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Thread: If you were dying in tha gutter...

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    Could you just imagine if she did that?

    I can imagine her answering questions rather like Clay did last season, with basically a pissy attitude in general.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I'd like someone to ask Jenna/Heidi what work they did around camp.

    They didn’t work in Jabaru b/c there were “fatter” women around.
    They didn’t work last week b/c they were in the majority alliance.
    They won’t work next week b/c they are in the minority alliance.

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    Good question Sheela.

    I'd like someone to ask Jenna why she felt she was more entitled to the letter than anyone else.

    I'd also Jenna to explain why it's okay for her to backstab someone (Deena/Shawna) but not okay for anyone else if they feel they've been backstabbed (Rob)
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    Another question I'd like to ask Jenna is why it seems she NEVER talked to Christy. (And please, don't say, "editing.")

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