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Thread: Natalie White - Survivor Samoa

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    Re: Natalie White - Survivor Samoa

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterSSS;3774510;
    I think Russell's loss is painfully fitting. Had Russell shown a little more passion, perhaps even some remorse about how he treated some people and made it clear he had to separate personal relationships from strategy, I believe he would have had a much better chance at winning. That's where he screwed up. He was too much of an egomaniac and got too excited because he already expected to win.
    I agree with you there, but when he tried to sell the idea that honesty and integrity were core principles in his real life business dealings, it seemed that the jury wasn't really buying it. If he could've made an emotional appeal such as you're describing, I'm certain it would've made a big difference. Unfortunately, as good a game player as he was, I'm just not sure he was capable of stepping it up to that level - especially with such short preparation (Natalie had effectively "disarmed" him in this area by being so submissive prior to FTC).

    It was a David and Goliath moment that made it almost impossible for Goliath to garner sympathy.

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    Re: Natalie White - Survivor Samoa

    I was very happy when Natalie won. It's pretty uncommon for my favorites to actually win, so seeing Natalie win topped off a pretty awesome season (IMO) for me.
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