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Thread: Christy's Chat.

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    Woo! Made it.

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    I was in room #1776 Yeah! Christy answered my question.

    SurvivorGalMellz: Heya Christy, what did you think about everyone getting drunk and Rob in a speedo on last nights episode?

    Her answer:

    Survivor Christy: I was passed out *laughs* I didnt even see that part.

    That was such a fun chat.

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    Here's the chat typed up *cracks knuckles*

    I read through it and got rid of my typos but if there are any remaining typos, please excuse me, it was going little fast.

    Christy’s chat

    Q: You are a great role model to everyone. Did you hear anything around camp to make you suspicious that something was going on against you?
    C: I had no idea. I was just as surprised as everyone else last night.

    Q: Are you shocked rob got matt & the two girls voted against you
    C: yes very shocked

    Q: What were you thinking telling Rob you weren’t sure how to vote?
    C: Thinking I could really trust him? Could I really have an alliance with him? I wasn’t sure and it cost me my vote.

    Q: Alex said you wouldn’t feel like you were portrayed accurately on the show, is that true?
    C: I feel I was portrayed as accurately as anyone else. I was able to show persevering, the different obstacles I had to go through and like I was everyone else…trying to win the million dollars.

    Q: How has it been to watch the show and see what people were really thinking in the amazing?
    C: I was really surprised on several confessionals of the contestants. Rob got me good. He was sneakier than I thought he was.

    Q: Do you have any ill will toward Matt or Rob because they voted for you as well?
    C: I have ill will against Rob and Matt but not as much as I do against Jenna and Heidi, because I’d been with them since day one.

    Q: What is your relationship with Butch like?
    C: Butch is a great older male role model. He said positive things, he was very persistent, he had patience, didn’t complain. He was just a neat guy to hang out with, a very special person.

    Q: Why did you trust rob? He’s such a jerk!
    C: Because Rob treated me like a person. He treated me nicely. He was funny. He had all of us in the palm of his hand – I’m not the only one.

    Q: Looking back, do you wish that you had told Rob what he wanted to hear?
    C: Yeah I wish I played his game… to keep me in the game longer. But I realized I couldn’t be a snake like him. That’s not who I am.

    Q: Is there any player you’d be happy to never see again?
    C: Jenna

    Q: Are the “evil stepsisters” as bad as they were made out to be? Why didn’t Jenna ever talk to you about strategy?
    C: I think Jenna was intimidated by the fact that I was different and scared by me. Yeah they’re bad. When you’re a person like me, who enjoys being around people and enjoys company and when they don’t include you it hurts your feelings…makes you think “Is there something wrong with me?” She didn’t want to have anything to do with me

    Q: Now that you are voted off, in hindsight is there anything different you would have done if you could do it over again?
    C: I would make out with Dave!

    Q: What did you do to prepare for the game?
    C: Drank a lot of milkshakes, went on a backpacking trip to reflect who I am, where I am in my life and what do I want to get out of this experience of being on Survivor

    Q: Did you watch the 5 first seasons? If you did who was your favorite survivor?
    C: Well I never watched survivor before I was on it but I was able to watch the one in Australia, I believe and I really liked Tina. She has a lot of similar characteristics that I have.

    Q: What was the hardest challenge for you?
    C: To overcome the communication limitations that I have and not let that stop me.

    Q: During the “groveling session” with Heidi and Jenna, it seemed like Heidi always did all the talking. Did Jenna ever grovel?
    C: No, Jenna wasn’t involved. She just stood there and looked and hoped that I w2as going to hop over with them.

    Q: Did Jenna thank you for letting another letter go up for bid at the auction?
    C: Not officially but I knew inside she appreciated it.

    Q: When were you allowed to start wearing a hearing aid? How much does an aid allow you to hear?
    C: I use the hearing aid every day of my life. I only use one. Through the whole show I was very careful with it. When to wear it, when not to wear it. It helps me fairly well. I’m aware of noises going on, not very aware of what kind of animals around me but it was helpful.

    Q: What did you think about everyone getting drink and rob in a speed on last night’s episode?
    C: I was passed out *laughs* I didn’t even see that part.

    Q: Why did you choose your boyfriend to visit instead of your mom or dad?
    C: Because my boyfriend has been so supportive at my side, giving me comfort that my mom doesn’t give me and he deserved the opportunity to go down there. It was a great feeling to see him.

    Q: Was there ever moments during the game were you just wanted to “cut bait” and get out of there?
    C: Yeah there were a couple of times. When I had the fight with Joanna I was about to give up. The first night of feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed I wanted to leave. But as the days progressed I started appreciating my surroundings and not letting the game get to me.

    Q: were you surprised that Jenna gave Heidi the necklace any idea why she did?
    C: no I'm not surprised that Jenna gave the necklace to Heidi because they’re two people stuck in one body and they need each other to get farther in the game. I think she gave it because Heidi would probably have gotten voted off. She was more of a threat that Jenna.

