leads us to another scenario. If Kelly did not break her ties with Sue and Sue ended up losing to Richard in the tie-break at F4 to become one of the jury members, Kelly would have lost still. She might get Sue's vote but Gervase and Colleen would not switch their votes this time. Another thing that Richard do best is being obnoxious enough without crossing the line of pissing the jury off so much that they would totally avoid giving him the million no matter what. It's a strategy that would make other people take you to the F2 because they think they can beat you. Russell played this game but he crosses the line, thus creating a bitter jury, that's why he will never win Survivor.
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    Re: Survivor: Interview with Sandra, Parvati, and Russell - "I wasn't afraid of him!"

    Quote Originally Posted by lorac7;3910273;
    Why is Richard considered one of the best, yes I know he won the 1st season, but if I remember correctly Kelly Wigglesworth won the last immunity & picked Richard over Rudy because no one would have beaten Rudy including Richard. Kelly picked who she had the best chance against. Richard didn't position himself Kelly put him in the final. Also Kelly lost by 1 vote & I remember the blond guy Greg could't decide who to vote for so he had both of them pick a number between 1-100 & he voted for Richard because he came the closest, Greg voted based on this not on how they played. Also if Richard is so great what happened in AS1, he went out pretty quickly.
    See above excellent post, lorac7. Richard DID position himself against Kelly in the F2 for the reasons jammyjoe describes. It was really obvious that he just quit that last challenge, and why else would he do that? Luckily for him the jury didn't figure all this out until it was too late.

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