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Thread: 5/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexxxx;3903448;
    I don't get smug at all from Russell. I get scrambling to keep his a$$ in the game. No self-righteous complacency.
    Complacent? No. Russ is the farthest thing from complacent. He works his tail off... even if he's doing everything wrong in the process.

    Self-righteous? Uh, HELLO? Has there EVER been a more self-righteous player than Russell? Seriously, half the show this season has been confessionals with Russell telling us how great he thinks he is.
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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I agree that our own personal feelings toward players plays into how we see them, and we choose what we do and do not see in them.

    But I am shocked some consider Parvati smug over Russell. Uh...yeah, I just am not seeing it that way. Russell is definitely smug, and has serious control issues that make him react spontaneously and make idiot moves, burning relationship after relationship in the jury.

    So smug that he thinks he's winning no matter what because he fails to see the social aspect of the game. That is why he had TEARS in his eyes when he lost last season to Natalie

    His smugness blinds him to one of the most important parts of playing Survivor.

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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I also don't see Parvati as smug. Danielle just got voted out, and that caused her concern. When Rupert gave his silly "top villain" talk, Parvati didn't think that song was about her. She's not quick to give away what she's feeling on the inside, and even if she's feeling a smug sense of personal satisfaction, then good. Being satisfied with oneself is a good thing! If she were satisfied, it wouldn't be delusional. She's made some bold moves this season and has gotten herself far, and she hasn't given up or stepped down during challenges, for peanut butter or whatever.

    (MisterSSS, I totally agree with you, by the way.)

    Parvati and Sandra are my favorites to win, though I wish that Boston Rob had gotten more play time. You've all convinced me that Sandra would get many of the Heroes' votes. Who would vote for Jerri if she made it to F2 or F3? If the F2 is Parv and Jerri or if the F3 is Parvati, Jerri, and Russell, then would Jerri win over Parvati? Coach and Courtney would vote for Jerri, I think.

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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I don't know why everyone didn't think Parvati was a threat at the beginning of the game. She WON FvsF and that was playing against previous Survivors. People talked about getting Tom and Steph out and how JT was a previous winner, etc., but it's like no one remembers that she has previously won...and not only won, but won a season with previous players.

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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by dantrb;3902916;
    He said early on the episode how he had Jerry under his spell. Of course he got pissy about Jerry not choosing him, calling them a bunch of unappreciative little bitches. Hes such a charmer, and itll be fantastic to watch him lose again.

    He only sided with the girls "again" because he had no choice. He has no control of the game. He's just no-vote bait at this point.
    Why do his motives matter when the issue being debated was this statement (made by another poster):

    he is willing to let that all go for the immediate gratification of eliminating anyone who he precieves has crossed him
    Demonstratively that's not true. The immediate gratification, the person who crossed him, was Jerri. And he didn't go after her. Ergo, that statement about him wasn't true. Him not having a choice wasn't because he LITERALLY didn't have a choice, it was because strategically it would have been dumb to target Jerri simply because he was pissed at her. And so he didn't.

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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by CuckoosNest;3903164;
    Speaking of women, I thought it was really beautiful how moved Rupert was to be with his wife, and how honestly affectionate they are. Russell, on the other hand, was like "meh, you're here..." to his wife. What up with that?
    I just watched this again a few minutes ago and certainly did not see what you saw at all. Russell was very affectionate towards his wife and was very happy to see her.

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