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Thread: 9/24 Show Discussion

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    Re: 9/24 Show Discussion

    Papagator, welcome to FORT!

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    Re: 9/24 Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by norealityhere;3715742;
    It looks like when Survivor viewed the footage of this season, they felt there were not enough / any interesting characters, so they opted to go with the "Russell the villain" character. As a result, we're getting to see very little about anyone else. And, it's becoming prtty weary to see this guy. I prefer to see more of the social dynamics between the tribes as opposed to the "Russell show."
    They always focus on the tribe that loses the challange-thats were the action is. Foa Foa just needs to win a challange then they will move to Galu. Or if Foa Foa loses and is down 4 people they will most likely switch tribes next week and we will see other people that way.
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