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Thread: 10/01 Show Thread

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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus;3716148;
    One thing I thought when Shambo was whining about the "90210" group doing yoga is that yoga is physically and mentally beneficial and perhaps the benefits incurred are why Galu keep winning. And if so, she should just shut the hell up.
    I definitely agree with this statement. It is different than if they were all just lazily lying around in the sun, like we've seen before on past seasons. Getting some good stretching and some mental relaxation in would certainly make them stronger competitors. And how long could it really have taken, an hour at most?
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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    I was glad to see Russ didn't get his way this week. And while he takes credit for getting Betsy booted, taking out the oldest and weakest of the group last week wasn't exactly brain surgery. The majority agreed on that one.

    Next TC will be interesting if they go back again next week. I would think Russ will target Jaison and that could get interesting. Given the hype Russ had going into the season I don't see him going this soon. I like Jaison and hope he sticks around for a while.

    I hope they don't mix up the tribes. Let it play out until the merge. If one goes in down they go in down. Chances are a few will make it to the merge and it gets very interesting then because the other tribe usually starts to take out their own side at that point. We will see if they learned anything from last season.

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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    Psh, I still love Shambo.
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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    Well, if the women do form an alliance I hope they reward Jaison and make him their 4th---he was definitely their champion this time. The problem is, it isn't obvious who they will vote off. They don't seem to have figured out what RUssell is doing, and the 3 remaining guys are all strong and useful in challenges. Maybe if Ashley learns enough to figure out that RH was leading the charge against her he'd be the target. But I agree...way too much PR on him for him to leave this soon.
    Shambo looked so happy, really nice. Of course those 90210 words could come back to bite her if they get repeated...as they are likely to be after a tribe merge.
    Re the yoga, I think Shambo's point was that they didn't have any water/wood or something...that the yoga should have come later, after essentials were taken care of. Then the water could be boiling while they meditated.
    When she was doing the torch lesson I thought FF women were going to blow her off, but then they got into it. I'm not sure what you need them for that made it so exciting...maybe night time trips to the john?
    Interesting that over at G. it apparently hasn't been raining... even the guys who wanted the tarp were saying if/when it rains. In fact we haven't seen much of those drowned rat leaky roof scenes this season.
    That matting was just what I was thinking would be useful to know how to make...for bedding..top and bottom...roofing, 'walls", etc. Many uses.

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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    I am sooo sick of the "Russell H. Show."

    If they don't stop making the show revolve around him I am going to stop watching until he is voted off.

    My only hope is that he is being featured so much this early because he DOES get the boot soon.

    IMO Mick isn't as Russell-strck as he is playing that he is.

    Also--so Russell bowed out of a challenge that was entirely CARDIO?

    Very interesting andf proving my point that all he can do is dead lifts and not much more. Anything involving a strong heart and endurance and stamina--and most specifically SPEED--will put him on his back and he knows it.

    I hope the tribe figures that out soon too.

    He can't even walk much less run or swim. Get him out of there.

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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Nova14;3716157;
    I hope they don't mix up the tribes.

    I would love to see them mix the tribes up and put Shambo and Russell on the same tribe. I would love to see if he would be able to steamroll her like the others. Something tells me he would meet his match in her.
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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    One nasty ugly man down, one more to go to make me able to enjoy this season.

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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    Oh, I'm enjoying the season. Shambo was barking up the correct tree...too bad the idol wasn't there to be found. I wonder why they threw in two physical challenges in a row? Especially one where grabbing, throwing and drowning were all possibilities? Anyway, I don't know if it was decided ahead of time that Russell would sit out or Mick just tapped him at the moment.

    Club Med. Hmm...well, when you rest your head on silk pillows rather than palm fronds, it might look more like a resort than a Survivor camp.

    How will they ever make fire over at Foa Foa without Ben to "correctly" and "strongly" strike the flint? No more fire for them, I guess. Ben was a mess. His closed mind set and mouthiness, along with his non-social attitude even in game play, placed a target on his back that even the Farmer (seed sower) couldn't ignore. What I would love to see at TC is one of his blondes calling Russell out for their "secret" alliance when she (whoever she is) feels threatened. Perhaps then, the others will wonder how many of them are allied one on one with Russell. Wonder if any will have the guts?

    Request for next week...could we please spend more time at Club Med...I mean Galu?

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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    Wow, I completely love Jaison, now. Interesting, though, that where his way of "defending" women was great, I found Galu Russell's remarks horrible (condescending, as an earlier poster said). I'd have been mortified if he chose that crap, using ME as an excuse.

    I liked seeing Shambo a little more easy-going around people but I don't understand why she couldn't do that on her own tribe. I wish, though, that Jaison could somehow get that idol from RH and give it to Shambo...

    I miss the separate reward challenges.

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    Re: 10/01 Show Thread

    Clearly Foa Foa did not take notes on what Yasmin was telling them last week on how to make a competition out of this. Shame on them, she was so helpful too...
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