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Thread: 11/12 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 11/12 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by pawpaw;3752587;
    Seems most of the girls had more issue with Ben than Russell, Russell's nastiness was in confessionals, not out in the open.
    That's true about the nastiness. I was more focusing on whether they could see that he was manipulative and didn't trust him.
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    Re: 11/12 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;3750418;
    Well, she's just a follower. Around her little stubborn quirks and (probably righftul) disrespect for a bunch of "90210 jackasses", yoga exercising in camp, etc. what she really "needed" was the external form of respect, even if it was just a shallow illusion. They didn't give it to her, so she bolted for the people who WOULD give it. But she's a total follower there, despite Russell taking her advice on who to boot.

    I've called her "Shambles" for that very reason. Or sarcastically, I think I was calling her "ShamWow" before that. She's a mess, and the "wow" factor is kind of a sham. But at least she's an interesting curiosity because of it. Some of the sheep on the other "side" aren't even THAT interesting. They don't deserve single nicknames, much less multiple variations!
    I don't like her at all either. I see her as the main villain in the show, moreso than Russell. She killed the Galu tribe and how they were on fire and for no reason. Sure, it might have been annoying that they were doing yoga and she was doing the work, but honestly, if she didn't do the work, it would get done anyways, just not whenever SHE wants it done. Who says that the work needs to be done whenever she says? I don't get what her problem is. I also can't let go of the first impressions of her - breaking the scuba gear, losing the spear?, and coming back with no food after just laying in the water, right after saying she was great with the tools. That and letting the chicken escape, after saying she was so "great" with them. She is so incompetent. I also remember that blindside where they informed everybody BUT Shambo. The fact that she is in cahoots with Russell is really nothing IMO. He's using her for a vote and will exploit her as long as she's useful. I don't know if she really bonded with the other team or not too. She may have thought so, but Foa Foa was thinking "we need this number" so they acted all goody goody to her and she bought it.

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