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Thread: The MOST EXCITING post-show discussion thread ever! *Spoilers*

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    Originally posted by ollie
    I don't think they showed all the votes tonite to the players so nobody knows for sure that Matt & Rob both voted that way.
    There are going to be a lot of suspicions later at camp.
    I'm not sure about that, Ollie. Only one vote is in question and it will come down to Butch or Matt. At least one party (Heidi/Jenna siamese twin or Rob) had to approach Matt. I figure it had to be Rob or he wouldn't have changed his vote without being sure of a majority (taking chances hasn't been his style!).

    So how did he convince Matt?

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    I'm guessing that these S6 contestants will do anything to avoid a tie. The last thing they want is more rock-drawing conspiracies which gave Paschal the boot. First Heidi turning on Jeanne, now Matthew going against Christy...that rock drawing process really affected the game play of most.

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    Is the rock still the tiebreaker?

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    They did show all the votes because they showed 2 Jenna votes and Christy needed 4 to go.

    Other thoughts.

    Poor Butch is really out of the loop... or chain.

    Matt really is playing the game. I'm proud and happy for him when he let the others see their family members, but in that situation, what else can you do? Unless, as others have mentionned.. you're Jenna.

    Christy wavered and that wavering meant Rob's butt was on the line. Christy got drunk with power and forgot that if you don't make your intentions known, you're a target. Christy.. meet Gabe.

    Rob. I may be the only person here who defends Rob. He had so many great one liners, I couldn't remember them all. I especially loved his retort after Jenna gave her, "I'm so wonderful and judged physically" speech.

    Heidi. Oh stupid, stupid Heidi. I so bought into that spoiler that my mouth just dropped when Jenna gave her immunity. WTF? She's just as detestable and I hate how she treated Christy.

    Jenna. Continued to show her true colors. I want her gone now. I don't care what it takes. She's not going anywhere because everyone knows they can win against her. I would rather see Heidi win.

    I'm STUNNED. What a week in Reality TV. WOW. This is almost as surprising as Gervase and the red X.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    Voting was

    Matt- Christy
    Rob- Christy
    Jenna- Christy
    Heidi- Christy
    Butch- Jenna
    Christy- Jenna


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    Originally posted by Miss Filangi
    Rob. I may be the only person here who defends Rob. He had so many great one liners, I couldn't remember them all.
    Those of us in Little Robbie's Neighborhood are pulling hard for the boy!

    I was ready for him to go after episode 8 when his whining on and on about the girls was at it's peak, but since then, his game play has been outstanding.

    If he wins, he'll elevate to Rich and *sniff* Brian status...*I'm so proud, sniff* in my mind.

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    You guys are all right. I was just confused. Guess it didn't matter that two people on Christie's "so-called" alliance voted for her cause she would have still gone.
    And did it bother anyone else that Jenna started crying right away when at the reward challenge they said you get a visit from a family member? She was STILL trying to win without doing anything!!! "Look at me, I miss my family!! My mom is sick. I will jump into crocodile infested water to win even though I can't beat a boat just to win this challenge. BOO-HOO" (and I have Heide right where I need her, crying for me!!"

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    When Jenna gave Heidi the immunity necklace I said to myself Oh, oh, she is pulling a Marcellas (from Big Brother) I was so shocked when Christy got the boot but then again I also thought she might because she was cocky at the tc.

    Did you notice how Jenna still completely ignored Christy when her and Heidi were standing with Christy and Heidi was trying to talk Christy into going with them. And the Looks Jenna was making with face!!!! Unbelievable - what a scab!!!!!!!!!

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    Was Jenna trying to show her "softer/caring" side by giving the necklace to Heidi? What was up with that? Maybe Heidi promised her some money if she won.

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    Play Doh Rocks
    So what does tonights vote mean in terms of the F4? Everything I saw said it was Butch, Christy, Jenna and Matthew. From here, it seems Butch is most likely to go next week...

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