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Thread: Why Rob can't win Survivor

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    ***************WARNING - SPOILER WITHIN THIS POST!!!!!!***************

    I hate to spoil anyone's good time, but speculation as to who would win in various f2 pairings is an exercise in futility. So much of the decision is made based on the final questions.
    We know, it's just interesting to speculate.
    I don't think many people would have guessed that Ken would have voted for Clay last season for example.

    We make our guesses based on what little we've seen, how the Survivor's themselves make their choices is a mystery.
    Some harbour grudges from the game and will vote accordingly, others wait to hear how their question is answered, Brandon would be a prime example of the petulance that leads you to switch your vote based on the answer you receive.

    1. What is the spoiler about Matt and Jenna as the final 2?

    2. What is the gambler thing I have been hearing about?
    These answers to these two questions are linked.
    Recently, online betting was suspended after CBS employees were discovered placing bets on Matt and Jenna being the final two. The same thing happened last season, with bets being placed on Brian and Clay at the beginning of the season.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    *spoiler warning*

    If I remember correctly, one-half of the gambling spoiler is backed by the ChillOne spoilers. Jenna is placed in the final two as well by that one, so I take it as independent confirmation.

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    If Rob makes F2 he’ll win in spite of stabbing every jury member in the back. He has a knack for weaseling his way back into everyone’s favor. Noone seems able to stay mad at him for long – not even me.

    Jury votes are decided more often than not by how each of the F2 handles the questions. Brian did well in declaring that the only reason he took Clay to F2 was b/c all the jury members were more likeable than Clay. I think if anyone can tell the jury what they want to hear, it’s Rob.

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