    Q: If Jenna didn’t give her immunity away would you have voted for Heidi?
    C: In a heartbeat

    Q: you seemed to have a strong bond with Deena. Is that true?
    C: Yes, she is a cool lady. A very strong opinionated loving lady. She helped me in the game.

    Q: What one word would you use to describe each of the remaining tribe mates:

    C: Butch – supportive, Matt – smelly, Jenna – spoiled, Heidi – goddess, Rob – snake

    Q: Would you have taken off your bathing suit for pb and chocolate?
    C: Pardon my French but h*** no! I got the lasagna!

    Q: Christy would you do a nude photo shoot with Jenna and Heidi in Playboy if they offered you a million dollars?
    C: Sure, why not!?

    Q: Do you and your boyfriend have wedding plans anytime soon?
    C: Oh no, Not anytime soon. We’re still learning about each other.

    Q: What do you know about the infamous granola bar?
    C: I have my own opinions but I really want to know who brought it and I know Janet did not.

    Q: Do you prefer sign language or lip reading?
    C: Sign language but unfortunately the world does not sign.

    Q: Do you feel silly now because you told Rob you were undecided and then you went with him anyway?
    C: Yes I feel silly but I’m not going to let that destroy what I accomplished.

    Q: Matt seemed creepy and you said so but he was also funny several times. Was there more to him than we saw?
    C: Yeah there’s a lot more about Matt than you guys know. He is a sincere guy… He was also creepy.

    Q: What’s the story behind your luxury item?
    C: I picked sage because it reminded me of home. It smells fabulous. I didn’t need anything really, but I had to have a luxury item so sage was it.

    Q: What was the most embarrassing moment on the show?
    C: The audience knows where I had sex…especially my father. *Laughs*

    Q: What was the most interesting thing that happened that WASN’T shown?
    C: Me and Matt…we drank the last of the wine in the rain and had a great, great time. And that was the opportunity where I got to know Matt…being drunk in the rain.

    Q: You mentioned you like to ski and snowboard, which obviously involves the snow. What do you think of a survivor Antarctica?
    C: I think that would be incredible but I think I realized that the guys like naked women and you can’t get naked out in Antarctica.

    Q: What is Dave like?
    C: He had a big ego but he was reall7y smart. He is wise for his age. He’s going to be something big in the future I think. Smart.

    Q: Were you surprised that Matt gave up seeing his mom for you guys?
    C: No I wasn’t surprised. He is a nice guy and willing to sacrifice for other people.

    Q: What survivor was portrayed totally the opposite as they really are?
    C: I don’t know. I don’t know who they really are. That’s why I’m looking forward to the finale. The open opportunity to be friends.

    Q: Deena said in her chat that you taught her sign language. Did matt teach you any Chinese?
    C: No, I would have never been able to get a word unless I seriously sat down for five hours every day….maybe I would get a word.

    Q: Is there any advice to live by that you would give someone else who faces living in and coping with this world while having a physical impediment?
    C: For anyone, everyone, try to step out of your comfort zone. Even if it were one to two hours a week do something you never thought you would do…or could do. That’s where you’ll learn about yourself the most.

    Q: Does it make you feel good that so many people have grown to love you?
    C: Yes, yes…and having my boyfriend there felt like I won a million dollars. And thank you all for your support.

    Final comment:
    Keep watching, find out who wins the million dollars!!

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    OK, why would she make out with Dave if she had such a wonderful boyfriend? Still shaking my head over those answers.

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    right behind you
    I liked her answers, although I do agree that the "make out with Dave" answer was a bit odd On the morning show she said she and her boyfriend are very serious and living together.

    Thanks so much for getting them all to us Wyndemere
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    Her comment that her Boyfriend gives her support and comfort and her mother doesn't seems a little odd to me.: Maybe her Mother was deadset against her doing the show, who knows...


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    Originally posted by jodaar
    OK, why would she make out with Dave if she had such a wonderful boyfriend? Still shaking my head over those answers.
    She was probably just joking.

    Thanks for the transcript Wyndemere
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Wow, Wynd, you were a busy girl. No wonder you didn't say much in the room.

    Great job though. It was fun talking to you guys and also meeting some old friends from Survivor chat and promoting the FORT.

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    Originally posted by jodaar
    OK, why would she make out with Dave if she had such a wonderful boyfriend? Still shaking my head over those answers.
    I think to change the playing field.. remember in past few episode that Butch, Roger and Dave were voting Christy out but failed... remember that? if she made out with Dave, then maybe Dave won't vote her out and made sure she get further?

    who knows..

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    It was fun chatting with you guys too, sorry I didnt say much but as you can see I was typing away somewhere else lol.

    Was fun though, thought most people would enjoy seeing what went on in Christy's chat since most people seem to really like her

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