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Thread: Post-show discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: Jenna is a self centered snob!

    Originally posted by JFlo
    What the hell was up with that dramatic background music as Jenna cried?!!! I was very dissappointed in MB and the production staff, who up until then has done a fabulous job of editing and scoring this season.
    No doubt! When I was watching it, I was like "enough with the music already!" It sounded like a cheesy soap opera! I did not feel sorry for Jenna at all! I felt sorry for *Christy* b/c Jenna was making such a scene. :rolleyes:

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    Originally posted by Sher
    he's on every friday at 8:40am on the edge (www.kdge.com. you might be able to hear the interview there. they often upload interviews).
    I sent him an email and he responded:

    "Thanks for your inquiery (sic) but the audio really isn't available. We used to stream our show on the net but some legal crap has stopped it for now and we don't post the intervies on out site. Sorry."

    Jagger :o)

    So thanks anyway. If you get the chance to repeat Jeff's comments on Friday here on the boards it would be great. Just if you have the time, of course.

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    I wish when Jeff asked Christy if it was ok to auction another letter, and she so GRACIOUSLY ( which btw the word 'grace' means a gift that is undeserved) said yes, he would have then said ok and just to equal it out heres the lasagna Alex didn't win!!

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    If I was Christy, I would have probably outbid Jenna for the letter, let her cry, then tore mine up without reading it, showing that my bid was merely to prevent her from getting a letter. I don't think Jeff would bother proposing another bid and asking my permission for it after that.

    But that's really really mean. On the other hand I really really really don't like Jenna. Ah heck, I wouldn't do that, but it would cross my mind

    I am not too afraid of Rob for next week, it looks like Matt/Butch/Christy/Rob pretty much have a deal going where they eliminate Heidi/Jenna first, then play the game amongt themselves. Fluff's concern that Jenna might spill the beans to Rob's new alliance is a valid concern. However, I think that it's pretty much known to Matt that Rob backstabs (Rob admitted to Matt that he lied to him and made him feel safe when even he (Rob) was making plans against him), and if Matt talks to Butch and Christy about Rob's nature, they'll pretty much be unfazed by any talk from Jenna.

    Who I hope will win, in order: 1)Matt 2)Rob 3)Christy 4)Butch

    Who I think will win, in order of likelihood: 1) Rob 2) Matt 3) Christy 4) Butch
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    Good point, Zaius. Rob may have already defused the bombshells Jenna wants to drop on Matt and the gang. I don't expect them to be fazed by any wild histrionics from Jenna and Heidi.
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    Originally posted by Zaius
    If I was Christy, I would have probably outbid Jenna for the letter, let her cry, then tore mine up without reading it, showing that my bid was merely to prevent her from getting a letter. I don't think Jeff would bother proposing another bid and asking my permission for it after that.

    I would have paid to see that.
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    well..im pretty sure most of you here read the yahoo platinum transcribe from the other website...

    Gosh!!! I really hate jenna, heidi and alex!! they called matt chrsity and butch as the team crazy and made fun of them while the three are searching for food!!! the nerve!!! beattttchhhh!!!

    I like alex then but how i'm glad he was voted now!!! and know what in that transcribe, chrsity is not fond of alex either...fo she said that he thinks he's hot and too confident...

    She even said that she tried to ate the bugs and grasshoper during last IC just to block alex from winning...

    She even said some mean thing while voting alex...

    How I love matteo and rob for seeing through christy...in there, they admire christy and disgusted with AJH attitude towards her for outbidding the letter...rob even mentioned that the three said that there will be a bloody murder if in the reward challenge, where one has to see a relative, chrsity wins...see? what kind of asses AJH are...

    and in there, it also shows matteo really playing the game...

    and how i love rob...when he discussed to christy and matteo his observation on the AJH specially to the bitches....i mean he might be trying to win Matteo and chrisyt but all of the thing she said abouty the bitches are true as seen in TV...and how he shows compassion for chrsty...

    I also love the part in there where chrsity said :

    "F*** Jenna for thinking she's pissed off. I wanted the letter just as much as she did, so whatever. I mean I didn't even get any food.

    bottomline...that yahoo insider solidifies the true color of jenna and heidi...and alex too....

    and based on that...if jenna indeed made on the F2 alex will vote for her...how sad!!!

    here are some of the part of that transcribe...


    Rob: I don't like the way the three of them act. They were so mad at you yesterday because you bid against Jenna and Heidi on the letter. They both ate something and they were pissed.

    Christy: So are you thinking of trying to get Butch, Matt, you and me to vote Jenna?

    Rob: To vote Alex:

    Christy: I'm all for it.

    Rob: I knew you would be.

    Christy: I don't think he plays fair, personally. And F*** Jenna for thinking she's pissed off. I wanted the letter just as much as she did, so whatever. I mean I didn't even get any food.

