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Thread: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Sandra is no coattail rider-had she been she would not have had an individual thought of her own or ever even tried to pull off a move. She is how a great under the radar player owns this game.

    I came in this game rooting for Cirie and Sandra. They are similar in many ways. The two are no huge challenge threats. They both know how to scramble and adjust to change.The difference is Cirie makes successful moves, has a convincing way about her, and for that she is seen as a threat. On a tribe of people that view themselves as heroes she didn't have a prayer in the world. She is also seen as sneaky, where Sandra is seen as brash, in your face, and because of this she is viewed of incapable of holding her hand close to her. That's a huge mistake. Her brashness is calculated. She showed that to the jury. Kept the idol to herself showing she had no true alliance. Told Russell she was against him which so many of the losers wanted to hear. She openly hates the guy that the majority of the jury hates.She did it with Fairplay and she did it with Russell. Fairplay actually seemed to appreciate it when it was time to vote, Russell never could. Her failure to bow to a bully even when she's on the outs bought her enough jury votes to win this thing. She made the jury feel like she was one of them. On the outs. Should have been on the jury if Russell weren't so busy building himself up by dismissing her. "Vote for me, I am you! The one they wanted gone. If I win you win".

    Many people love the ballsy moves, I love the player that knows how to let someone else take the hits while they run away with the cash. Not a coattail rider. Someone who is not so full of themselves that they want the glory and the money. I like the take the money and run kind. That's what you're playing this game for. Russell wants the title. That title won't pay the bills. People may say the title is worth something, but let CBS only offer the title without the cash prize and see how many people sign up for this thing after that. Sandra wants to bring home the bacon-and that she did-twice.I like Parvati but lets be honest- she may have lost FVF had they not screwed with the final 3 concept and Cirie had a shot at that jury. I think that twist cost Cirie a million. The UTR strategy is effective. It's playing using your powers of persuasion, your ability to adapt, morph, change into the player you need to be to get you to the next tribal. The best Survivor isn't the one who can go out and swim a mile to catch a fish. Sometimes the best Survivor is the one that can convince you that once you've gotten that fish that you need to share it so you both can keep your strength up. That gift of gab is called game. A good UTR player has plenty of that, and can be what you need and give you what you need in order to get what they want. She got Russell to dismiss her and didn't fight him to prove how worthwhile she was. Why do that in the game? What does that get her besides bragging rights? The woman wanted a million and kept her eye on the prize. She may have swayed when necessary but she never bent to the point of bowing to Russell's will. Kudos to her.
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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    These All Star shows are starting to make reality cross way to far into acting. These people are basically earning salaries to play the characters they developed from their personalites. I mean some of these people have been on three times? That is not reality anymore, they might as well just totally script the show, and forget trying to pass it off as reality tv.

    I hated all three of the final contestants so any of them winning was awful.

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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    It's been great fun "watching" with all of you this season. Only two thoughts that I don't think I've seen already written in this thread:
    • Russell considered himself the "puppetmaster." Unfortunately, he wasn't playing with puppets.
    • If Russell wants to be part of a show where America has a vote, will we be seeing him next on "Dancing with the Stars"? (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)
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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I didn't like anyone in the final three so Sandra winning was the lesser of three evils IMO. I thought it funny Russell didn't even get one vote. But like Jeff and Tom said there is a social part of playing Russell didn't do that. He won the $100,000 though which I wasn't surprised about, some people liked the way he played the game. No surprise either that JT won dumbest move award.
    This really was the best Survivor season, I can't wait until the next one.

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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I was rooting for Parvati as I think she played a better game (and that double HII got me!), but I'm okay with Sandra winning as well. I think Rupert going last to make his little final speech certainly swayed a lot of the jury (and I don't think it was an accident either). He went on and on about how Sandra tried to team up with them and they said no and how she deserved a big thank you, yada yada. I'm not sure all the Hero jury members knew that she had come to Rupert to rat out Russel and the fact their was no girl alliance. I think Rupert handed her the million with that little speech, although I do think she was deserving as well. That happened last season as well. I can't remember who (it was a guy) sung Natalie's praises at the final tribal and I thought Russell had it in the bag until that speech and then I knew he would lose.

