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Thread: The MOST EXCITING post-show discussion thread ever! *Spoilers*

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    Someone should have blurted out, everyone vote for Jenna, after she gave away the immunity.

    Only Heidi would have stood by Jenna. Rob would have sold her out in a minute. Matt and Butch were looking for a target, while Christy was foaming at the mouth to get one of the 'pretty girls'. Plus it has the added advantage of giving them an easy boot of Heidi next. Then they are all in the final four, just like that.

    But no, Jenna rolls the dice, and survives. I can't stand Jenna, but it was a very gutsy move, and it paid off.
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    Christy! Christy! Christy! Can't believe she let the power go to her head. She should've told Rob that she was staying true to the alliance. Her Tribal Council speech was just pure arrogance. Christy is the only one to blame for her own demise.

    The Super Biatches had never given her the time of day. Christy should've told the others that she was only playing with the Super Biatches.

    Got to give props to Jenna for shaking things up in Rob's world. It was awesome how she exposed his plans to the rest, although they all just seemed to take it as a last minute attempt to save herself, which is true in part.

    I think Matt voted for Christy because Rob told him that she was indecisive. Matt is probably thinking he can align himself with Jenna and Heidi to take Rob down. Jenna already said that Rob is a weasel, so I think they will vote him out, but not before Butch goes. It's looking a lot more like Jenna and Matt will be in the Final 2.

    The previews for next week said Heidi and Jenna might turn on each other, but I just think that is MB's editing to keep things interesting. Although Heidi knows that it's to her advtange to vote Jenna off, I don't think she will turn on her. But we'll see.

    S6 has definitely turned into the most exciting series since S1 aired. I think it has more alliance switches than any of the other Survivors.

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    Did I miss something?? Can someone tell me how Rob convinced the others to vote for Christy? I was in the kitchen after Jenna won the IC. :chef Thanks

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    i cant stand to watch s6 anymore now that christy is gone.

    butch is obviously next by voting jenna aside from sweet old christy.

    that gives me an idea why he stacks wood everywhere in the camp and leads to devastation. maybe he is seeking vengeance on christy's departure.

    go butch! throw some more of that wood around jenna's things.


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    I don't think Christy is cocky nor arrogant. She was just honest to herself as well as everyone. And unlike the others, she would not try to hide anything (including herself emotion) from people, but unfortunely, being too honest to people in this game would be a big disadvantage.

    On the other hand, I think Matt has made the right decision of voting Christy out for the several reasons: Fiirst, Christy is unpredictable, she does not have any strong alliance and was not too friendly to Matt from what I observed ( remember Christy said in one of the episodes that matt is creepy ). Second, by voting off Christy and therefore keeping Jenna and Heidi in the game would serve a balance between the alliance and opportunity to get rid of Rod in the future since everyone knows both Jenna and Heidi hated Rod and vice versa , and probably target Rod as the next "to go" list.

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    I have to agree with anyone who has commented that this is the best Survivor season yet!

    From the start of this season through to tonight's episode, it has been consistently entertaining and exciting.

    Perhaps what is most suprising is that imho I don't think there are as many likeable players as we have seen in the past... but we have the best mix of 'characters' ever.

    Also, to give credit where credit is due, snake or not, ROB has absolutely been a key part in making this season of Survivor as great as it is.


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    Actually I was kind of expecting one of the "bimbos" to get booted out. Seems the people there are so unpredictable. But it is what makes this season's Survivor interesting! If I am to give awards to them it will be:

    Best Director/Puppet Master: Rob
    Best Actress: Jenna
    Best Actor: Matt
    Best Crying Scene: Heidi
    Best Supporting Actor: Rob
    Best Supporting Actress: Heidi
    Best Couple: Shawna And Alex
    Most Ignorant Person: Roger/Dave

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    Christy, Christy, Christy....you knew you weren't going to vote with the evil stepsisters so why fake it. You got eyes girl, you could see Jenna was disgusted to be standing within inches of you having to watch Heidi ask you for help. You should have just told Rob, "I'm with you all the way." I thought her speech was funny after she was booted. She was mad and she let everyone know how she felt. Neither of those two were nice to her, unless they needed her vote.

    Jenna and Heidi...ewwww Jenna is still on her ' people hate me because I'm pretty" delusion while ignoring the fact that her personality does her in. I did admire the way they both chewed Rob out in public, but it was basically too little to late as far as I'm concerned with them.

    Rob is playing like a mad man, but I'm so angry with him right now I could spit. Matt too. I personally think he threw the IC. I"m just annoyed that they voted out Christy which means I have to watch Jenna/Heidi one more week.

    Butch....I hope something saves you and you make it to the final 4.
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    Originally posted by Wolf
    Got to give props to Jenna for shaking things up in Rob's world. It was awesome how she exposed his plans to the rest, although they all just seemed to take it as a last minute attempt to save herself, which is true in part.
    I think there is another dimension to the game as each season passes. Although the "friends for life" emotions still occur, more and more of the players come into the game realizing that regardless of your friendships, eventually you have to vote against everyone (except one). Jenna's tirade may have been a first, but I don't think it shocked anyone in the tribe too badly. It was like "Hey, just wanted everyone to know that Rob is trying to get to the final 2!!! Did you hear that???? That means he'll have sell you out to get there!!!" Well, DUH! If I was Rob (in my cozy chair of wisdom in my living room), I would have said "Yes, Jenna and I think each and everyone else here is thinking about winning too"

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    What? Christy's gone?

    Well, let's be honest. She made a strategic boo-boo. She waffled on who she was voting for, which is not a problem in itself. The problem was everyone else saw that she was waffling, and it turned out to be fatal. When Rob checked her loyalty, she should have basically saluted and said, "yes, I'm with you.' She's a little too honest for Survivor.

    And please. Jenna and Heidi lecturing Rob on ethics? Uh, huh. And Michael Jackson can now lecture on parenting. These two were simply awful today. Please, spare us.

    That's all I can say about this ep. One more thing, though: this is going to be a very interesting jury.
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