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Thread: Survivor 20: All-Stars Spoiler Thread

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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by karalott;3613865;
    Whatever the case, I loved Sugar, even if she got a break with an edit I didn't read many post show interviews, because quite honestly Gabon was one strange cast-probably one of the most bitter and hateful ever. They needed to have someone be their good girl. And that's why I believe Sugar had no real chance of winning, which is why I can't fault her too much for giving it to Bob. But that goes back to the heroes vs villians-she was edited as a hero, thus will be on a heroes tribe, unless they want her as a sneaky, backstabbing villain that's really a good girl but a power player. It doesn't matter what the cast thought of her, but it made me happy that they seemed bummed over her good edit. I got the hint at the reunion show all wasn't peaches and cream.

    Aside from disliking Guatemala because they seemed to make it the Stephenie show and all about giving her her million, I think it's very underrated. Things could have gone better, but I don't know why the producers don't seem interested in ever associating with it. Judd, who I couldn't stand, would be better than seeing Fairplay again. What's the big fascination with 3rd timers, especially people like him that'll just quit again? I do agree with your choices of Lisi and Tammy for the villains. Marquesas remains one of my top 3 favorite seasons ever, and I also think it's underrated.
    I would say that juries have gotten more and more bitter as time went on, but Gabon was just...it almost is as bad as Marquesas. That jury was BITTER. If anything, I would switch out Sugar and put in Neleh, because she not only was loveable, but she deserved to win her season and had to instead deal with Tammy, General, and John, who were the epitome of sour grapes. I know that the Gabon folks didn't like Sugar for personal reasons, while with Neleh it was mainly hating her for playing the game, as the Rotu 4 had severe entitlement issues and thought that they were the anointed ones to the F4. I'm glad I'm not alone about Tammy and Lisi, though.

    When it comes to Guatemala, the cast itself was not a great cast. People like Cindy were total non-factors, and while I love Lydia, as she made it watchable for me, she was one of the weakest of all time, I would say. It was also too much about Steph. Danni deserved to win, although I would have rather had Rafe or Lydia win. It also was a bit less memorable because of the fact that sure, it was a physical season, but everything it had got outdone in the next three seasons. Marquesas, on the other hand, was where it really first started going downhill a bit when you compare it to Australia and so forth. It is sorely underrated because it was the first real case of two smaller groups of Survivors (the triad of Kathy, Paschal, Neleh and the duo of Sean/Vee) banding together to take out the Rotu 4 after the coconut chop challenge.

    I didn't even think about Twila as a villain, but she would be really good. She isn't as much for the physical, although she could hold her own, but strategy-wise, she wins. I like your list of villains, although I still have to stick by having Judd on my list.
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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    Neleh (love the name) and Vecepia were pretty strong players though. I thought Vecepia was underrated also. Both were under the radar in the beginning, and then played full on when it got down to the F9.

    No one has brought this up, but I watched the season pretty recently online, and it was Sean's idea to form an alliance with him, Vecepia, Kathy, Paschal, and Neleh. So even though I don't like him, he deserves credit for all that.

    But Neleh screwed up twice in her game. The first was when she came back from that reward with Paschal and had a mint in her mouth. She went on and on about how great it was, and then even held out her mint and asked if anyone wanted it (I have to admit, I laughed at that part ). Though I must say that it's the others' fault for asking about the trip in the first place. She just went a tad too far with the mint.

    The other mistake was beginning her speech by saying, "I didn't start playing this game until Day something (I forget which day)." Now that's really not a way to start a speech.

    But it's sad to say that most of all of the recent final TC performances were worse than her's though. Amanda, JT, Sugar, Bob, Stephen... they all sucked in the final TC.
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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    It boggles the mind that they would invite contestants that have already played twice before.

    But if I had a wish list, it would break down like this:

    Taj - Tocantins
    Kelly - Borneo
    Sugar* - Gabon
    Lydia - Guatemala
    Ian - Palau
    Matthew - Amazon
    Terry - Exile Island
    Erik - Micronesia

    Corinne - Gabon
    Katie - Palau
    Natalie - Micronesia
    Heidi - Amazon
    Coach - Tocantins
    Dreamz - Fiji
    Shane - Exile Island
    Brian - Thailand

    * I don't personally regard her as "good," but they edited her so.

