Poll: Who will be the final winner?

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Thread: If the Final Two spoilers are true - who do you think will win?

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    Apparently the final two spoilers are true....

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    Originally posted by sheela
    - The jury may also vote for Matt because he likely betrayed Rob to get to F2 with Jenna. Many of the jury members feel they are on the jury as a result of Robís betrayal. They may just see Matt as the guy who avenged them.

    This may just be wishful thinking, but Iím wishing sooooo hard.
    Boy, were we all wrong. I think we were wrong for all of the following reasons:

    1. Obsessed viewers like us were aware that Matt was playing the game. We knew that Matt had played role of the freak, the outsider, and the spaz by the other guys. And he embraced that role, and played it to the hilt

    The problem is that he was too successful. He failed to make others understand that he was acting--he never broke out of his role. No one , except maybe Rob, knew that he was just playing the role of the clueless outsider to distract attention from his outstanding strength and athleticiscim.

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    I think another element comes into play in Matt's loss. That is that Matt was a surrogate for Rob. That jury had to be just spoiling to stick their knives into Rob. But when they were thwarted in that desire, Matt became the victim. After all, he voted with Rob to oust the first 6 jury members.

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