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Thread: Jeff Probst Interview - Part 2

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    SY: So do you think he was just playing the girls?

    JEFF: Thatís something I hope to find out at the reunion show. Judging by how quickly he seemed to forget her in the game, I think itís a fair question.
    This issue came up in my recaps a couple of times.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Jeff pulls no punches

    i swear, he sounded JUST like rob! and though i only bracketed one time that he was using the "rob" voice, he also acted like rob when he said the bathing with a supermodel thing.
    Wish I had heard that.

    This was a great postscript too, Sher.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the entire interview with Jeff and had the feeling just from the transcription that Helen annoyed the bejeezus out of him, but you certainly corroborated that.

    Jeff is a great guy and MB knows it. I am so glad that he is finally doing the Finale (for the 2nd time) because it was ruined for me with that horrible O'Donnell and Bryant Gumbel who had done it previously.

    Thanks again!

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    Oh Jeff's great! He says that he hated the guys and wished they would've lost every challenge, and have 8 women in the finals. But, where would we be without Rob and Matt?

    Aww fluff, you're so cute, talking about how you love Ethan! I do hope you caught Eco-Challenge! He looked pretty good So why did you take away the Ethan icon? Are ya gonna bring it back?

    Vee was the worst Survivor winner ever. I wish Neleh would've won that season. *sigh*

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    Me too Lil... me too.

    Actually, if Rob, Matt or Butch win, I won't be unhappy. The jury on S4 were the pettiest yet.
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    Great job Sher! Jeff was entertaining and he did give a lot of insight on what goes through Survivor.
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    Didn't know where to post this, so I decided here is good enough. I just thought the guy in this ad looked like Jeff Probst. Maybe it's just me, I had my eyes dilated today and everything looks odd.

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    Re: Jeff Probst Interview - Part 2

    Originally posted by shersidhe
    [Jeff Probst Interview continued]
    Theyíre not young kids who just popped up from Alabama and say, you know, ďHey, Iím a singer.Ē
    Boo hiss :mad:

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    great job sher, and I have caught some of the weekly interviews that jeff has done for radio programs and he keeps it interesting there too. really makes you look ofrward to that weeks show. he does a great job as host and reunion show interviewer

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