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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    Replying without reading the whole thread...will do that in the morning

    Anyway...I would soooo love to see Michael Skupin from Season 2 Australia return.
    He would have won, had he not fallen into the fire and burned his hands and I have been dying to see him play again.

    Other players I would like to return are:
    Ian Season 10 Palau
    Terry Season 12 Exile Island (he rocked immunity challenges!!)
    Frosti Season 15 China
    Ace Season 17 Gabon
    and Tyson from last season. He was fun.

    Notice no females on my list.....

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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by captain;3576076;
    We have not seen/heard from Rob & Amber....they should be coming back
    They just had a baby girl!! I don't think they will be there!

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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    Baby Lucia Rose was born on the 4th of July-People has a blurb about it.
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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by momsunshine;3634018;
    They just had a baby girl!! I don't think they will be there!
    Thank heavens.
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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    Looks like they are going to be starting filming later this month, because I read an interview that said that Jeff wouldn't be able to film his tug-at-heartstrings show (Live for the Moment, or something like that) until September when he got back from "double-duty". I follow JRB on Twitter, so I will essentially know if he is there or not.

    I also heard that Shane is an alternate, but I hope it's not true and that he is on the actual cast.
    "Congratulations, you just peaked. It's all downhill from here, honey"-Noah from TDI
    "If you're one of the 46 uninsured Americans..."-Billy Mays

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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by norealityhere;3634389;
    Thank heavens.
    You said it Though I wouldn't mind Rob. But no thanks to Amber again.

    I also heard that Shane is an alternate, but I hope it's not true and that he is on the actual cast.
    No! Good lord, if they give Fairplay and Rupert 3 chances just to quit and be all pissy because they were nice and got voted off anyway because they can't play the game, that's pathetic.
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    Re: Survivor 20: All-Stars (Heroes vs. Villains) Spoiler Thread

    I’m confused as to how and why some of these people keep getting asked.

    Rupert for example is a big pansy. He really can’t play the game. He is just popular as he cried out for sympathy. I have hated him for yelling at Jon in Pearl Islands because Jon voted against him. I was happy when Jon voted him out. I would rather have a show of Jon’s than watch people like Rupert who are BORING.

    James is another one. In 2 seasons he has demonstrated that he has no strategy whatsoever. He also got the s**** when Parvati demonstrated that she was playing the game and when it didn’t include him he was a poor sport. Watching over rated players is BORING.

    Bobby Jon is a third player who was a bore to watch. All he showed was that he was a hard worker who had no strategy whatsoever. BORING.

    Ozzy is another player who I consider a week player. He has no strategy and is also a poor sport. His only benefit is that he is quite athletic and good at some of the challenges. Watching someone dominate who is not that good of a strategic player is BORING.

    Big Tom has just been fortunate to make good alliances. His strategy is always week. For someone they consider is very intelligent he does nothing exciting. He is BORING.

    As for Corrine, she was just nasty. The trash that came out of her mouth especially at that final tribal council wasn’t necessary. I think the bitchiness is a thing of the past and these days is rather BORING.

    Sugar demonstrated that she could play but her efforts at the last tribal council were very disappointing. To play such a great game and hand someone else the million bucks makes no sense.

    These are who I think played great strategic games who were prepared to take risks and ultimately became heroes or villains (depending on how u look at it) in doing so.

    Season 1 >>> Rich and Kelly W
    Rich was the mastermind this season and Kelly was prepared to shake things up by jumping to the other tribe.

    Other possibilities include Gervase.

    Season 2 >>> Jerri, Elisabeth and Tina
    Jerri was a bit of a bitch. Elisabeth proved to be a little ruthless and Tina played everyone.

    Other possibilities include Colby and Jeff.

    Season 3 >>> Kelly G
    Kelly told it like it was and unfortunately when she needed to flip alliances it didn’t work for her but atleast she was prepared to take a risk.

    Other possibilities include Lex and Teresa.

    Season 4 >>> Sean
    Sean managed to convince some of the others to swap alliances and vote with him. He succeeded.

    Other possibilities include Neleh, Kathy and Gina.

