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Thread: Survivor: Tocantins, 4/31 recap: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

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    Survivor: Tocantins, 4/31 recap: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

    Last week Sierra spent the whole episode begging to stay, and got her wish when others, led by JT and Stephen, realized that it was instead an excellent opportunity to boot Tyson. This week, we’ll see that enduring all that whining was almost worth it to watch her catch Coach in a lie, and call him out publicly.

    Sounds Like Debbie Has a Better Read On This Game Than Coach

    After the Tyson boot, Sierra says she thought she was going home. JT immediately goes into conciliation mode and tells Coach and Debbie that they didn’t tell them about voting for Tyson because they knew they wouldn’t want to get rid of Tyson.

    Debbie calls it a good move and says she’s glad she didn’t know. JT says he doesn’t want Coach to be mad at him, and Coach claims he’s not.

    Stephen says of course Debbie and Coach would sound supportive now, because they realize the dynamics have changed.

    The next day, Deb asks to know what the next moves are. She and Stephen and JT talk about how much they trust each other. She tells us she’s just trying to feel out the next move.

    She tells Coach they blindsided them with Tyson, and she’s still upset. She says JT and Stephen are dangerous together and if they take out Sierra and Erinn, then it’ll be them. She’s not going to be happy going out fifth and Coach going out fourth. “They’re taking out all our people and you and I are sitting ducks, with no leverage,” she says.

    She wants to get Sierra and Erinn back on their side, and take out JT, Stephen and Taj, and regain control of the game.

    In Summary, Q: Who’s Least Popular? A: Sierra

    It’s the series of questions about other tribe members. They’ll answer questions in private, and then guess what their other tribemates said. If you get one right, you chop someone else’s rope, and three chops mean you’re out. The winner goes to a natural spring, and a homecooked traditional Brazilian feast.

    Q. Who has not lived up to their potential? A lot of votes for Coach and Sierra. Most people said Coach, including Coach himself. Two people whack Sierra, including Coach.

    Q: Who would squander the million dollars the fastest? The majority was Sierra.

    JT gives Sierra her last whack, taking her out of the game. She thinks a lot of people are being hard on her because they want her to go home.

    Q. Who would never survive on their own?
    Answers are Sierra and Debbie, including Debbie herself. She’s the right answer.

    Coach takes two more hits and is out, as is Debbie.

    Q. Who would you trust with your life?
    Everyone says JT. And it’s the right answer. JT tells us he doesn’t know why everyone trusts him so much, because in this game he is not so trustworthy. “It may be the accent, I don’t know,” he says. He may be right. Hell, I’m from the south and hear that accent all the time and know perfectly well that men can talk like that and still be snakes, and yet I even I think he sounds comforting and trustworthy.

    JT takes Erinn out of the game. She takes him out in return, leaving only Taj and Stephen.

    Q. Who is most likely to stab you in the back? They both say Sierra.

    Q. Who would you least like to see win?
    Stephen said Sierra, Taj said Coach. Right answer is Sierra, so Stephen wins the challenge.

    He must choose someone to go to Exile. He chooses Erinn, telling us it’s because his alliance includes her now and they want to keep Exile for themselves in case a new idol pops up.

    Stephen is allowed to take someone with him, and he chooses Taj. Given another, it’s JT.

    Coach says now he’s afraid Stephen and JT will stick with Taj.

    Strategy in a Spring, Shivering on the Ground

    The rewardees head off to a Brazilian farm, greeted by a father and son, and then a gaggle of little girls. They have a feast, meat and eggs and vegetables. Stephen says the local cuisine is amazing. Then a little girl falls down and Taj “went into mommy mode” and grabs her up while cheesy music plays and Taj explains how she misses her kids.

    Then the kids take them down to this local spring. They have a “power talk,” and agree the next move is Sierra. Stephen says Sierra is much more erratic than Debbie, and he’d rather play with someone whose motivations he can guess. But it could be a good time to get rid of Debbie.

    On Exile, Erinn says the urn had a new clue to the same spot. She says they’ve checked the treemail place and there is not an idol there. It beings to rain, and she can’t get a fire going, and she has no food or water. She’s just huddled on the ground. “This is the kind of thing that could break a person down,” she says.

    Well, That Alliance Attempt Went Bad Quickly

    Back at camp, on day 28, Coach tells Debbie and Sierra it’s time to make a move. Debbie asks if Sierra would go with whatever Coach decided. Sierra says she doesn’t know. Coach says she promised to be loyal. She says he wrote her name down, and didn’t save her, and the others did. He asks where her loyalty lies. Sierra says those two are in big trouble, and they’ve got just them two. Debbie says Sierra doesn’t know who they have. Sierra starts listing how people voted, and Debbie gets mad and storms off.

    Sierra tells us someone’s “playing their game right, and I’d rather go with the smart people.”

