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Thread: Mick Trimming - Survivor Samoa

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    Re: Mick Trimming - Survivor Samoa

    I like him already - and we share the same birthday - so its all good. hahaha
    ps anyone calling this season survivor samosa or just me??

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    Re: Mick Trimming - Survivor Samoa

    LOL, i'm assuming he was talking abt before he picked a specialty and was doing rounds in every dept. that is a common complaint of doctors tho.

    Quote Originally Posted by PWS;3692280;
    I'm having trouble imagining that patients come to an anesthesiologist with "unreasonable demands" no matter how they've neglected their health... Knock me out during the surgery, doc...what else do people ask of him?
    I agree being a doc should help keep him around, plus he looks fit and likely to help in challenges. He feels like he's trying to hard to be a bit weird to me, but I'll wait and see. Tongue bath for a homeless person...ugh...and from the homeless person's viewpoint as well.

    Jeff calls him a master manipulator....

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