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Thread: Parvati Shallow: H vs V - Villain

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    Re: Parvati Shallow: H vs V - Villain

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterSSS;3906313;
    She had some really good interviews. And she does not like Amanda, AT ALL

    But I'm sure this news will make people happy: She is done with Survivor, FOREVER!!!!!
    She said that after FvF...
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    Re: Parvati Shallow: H vs V - Villain

    Parvati I think is smart enough to not return unless the location is one she'd like to go to or the incentives are right.

    She did - at least to me - feel like she had grown up a little bit, and feel that if they wait a few seasons to ask her to come back so she can mature a bit more mentally, she'd be a really entertaining, fun, and possibly endearing contestant. I can see her pulling a Jerri here.

    As far as the "hot" aspect - I have to say that she is indeed cute, but not a bombshell. This actually I think makes her look better - she is I think 27, but she looks a bit younger. Others her age or younger - which I think Amanda is - look much older, even older than I am. Sugar is older than Amanda, and she looks about the same age as Parvati.

    Now, as far as her returning? - my opinion is if she matures and no one from previous seasons who hasn't played don't want to play. She is good, but playing the show for 114 out of a possible 117 days (three seasons - and mind you this alone is impressive on its own) can put a lot of wear and tear on her to begin with that can have long-term effects. I don't want to see her or anyone end up with a life threatening aftereffect for playing a very tough game this long.

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