    Season 5 >>> Brian
    Brian was similar to Rich. He was in control and when he wasn’t he made sure that he was again as soon as possible.

    Other possibilities include Clay and Penny.

    Season 6 >>> Rob C, Deena and Jenna M
    Rob C masterly played everyone. He made sure he was in the majority at all times and he made the game exciting by changing it up a number of times. Deena would have liked her game to be like Rob but Rob saw her as a powerhouse so got rid of her before she would get rid of him. Jenna was annoying at times but she did speak her mind and she did change things up a few times. She was a major factor as to who went home a few times with the help of Heidi.

    Other possibilities include Heidi.

    Season 7 >>> Jon, Burton and Sandra
    Jon played a devious game which was fun to watch. Burton also came back after being eliminated and played a hardcore game but Sandra was on top of everything and played everyone. She was also ready to burn whoever she didn’t care. Sandra was definitely an under-rated player.

    Other possibilities include Andrew S.

    Season 8 >>> Rob M
    He lied to get his way and he used people to get what he wanted and he achieved that. He was also a dominant physical player who had a great strategic mind.

    No other possibilities.

    Season 9 >>> Ami, Chris and Julie
    Ami is another under-rated player. She had all the ladies at her mercy. Chris just outwitted her. Chris was also a player who was prepared to do whatever to advance further and for him it worked. Julie was a schemer. She laid low for a while but she manipulated the guys to keep her and she worked over Twila to keep herself in the advantage. Chris played her.

    Other possibilities include Eliza and Leeann.

    Season 10 >>> they all sucked.
    No one from this season stands out for me. Ian had potential but to give up the final immunity like he did was rather pathetic. Jenn also had game but I think she left it too late.

    Season 11 >>> Danni and (to some degree) Steph
    Danni worked every single player in the game. Especially Rafe. She was smart and knew what moves to make. Steph gets mention because she was prepared to burn whoever but her whining is something I don’t want to watch again.

    Other possibilities include Rafe and Gary.

    Season 12 >>> Cirie
    Cirie kicked butt! She was running the show after being a target. She worked things to her advantage.

    Other possibilities include Terry.

    Season 13 >>> Yul and Jonathon
    Yul manipulated whoever he needed to and Jonathon was ready to fire whoever he needed to so both are good strategists.

    Other possibilities include Candance and Becky.

    Season 14 >>> Dreamz and Yau Man
    Yau Man did well for someone they all viewed as an old man. He tried to bargin and make deals which in the end was his down fall. Dreamz was a bit all over the place but he was someone to turn on any alliance. He was just poor at the final tribal council and didn’t sell himself as much as he should have and he should never had taken the truck.

    Other possibilities include Earl and Alex.

    Season 15 >>> Todd and Courtney
    Todd knew what he needed to do and he did it. Courtney was fun to watch. She did vote the way she wanted and not how the tribe was going to vote.

    Other possibilities include Jamie and Phie Gee.

    Season 16 >>> Natalie, Parvati and Cirie
    Natalie worked her magic but Cirie deserves some credit for this. Natalie manipulated Jason and then Erik to get what she wanted. Parvati also had game this season and played hardcore. Cirie again proved strong and smart. Amanda would be good to see again, to see if she can make a third final tribal council but I think she is over-rated and an ordinary player. Plus she is crap with her answers at the final tribal it’s no wonder she always loses.

    Other possibilities include Amanda and Tracey.

    Season 17 >>> Kenny and Crystal
    Kenny was a clever player and Crystal was prepared to shake things up. They were in the minority and got themselves on top until Sugar who also played a great game betrayed them in order to let another player win the million dollars. Sugar should also be mentioned but her actions in taking Bob to the final tribal council shows she wasn’t very strategic.

    Other possibilities include Randy and Sugar.

    Season 18 >>> Taj and Coach
    Taj started playing very well and then sort of went under the radar. I do think she contributed to getting Sierra and Erynn on side and getting them to vote with her alliance. Coach was a pain to watch and all you wanted was to see him lose and get voted off but he did have some decent strategy. Tyson also had potential.

    Other possibilities include Tyson, Stephen, Brandon and Erynn.
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