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Thread: How do your favorite contestants at the beginning of the season compare to now?

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    How do your favorite contestants at the beginning of the season compare to now?

    Wow, how amazing this is! In 10 episodes, my opinions of people have really changed.

    I started out liking Heidi and Shawna and Jenna was alright. And in the first episode, I did not like Christy.

    In the guys tribe, I liked Dave and Alex the best.

    Now, I can't stand either Heidi or Jenna, and Shawna irritated me endlessly when she moaned about how bad she felt and suddenly felt better when the guys came to the tribe. Grrrr...

    Now Christy is my favorite!

    I still like Dave, as a matter of fact I liked him more and more every week. I wish he was still around, although he'd probably not vote out those 2 brats.

    Alex turned out to be a real idiot at the end. I especially did not like him in his last episode. Wow. Amazing how I don't like him at all anymore.

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    Hmmm let me see.

    Women's Tribe

    Then: On the women's tribe I liked Shawna best because I thought she was really hot hehe. I also liked Christy because she had the guts to try out for the show knowing she would have the challenge of the Amazon as well as the challenge of dealing with "hearing people", as her friend so perfectly put it in her reward letter.

    Now: I thought it was a bit cheesy how Shawna whined for a while but suddenly perked up when Alex arrived. But I still liked her when she got booted. I think Christy is great all around. She's my number 2 pick to win after Matt.

    Men's Tribe

    Then: On the men's tribe my first impressions were that Dave and Matt were likeable and Roger was a mean bossy old man. Dave was a hard worker. I thought it was cool how Matt reached out to Daniel as a friend at a time when Daniel was feeling alone. I also thought Alex was OK but he seemed a little cocky. That and he just looks too much like Jeff, he's like Jeff with thicker eyebrows and a beard. It's just weird.

    Now: I felt bad when Dave got booted, he just picked a crappy alliance and got shafted at immunity. I now want Matt to win the whole darn thing. I don't think he's creepy at all, I actually find him quite entertaining and think that the show would lose something with him gone. I was glad when Roger got booted, he was downright ornery. As for Alex, he showed that not only was he cocky, childish, and wishing he was still 22, but he also had no clue how to play the game. Good riddance to him.

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    I've liked Christy and Deena all along. Still do. Deena because she is a cocky female attorney who was trying to kick butt. Her problem was her alliance and she pushed just a bit too hard. Christy, well she is in a tough spot and she still stays likeable.
    I've liked Butch and Matt. Still like Butch, I just adore Matt. Each show I like Matt better for one reason or another. I like Rob in a "yes you are a weasel but at least you are thinking" way. Dave and Alex never did anything for me at all.
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    I liked Alex and Jeanne (Gene lol) when the show first started. Jeanne didn't really get a chance, but Alex wwent way down on my list.

    I NEVER thought I would be rooting for Matt at this stage of the game, but I am, and I really don't think he's creepy at all.

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    I really liked Heidi over the first two episodes.

    ::hangs head in shame::

    I like Matt much more than I did (he had me when he started speaking in Mandarin to Daniel) and I've grown to really admire Rob..
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    Totally pre-show I thought I would like:

    Women: Heidi and Deana
    Men: Dave, Roger, Butch and Alex

    Women: Christy (new) and Deana (I still like her)
    Men: Dave and Butch (still) but Roger (NO) and Alex (no), Matt (new addition)
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    When the show started, I actually quite liked Heidi.
    She seemed hard working and the fact that she thought the men v women thing was great (when one might have expected her to be annoyed about it like Jenna and Ryan) really made me think she showed a lot of promise.

    That feeling soon went when we heard all her "cute" remarks.
    I liked Alex early on to. I liked the conviction he showed when Roger was sounding off aobut homosexuality.
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    Alex, Jeanne, Heidi and Rob were on the top of my list. Christy came in last.

    Jeanne- disappointed me. She was the 'mother figure' as she claims, but she turned out to be a lot more immature than maybe her kids.

    Alex- when reports came in about him being bossy, I thought, and I hoped he would stop being bossy and concentrate on playing the game. When there wasn't enough footage on him on episode 1, I thought maybe he is playing the game, under the radar. But...AAAH! He let me down! He drooled a lot on the cute girls.

    Heidi- when she latched onto Jenna and started saying in one breath how she adores her...*throws up her hands*

    Rob- he made me laugh, but after his nth time joking around for the cameras...he's so frustrating. I didn't see him actually get serious up until he talked to Matt about the lies he told him (Maybe for fear of getting machete-stabbed).

    Christy...and Matt. I can't help see this turn around in my rooting process. But I am rooting for both of them. If Matt is not going to take that millon home, I'd want Christy to take it.

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    Re: How do your favorite contestants at the beginning of the season compare to now?

    I liked Deana and Alex for awhile too.

    The only ones I've liked straight through are Butch, Matthew and Christy.

    Matthew was not my first pick to want to win but, he is now.

    Then Butch, then Christy.

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    From the bio's and Pictures:

    I liked Shawna, Daniel, Alex, Butch, Dave, Deana and Christy (No order there)

    I wasn't fond of Matt, Alex Rob

    I was indifferent about the rest.

    After the first episode:

    I liked Daniel, Dave, Heidi, Deana and Christy

    Was indifferent about the rest.


    I like Matt (OK, I love him), Christy and Butch

    I think Rob is playing the game wonderfully, but donít particularly like him.

    Jenna and HeidiÖ I donít like at all
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