    I also thought he filmed back-to-back (like went back 10 days after his first season was done filming), but he knew the outcome of his season so that isnt' possible due to the fact that there is at least a few months between the filming and the live finale. Hmmmm....unless someone in production tipped him off that he lost (although doubtful).

    I thought most of the final speeches and questions were lame. I think a lot of things weren't said to sway the jury that could've been. I know it's edited so maybe it's still on the cutting room floor. Oh well...until next season!


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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I love watching Survivor and enjoy the season tremendously.. and then am usualy disappointed with the winner, so IMO the show is flawed in it's process of deciding on the winner as the jury ends up being a bunch of childish sucks whining that somebody lied to them, and end up voting for a weak player that didn't have the skill nor the alliances to vote anybody out. Sandra's big "strategy" all season was to vote out Russell, but she couldn't get anybody to side with her as she had zero influence on anybody....... and she win's the title of sole survivor? she got default votes IMO

    I don't think I'd want to be friends with Russell and Parvarti in real life, but they made the show interesting... Sandra was just annoying and rude and added nothing to the show itself.

    big thumbs down on the ending ... ***gag*** (kinda like Vienna getting the FR
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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    These All Star shows are starting to make reality cross way to far into acting. These people are basically earning salaries to play the characters they developed from their personalites. I mean some of these people have been on three times? That is not reality anymore, they might as well just totally script the show, and forget trying to pass it off as reality tv.
    Couldn't agree more. I don't like celebrity anything on any reality show. If I want to see acting I'll watch a movie. It has gotten old seeing the same people over and over acting their part. Rupert and Russell were the two that was voted to win extra money. I will go along with Russell maybe getting votes by viewers but not Rupert. From every blog I've read, very few people could stand Rupert's phony personality. His ego is just as big as Russell's. Big difference Russell admits he will do anything to win, however, Rupert wants to play the good guy part to the point it's sickening. If viewers voted I sure didn't see anything about it on the CBS site.

    I will have to say I doubt viewer voting counts for anything on any reality show. They pick who they think should be on these shows, could be a little ego problem there too. Show producers and networks could care less what viewers think. Would they ever admit they are wrong...not a chance. Well huh, not unless sponsors start pulling out.

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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Longhornfan;3905209;
    Please don't speak for all of America, okay? I don't see anything about Russell that is likeable. However, if you like the guy, that is okay. You and I will just have to agree to disagree on this one.
    O please.

    The people who voted spoke.
    I didn't even vote.
    Sometimes it just doesn't turn out how you'd like.
    That's life.
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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by mountaingirl70;3905271;
    As a Russell fan who thinks he was robbed last season, I realize his game falls short.... he drops the ball at the 1 yard line. If only he would continue to "play the game" right to the very end, the outcome might be different. He neglects to stroke the jurors egos.... praise the gameplay of people he voted off. A little humble pie would earn him the title.... if he could only execute it.

    This is where I disagree. I hate that the Survivors have to stoke the ousted players' egos in order to have a chance to win the game. All of them are so bitter at being voted out that they don't think of who outplayed, outwitted, or outlasted them...they just think of who they feel screwed them the least and vote for that person to win. Hence a Sandra victory. I would have been okay with Parvati winning but Sandra? She did absolutely nothing. They should add "outfriend" to the Survivor motto. This is why I stopped watching Survivor in the first place, and this is why I will stop watching again.
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    Re: 5/16 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by MiniDiva;3905022;
    Sandra wins!!

    Russell did not get one vote read! Once again, Russell has been out played by a woman! Maybe he will finally wise up!
    outplayed by who? russell never got outplayed by anyone, in either of the two seasons.

    he just failed to understand again how the jury votes. he should have won last season, but this season i'd say either him or parvati would have been a good winner.

    too bad making moves within the game pisses off the people that vote at the end. i would say sandra is an even poorer choice than natalie from last season, but i'm not sure if that's possible. perhaps we can just call it equally egregious.

    i wonder if they'll go back to the 2 person finale, instead of 3. i think that'd probably be wise. i know probst was pissed at how the final vote went for last season - i don't see how it'd be any different for this season. this season there were even two choices.

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