Jerri would have been an easy choice. Flew UTR, made no bold moves so made no enemies, played a rather meek game. Copout votes,sure, but whatever gets you to the million. I wouldn't have been mad at her! I liked her pretty much this season, even if her hiding behind Russell was the most obvious of all of the villians. She would be the one who would be easiest to accuse of coattail riding this season. I would disagree though, because who would not want to sit next to Russsell in a final TC?

It's rather sad, because Parvati played a masterful game, and Russell's emotions killed it for her. She would have certainly been loyal to a Russell, Danielle, Parvati alliance-it was her strongest chance at a win. She was hated, and she needed to fill the seats with two who were more hated than herself. She had it all worked out. Russell took out his own best chances by removing Danielle as well. He just plays too emotionally and because of that no matter what moves he makes, he still has no real game.

Parvati was forced to place a wild card in Danielle's slot, and whoever was in that 3rd seat would win. Sandra was the only one evil enough to try to fill that seat with because she can be brash at times. I think Parvati was expecting a loss, she knew Sandra just hadn't burned enough bridges to eliminate the Parvati hatred. I think maybe she should have taken a chance and gotten rid of Russell. The jury would have loved it, and she may have won because of it.

When Sandra pulled that idol out of her bra, the women of the jury nearly jumped for joy. They were praying it was Russell who would be sent out. Once they saw that it was between Rupert and Sandra, Coach made a face like they weren't served what they wanted for dinner. Had she Russell I think she'd have won again.