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Thread: Christy should not have been kicked off

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    This is what goes thru my spin translator:

    "I was in it for the experience." = "I was an idiot and lost out on the chance for a million bucks."

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    I like Christy too. She seems to be someone that you can trust as a friend. But this show obviously isn't about honesty.

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    Ironically, it was Christy who made one of the deciding moves this season. It was her indecision that resulted in her evil stepsisters staying in the game.

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    Originally posted by Miss Filangi
    Me too Bravo. I lose so much respect for people like Alex that turn around and say that it was only for the experience and not the money. The only Survivor I believe that actually meant that was Gabe.

    I would much prefer people like Christy and John from S4 that are honest about everything.
    I agree.
    I think Gabe was genuine when he made his comment.

    Christy just seemed to let the power she felt she had go to her head.
    Finally, everyone was paying attention to her because they wanted her vote, so she enjoyed living them to stew.
    Once she had made up her mind, which I believe she did prior to TC, she should have told Rob.
    It's just too risky to keep someone around if you aren't sure how they'll vote.
    She could ahve course have changed her mind, but unless you make a firm commitment you risk being booted yourself.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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