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Thread: Ethan on “Business Week Money Talks”

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    Ethan on “Business Week Money Talks”

    Today’s “Money Talks” had a segment on the business of Reality TV. They showed a clip of JP revealing “Ethan” on the final card at the live TC, followed by Ethan's reaction as he won.

    Cut to Ethan today, clean-shaven. Ethan (I’m paraphrasing here): “Since I won Survivor, doors have opened for me which would not have opened otherwise. Soccer is big for me, and I got the chance to go to the World Cup Soccer; I’ve done sideline work for the MLS; I was a judge at the Miss America pageant; I hosted Regis and Kelly.”

    Non-winning contestants get $2500 for appearing on Survivor.

    According to Business Week, contestants who appear on Survivor get a larger post-show payoff than do those who appear on other reality shows. People on other shows pretty much fade away from the limelight.

    According to someone from TAR, reality show contestants have to sign multi-page contracts with all kinds of stipulations. If you reveal the winner, for example, you get hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit. The show practically owns you. They own your face, your voice, your likeness, from the time you sign to the time you …die (his words).

    MB was also featured on the segment. He has a new show that is being totally funded by advertisers and will cost the networks nothing.

    On “The Restaurant,” people are competing for basically restaurant wages.

    I’m writing this from memory, so there are probably a lot of inaccuracies. I don’t know if a transcript of the show is available anywhere.

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    Thanks for that sheela.
    Most interesting.

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