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Thread: Sandra Diaz-Twine: H vs V - Villain

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    Re: Sandra Diaz-Twine: H vs V - Villain

    Quote Originally Posted by Jexter;3918296;
    Sandra is the BEST under-the-radar player the show has ever had. The same thing happened in the series she won a few years ago.

    She's loud and obnoxious but people gloss over her as a non-threat. How she can do both is actually pretty amazing.
    That is the beauty and magic of Sandra. She's not really under-the-radar in her personality but somehow she makes them all believe she's not worth voting off. She's not that great in physical challenges, but IIRC Boston Rob usually had her helping him with puzzles. Sometimes in the physical challenges I think she figures she won't win, so why bother to expend the energy needed to at all. It saves her energy and makes her appear even weaker. Not a bad perception to leave with people you want to think you are not a front-runner.

    She straight out told Russell she was against him and usually in Russell's world that gets him wanting to vote anyone else off immediately. I think Parvati did not help herself but helped Sandra get votes when at the tribal council Parvati imitated Sandra telling Russell she was against him. That is a memorable scene and those jury members were time wise even closer to the event than we were as viewers.

    Sandra had it right when she voted Rupert off and said she was voting him off again and he'd still vote for her to win in the end. Sandra's win was hinged on a couple of things, one being that she had gone to the heroes side and tried to get them to vote with her. They knew that and knew it could have changed their fates completely. Oddly, the fact that she wasn't successful at that endeavor was helpful in garnering her the win.

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    Re: Sandra Diaz-Twine: H vs V - Villain

    I think you're absolutely right about Parvati helping Sandra's cause by relaying that story to the jury. They couldn't help but be tickled pink that Sandra openly went against Russell and declared her non-allegiance to him. They all wished they had been there to see it, I'm sure.

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