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Thread: Russell Hantz: H vs V - Villain

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    Re: Russell Hantz: H vs V - Villain

    Quote Originally Posted by lopevian;3915121;
    I'd love a Russell t-shirt! Thanks for the info, I had no idea. I have a Twila t-shirt. It has an adorable cartoon drawing of Twila, with a bubble that reads "I'll kick that scrawny bitch's ass!". There was no proceed donation involved, and I could have given a rat's butt if there had or hadn't been. Twila could have rolled up my money and smoked it for all I cared. Same will go with Russell. I don't need Russell to make a donation that I can make myself. That's like a "what's in it for me" donation, and I think that takes something away from the donation.

    Man, I hope I don't get harassed out-and-about in my Russell t-sirt.
    You go girl (or boy)!

    My feelings for Russell go back and forth. I like his pluckiness and enthusiasm for playing the game the best way he knows how. Yet, I wouldn't trust him with a 10-foot pole, either - and that's not a quality I like.

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    Re: Russell Hantz: H vs V - Villain

    What a buffoon. The guy admits on national TV that he doesn't care about the social aspect of the game. In other words he doesn't understand how to incorporate that part of the game in. Best Survivor ever?....

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