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Thread: Classic "Survivor" Moments

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    I hated Dr. Sean.. but I had many a laugh at his expense.

    *SuperPole 2000
    *Jenna rejecting him
    *His face when Jenna was voted out due to his stupid, "It's fair!" Alphabet voting strategy
    *The masseuse, "Does my butt look good?"
    *Not taking Kelly and not getting why she'd be pissed
    *FNF with a million dollars

    And on and on and on. Whatta dope.
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    My question about Sean is this- despite what he says could he really not have known that there was an alliance?

    I still think his vote for Jenna was more "So you give me nothing I give you this- THE BOOT!" than it was his really messed up voting system.

    Only on Survivor 1 would you have a guy playing a cut throat game for a million dollars trying to be "fair". You think he thought it "fair" when he got booted?

    FNF with a million dollars was a great one liner.

    But could anything top his ridiculous explanations for not just voting but everything he did on that island? And to think, he made it to the final 5, when lord I would loved to have seen more Colleen.


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