    In the water, Coach and Debbie talk. Coach wants to talk to JT and reassure himself that JT wants him, Stephen, Coach and Debbie in the final four.

    Two days later, Coach and JT talk, and Coach wants to know if JT is cool with Sierra, then Erinn, then Taj. JT says he thinks that’s the way to go. Coach is worried about how JT and Stephen blindsided Tyson.

    Coach also tries to tell him that Sierra wanted to get Timbira back. Haha, lies. At any rate, he tells us that JT was very receptive and he trusts JT.

    But meanwhile, Sierra tells Stephen that Coach and Debbie tried to get her in their alliance, and went “bananas” when she wouldn’t.

    Stephen tells us he’s very scared of a Timbira resurgence. He tells Sierra he’d like to trust her but she could be playing him. She says she’s the least of anyone’s worries.

    Stephen then joins Coach and JT’s conference. Coach claims the idea of a revived Timbira didn’t come out of his mouth. This time he also says Debbie was in on it. He says Sierra is “a half-wit floating on the breeze not knowing where she’s going.”

    Stephen says he can’t get a real sense of who’s telling the truth, which makes him suspicious of all of them. Coach leaves and Stephen tells JT that Sierra’s story was different.

    They seem to trust Sierra more, and they realize they’re going to betray Coach eventually anyway.

    At the immunity challenge, they toss grappling hooks to retrieve bags. The first three to get them all move forward. Those three will tilt a board to get a ball through a maze without dropping it in a hole, to win.

    The three are Coach, JT, and Debbie.

    Jeff breaks Debbie’s concentration. She and JT both drop their balls, but Coach, playing it cautious, has a lead. Then JT catches him up, and then passes him, then drops it at the end. Coach wins. “Dragonslayer,” he says.

    Sierra tells us it sucked to watch Coach win, and it’s probably her or Debbie going home.

    If Only They Had This Thing Called a “Video” To Prove Who’s Telling the Truth

    Back at camp, Coach gloats that there won’t be a blindside of him. “That was just my forte today,” he says. He tells us the meditation, the prayer, the focusing technique all helped him. He feels very secure in his place in the game but immunity is a good safety blanket to have.

    Sierra tells JT that Coach came to her, not the other way around. She offers to confront Coach. Haha, so she does. “You’re really scrambling, aren’t you?” he says. He claims he hasn’t lied at all.

    He spins a tale of Sierra initiating it, and of him saying he did not want a Timbira alliance. Sierra denies it loudly and tells everyone Coach and Debbie are lying. Yelling commences, and Debbie tells Sierra she’s not the person she knew, and she starts crying and says she’s too old for this. “I am a 46 year old professional woman, and I cannot believe I’m in a verbal combat with a 23 year old over what I said or didn’t say.”

    Stephen tells JT privately that he believes Sierra, and he trusts her more now. He thinks Debbie is a savvy gameplayer and wants to win, and it wouldn’t be a bad move to get rid of Debbie. JT says he can see that, but it would be a calmer life to get rid of Sierra. Taj tells Sierra she exposed Coach, and Erinn says she’s not voting for Sierra.

    One Drama Gone, More on the Way

    JT says the game has definitely changed. Debbie agrees, there’s pressure. “Our happy little family is not such a happy little family anymore,” she says. She doesn’t like this crazy part of the game.

    Coach says he’s standing firm in what he’s going to do in the game. Sierra rolls her eyes. She says Coach’s claim to be honest got “burned and ruined.” She explains the whole lie situation to Jeff, and says she’s happy knowing she just proved that someone who claimed to change the game was wrong.

    Coach says he’s not a coward or a liar, but in Sierra’s “warped mind” she thinks she’s telling the truth.

    “I forgive Sierra,” he says, and I think he then likens himself to Jesus. Wow. He’s mad that Sierra would question his integrity or courage, and calls her “23 going on 5 today with her temper tantrums.”

    Taj laughs. “I haven’t watched soap operas in so long, it’s really giving me a boost.”

    Debbie says she hopes she’s not a threat for being likable. She says she truly likes everyone and it will be hard to write anyone’s name down.

    JT says you’ve got to think about physical threats, social threats, and who to take to the end. Stephen says you have to blindside people sometimes. You have to balance your personal feelings against your ultimate goals in the game.

    It’s time for the vote, and it’s…. one for Stephen, a surprise to him; two for Debbie, and four for Sierra.

    She tells us later that she did everything she could to stay in the game, Coach was lying, they’ll have to find that out on their own. She’s floored she made it 30 days.

    Jeff says it’s clear the remaining six are struggling to trust each other and paranoia is just around the corner.

    Next week:

    Taj wins some video message from home, everyone’s emotional, and Debbie turns on Coach. Ha, that should be fun.
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    Re: Survivor: Tocantins, 4/31 recap: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

    Excellent job.....thanks for the recap!
    If I get too cranky, would someone wipe the drool off my chin and send me to the home!

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