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Thread: Which Tribe Member would you hang and why?

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    Hey Leo

    Great thread idea

    well guys before last night it probably would have been Heidi.
    She makes me feel sick. She really does.

    Jenna last night (Christy getting the boot)

    She is EVIL.

    I almost hate her. (hate is a strong word I save for politicians and pedophiles.......

    She's close though :mad:

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    Don't thank me - thank cali. She was the first one to misread the "hang with" topic as "hang" (or at least, post that she had misread it)!

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    People we love to hate

    Originally posted by StevieM
    I almost hate her. (hate is a strong word I save for politicians and pedophiles.......
    How well put! Jenna/Heidi the interchangeable gruesome twosome are despicable. Yet, they pulled off a stunt to temporarily distract the tribe members and lull them into a an imbecilic state of mind and that's when things went haywire. Whoever thought that Jenna would pull the old switcheroo and give Heidi the immunity necklace? I bet MB is saying to himself, "Yesssssss, I am a genius, even though I stole the idea from Arnie Shapiro."

    However, looking back on it, I am not absolutely certain that it would have done the trick. I believe that when Christy didn't tell Rob directly that she would go along with him, she sealed her own fate.

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    Awwww Can I hang more then one person???

    hands down its Jenna and Heidi... Im sure before I hung them they'd try to talk me into joining with them to hang someone else, then cry when I would say no.

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    Jenna, definately
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    Jenna but if she wanted to save her life she would have to tell me in sign language!!! (just to see how shallow she really is...I bet the others could do it, though)

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    I'd have a hanging party, and hang both Heidi and Jenna! I am soooo mad at them for how they treated Christy.

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