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Thread: The MOST EXCITING post-show discussion thread ever! *Spoilers*

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    The show just finished airing here in Singapore, and boy was it exciting! Some thoughts:

    1. My respect for Matthew has risen to a whole new level altogether, woohoo! I'm so glad he got to spend an evening with his mum eventually.

    2. I have to hand it to Rob, he somehow always manages to land himself in the seat of power even though everyone knows he can't be trusted. This guy makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. Oh, and I also liked what he said, "I am a jerk. They just didn't realise it for 31 days." That's true. I don't understand people like Jenna - "Heidi and I can't forgive Rob ever" - who seemed genuinely shocked that such a thing as backstabbing should exist in Survivor. Is she just naive or what?

    3. I nearly fell out of my seat when Christy was voted out. I was banking on ChillOne's spoiler to be true and this was really a surprise. I liked the twist though, things were getting too predictable.

    4. It's also funny how three people who thought they were in power got voted out consecutively. Just goes to show that pride does come before a fall huh.
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    Episode 11 Observations

    Christy, Christy, Christy...what were you thinking??

    Several things were surprising about this episode (the TC vote notwithstanding):

    1. Christy, in a game of six, believing she is somehow "in control". As long as there are an even number of players, no one single player can consider themselves a lynchpin. The "swing vote" Christy was looking to be is only available in odd-numbered player situations. Christy's ironic comments at TC, like so many before her, seemed to seal her fate. I feel bad for her, because it seemed to me that Christy genuinely felt that she wielded a great deal of power, perhaps for the first time in her life. And, as sad as it is to say, the "popular" kids pulled the rug out from under her...again.

    2. Rob continues to amaze me at his ability to avoid the chopping block. The way he continually breaks and establishes alliances successfully is either a tribute to his game-playing ability, or an indication as to the overall mental deficiency of the rest of the players. Perhaps both. CBS has compared him to Richard Hatch, but at least Rich developed one alliance and stuck with it. Rob has hopped so many alliances and hurt so many people in the process that I really do dislike him. But man is he playing the game well and keeping it interesting!

    3. Butch has got to be feeling a little uneasy right now (or, for the sake of temporal accuracy, at the time when Christy was voted out a few months ago). He was obviously (and intentionally) left out of the voting loop. Rob has successfully led his lambs Jenna, Heidi and Matthew through what could have been a disastrous situation for him. Seeing Butch as the only alliance member dangerous enough not to vote against Christy now all but ensures his seat on the jury.

    4. Heidi and Jenna. Man, what a pair of two-faced dumbasses. Excuse the vernacular, but to rail on and on at Rob for merely playing the game well (albeit ruthlessly) and then to turn around and side with him to further themselves in the game is nothing short of remarkable. Where is their loyalty to Alex now? I realize that Alex was gone and there was nothing they could do about it. I also realize that they really had no other choice in the matter and that aligning with Rob and Matt will allow them to go further. I'd have had somewhat more respect for them had they approached both Christy and Butch to formulate a plan to take out Rob. But jumping on board with Rob in the wake of his betrayal shows me just how empty-headed and hypocritical they really are.

    5. Matthew continues to be an enigma. The tribe loves him because of his selfless act and he is physically dominating his other tribe members. And yet he doesn't seem to realize that he could wrest control of this game quite easily from Rob's grip. Or does he realize it, and is he just waiting for the right opportunity? Is Matt stringing Rob along or will any success Matt realizes in future episodes be merely a product of luck and possession of an ornate necklace? Only time will tell.

    6. Rob telling Jenna that he believes his only chance of winning is if he is in the Final 2 with her. Some may call this a dumb thing to admit. Personally, I thought it was brilliant. Rob told Jenna this while she was still hot with him for betraying Alex, knowing full well that she might divulge this to the rest of the tribe. Which, of course, she did. Now the rest of the tribe is thinking, "Hmmmmmm...Jenna just blabbed Rob's secret plan he confided to her. I really don't think Rob wanted us to know that. But he's right. Rob certainly isn't making any friends right now. Alex knows he screwed him over. Jenna and Heidi are mad at him. If he does make it to the Final 2, the jury might be loaded with members who will not vote for Rob to win. Maybe I should consider taking him to the Final 2 with me should the opportunity present itself." He has started sowing the "Rob-is-hated" seeds in the minds of his fellow competitors in an effort to facilitate his progression to the Final 2 reasoning that if he cannot orchestrate it himself, he had best find someone's coattails to ride in on. And, you can bet if he does make it there, he'll engage in a schmoozing, butt-kissing, lie-ridden, apologetic diatribe the likes of which we have never seen before. And it will have been carefully formulated, crafted and rehearsed days in advance of its delivery.

    The last two episodes should be very interesting indeed!

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    Originally posted by Aptly_Named
    I am upset that Christy acted so emotionally.
    Me too. And she kept saying she didn't deserve to be voted out. Well, I don't know if she deserved to stay. It appears the only way she lasted this long was by pure chance.

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    I didn't see this thread when I posted the message above, so I started a new one! Sorry, guys!

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    I declare this to be the BEST EVER SPOILERS THREAD!

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    Fort withdrawal!

    I can't wait to come back here and read about last night.

    I don't have any time now but, had to say


    Gawd I know it's just a show.

    But.....I almost screamed! Watched it very late on tape and half asleep but, really almost screamed.

    I felt so bad for Christy.

    Can't wait to read what other people have to say about this one.

    Hardly anyone I know watches this show so I really love reading the posts/threads on this one.

    I gotta say though, IF Christy was more clear with Rob I think he mighta went for one of the bimbos.

    have a good day all.

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    Gotta agree with CG!!

    I have not watched a lot of Survivor until this season. I did watch some of the first season when I lived with my Mom(she was nuts for it!), but not like I have watched this season. Last nights episode was the best one I have ever seen. I truly had no clue what was going to go down. Good editing on MBs part, great playing on Robs part, a beautiful gesture on Matt's part(and a well deserved reward for him too....was that emotion creeping over his face and into his words??? Good for you Matt!), and an utter shocker at TC. I said it before, and I will say it again....I fully expected to see more than 2 names pulled out of the jar. I thought we were going to get at least a vote for Rob.

    Here's something kinda kooky....if you view Christy's final words on the CBS site, she does not say the "I wont let those evil stepsisters win" line. Musta edited that out? Her final words are much different than what we saw during the credits last night.

    Hey Tmcrae....good observations!

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    Butch, the man I feel is the most deserving to win

    Last night's episode was so dissapointing. Poor Christy, the one many people wanted to win is now eliminated. Christy was expected to go far in the game, but thanks to Rob she is out. But now that she is gone, the only one I think is most deserving to win is Butch. Yes, I've heard about the rumors that Matt and Jenna are the final two, but I hope they're wrong. To see Jenna in the final two: C'mon! Butch has been the kindest, a father figure and role model. It would just be so sad to see him loose like it was to see Christy loose.

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    I agree that he's a nice, kind role model type of person. But, as a Survivor player, he's done nothing to warrant victory in this game. How many times has he been shocked at Tribal Council because the real power was voting in a different manner than him and didn't feel he was important enough to inform of the decision?

    He has coasted through the entire game. I don't think he can win.
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    Couldn't have said it better.

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