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Thread: Post-show discussion **Spoilers**

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    Thanks for the post Kukaycutie!!!

    That was an interesting read! I love the new insights--especially into Matt. I am really hoping he or Christy wins at this point.

    But thanks again for posting that!
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    I think Rob had to weigh the fact that he wasn't going to get the cute girl & alex vote against the Butch, Matt & Christy vote. It would be a tie, so what the heck? He could still get Deena cause she doesn't really know he voted for her cause the last vote was never shown. I think he did the right thing cause now he has a chance to be more than 4th place.

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    After last night, I am really starting to re-think my Rob rips. When he talked about how a good portion of the game is inter-personal relationships at the TC, I realized what a good player he is. And he isn't really "betraying" others.....I mean, thats part of the game, someone MUST be voted off each week..Rob has gotten to know each contestant, and he has shown excellent knowledge of the game and how to get to the F2. What have Jenna and Heidi done?? Gone along with people who approached them for an alliance....stripped for chocoPB when they didnt have to....used their sexuality to gain the upper hand and then were upset when it was even suggested....cried and moaned when someone who didnt win a single bid on any food items outbid them for a letter from home(and didnt even have the manners to say "thanks" when pity, mercy, and graciousness gave a 2nd chance)...and stayed well enough under the radar to make it to the final 6.

    There are 3 people who I hope go further than the girls....Christy, Matt, and Rob. Although I like Butch, he isnt really playing the game, he is just along for the ride. Christy has shown true survival skills, in that she works, competes, and has done so while not being able to hear. Matt has proven he could survive in the Amazon even if there was no $1M at the end. And Rob is playing the game that is Survivor. He knows the rules, and understands that, like it or not, someone is going home after each TC.

    It seems to me like Jenna and Heidi just expect CBS to hand the money over to Jenna. I can hear their conversations in camp H "well Jenna, since your mom has cancer, I think you should get the money, so when we get to the F2, If I win, I will just give it to you" J "OK" Notice that I didnt have Jenna saying "Thank you"
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    I must need new glasses I thought Heidi looked the best she has in a long time. (maybe I just need to get out more)
    But now sticks and twigs will have to learn how to cook and clean.
    What will Rob's game plan have to be to get him beyond the top 4?
    I'd like more inside info from Jeff's radio interviews.
    Thanks again Sher

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    Re: Re: Jenna is a self centered snob!

    Originally posted by holly71
    No doubt! When I was watching it, I was like "enough with the music already!" It sounded like a cheesy soap opera! I did not feel sorry for Jenna at all! I felt sorry for *Christy* b/c Jenna was making such a scene. :rolleyes:

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    Originally posted by spegs

    Mostly, I hate it when the obvious, smaller alliance people get voted off. But for the next two weeks I am FINE with it. I don't care how predictable it would be if they picked off Heidi and then Jenna. Watching those beyotches scheme and cry, beg and pout, only to be sent to loser lodge...could anything be more satisfying?

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    Jenna's preferential treatment

    dobolina posted:
    It seems to me like Jenna and Heidi just expect CBS to hand the money over to Jenna. I can hear their conversations in camp H "well Jenna, since your mom has cancer, I think you should get the money, so when we get to the F2, If I win, I will just give it to you" J "OK" Notice that I didnt have Jenna saying "Thank you"
    It might not be quite that extreme, but your perception is accurate. It appears that Jenna was expecting the letter to be given to her just because she shed tears. And guess what? She got it!

    That whole "second bidding" was so unfair, and as somebody suggested in another post, Jeff should at least have given the lasagna to Christy. What a putz!

    BTW, mrscience and dobolina: Are you guys siblings, or even twins? You resemble each other just like Jeff and Alex do.

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    I agree.
    The second bidding was pointless.
    He shoudl have just given her the letter and dispensed with the charade of bidding.

    I think this was a real error of judgement by Jiff.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    This Survivor is actually the first one that I watch all the way from the beginning to now and quite sure will watch it to the end. I only watched a bit of the last Survivor ( Is that Thailand?), which ended with two jerks winning at the end.

    I got to admit that this show is amazing, and the constant change of the alliances among the participants in the show is what makes the show so interesting.

    I am also not surprised if Rob is the next one to go because he has betrayed his teammates again and again for his own weflare. I am glad that Matt was indeed playing dumb but he knows Rob has betrayed his teammates again and again. Woohoo, I have no problem if the final three are Matt, Christy, and Butch.
    Too bad Rob plays the game well but he needs to go.

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    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one totally disgusted with the way the whole "auction" went down last night. Just when I think I should be nice and try to see something good in Jenna and Heidi, they go and do something totally unredeemable. What a couple of witches. Jenna has got to be the most spoiled, self centered, graceless, classless brat to appear on Survivor. I was so mad that Jiff let her have the letter, and even madder still when Jenna not only did not offer any of her food reward to Christy, but didn't even offer a graceful thank you... AND then went back to camp and continued to bad mouth her!

    I was so put out that not even the fact that their little alliance has crumbled can placate me.


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