    Rob: Basically, I'm telling you that I would get kicked off tomorrow if you said something to the three of them. And really all it would do would push back when you get voted off. I've already spoken to Matt. And Matt says it's going to come down to Butch. I knew you would do it. I know I'll do it. Matt will do it. He's with me.

    Christy: If Alex wins immunity…

    Rob: Then we have to get rid of one of the girls, but that's going to be very messy, because Alex is going to have a fit.

    Christy: Well that's fine, let him have a fit.

    Rob: So that's what has to happen. I think it's going to work. I hope that Butch isn't loyal to Alex. Just look around at the four people who talk all day. Does anyone talk to Butch about strategy?

    Christy: No.

    Rob: (a little garbled) I let those two girls know that I thought they were so beautiful.

    Christy: Keep it up, because you fooled me.

    Rob: I don't think the person who wins this game. It should be the person who plays the best.

    Christy (in confessional): So then, thank you, thank you, Rob is smart and really knows the game and wants to win the game the right way. He realized that these three other people may not get him all the way through. He wants to win. But I think he wants to win the game the right way. So he is, hopefully (crosses her fingers in both hands) going to break that alliance. He came up to me and said I really want to get Alex out. And I said, "dude, I'm with you,” because Alex. I could care less about him. He is just drooling over Heidi and Jenna and thinks he is hot stuff. It's just like, cmon. I want him out of here. And Rob was like, "Cool."

    ....Thank you Rob for winning the immunity challenge. He deserved to win the immunity challenge. That saved us, hopefully. But then again, I don't know. Can you really trust Rob? He is really saying that just to make us think we have a chance? Or is he just trying to stir up something? I won't know until we get the vote tonight.


    Rob: I just spoke with Christy. Did you see how happy she is right now? (Matt says yes)

    Rob: I told her, I have no reason to back out of it. I wouldn't weaken my position. I think every one of us will do better in the game because we're doing this.

    Matt: I'm with you, man, I think it's great.


    (claps her hands) I am so proud of myself. I couldn't be any happier. Today, when I was watching the fire, I was just like, "God, I've made it 30 days."

    I've kicked off more than half of the people of the original number beginning with.

    I thought I would be the first one voted off. I know now that I'm not going to be voted off for communication. I'm going to be voted off for some other reason. And, thank you (looks to the sky).

    My perspective is that no matter what, you are going to encounter those hearing people who respect you and try to make it easy for you, and you will always meet those people who could care less, and don't understand, and won't do anything about it. And then those people who want to work with you, but they are scared, so they back off from you.

    So, when I work in a hearing environment, I say, "hey guys, I need, this and this and this."

    Most of the time, they are able to accept it and do their best. But that's in a work environment. Out here I am now in a work environment. We're trying to win a million dollars. It depends on who you meet.

    I know I am 110 percent comfortable with the deaf people. And I know I have a long way to go with those hearing people.

    I want to become 110 percent comfortable with the hearing people. But I don't think I ever will.

    Even at Christmas family dinner, I am an outcast. But I am willing to fight it and confront it.


    Jenna (confessional): (laughs) Rob coined the phrase Team crazy as Matt, Butch and Christy because they are just crazy. They do crazy things at crazy times. They go fishing and don't come back with any fish. They go and chop firewood at the freakin hottest time of the day. They are just crazy. But that's fine. Whatever -- do what you want. Collect firewood, and we'll just hang out.

    Heidi (confessional): Yeah, Team crazy consists of Butch, Matt, and occasionally Christy when she wants to be with them. We call them team crazy, because they are always doing the craziest, oddball stuff. Butch is talking with himself telling himself what he is getting ready to do. Matt is in the jungle barefoot. And we have specific guidelines to never walk around barefoot. And along with the million other Matt stories. ...I mean that's just one thing. Matt is in the boat and we have like 2-3 hooks left, so every time the hook gets caught, Matt goes jumping into the water where there's 1000s of piranha and fish that can go up like every orifice in your body.

    And Matt is sitting there jumping into eight feet of water trying to get the hook off. It literally is Team Crazy; I don't know any other way to describe it.

    (clip shows Matt in the water not being able to find hook).

    Heidi (confessional): And then you add Christy to the whole mix, and she doesn't fit with anything or anyone and you just have the most oddball group out there on a fishing boat, and you're scared they might not come back and you're even more scared that they might not get any fish. It's just a circus.

    Alex (confessional): Team Crazy is mostly Butch and Matt, but Christy is a sub on Team Crazy, cuz Matt and Butch are a little nuts, especially Matt. He's gone from crazy scaring us to crazy really amusing us. Butch a lot of the times mumbles to himself. You can see him in a gray robe and slippers just mumbling at himself. They are definitely Team Crazy.

    Jenna (confessional): But Team Crazy doesn't know they are Tean Crazy so we have to keep it a secret.

    Rob (confessional): Matt is crazy. But the last couple days to a week he has kind of blossomed. When he won the immunity challenge it became out in the open that Matt is crazy. And now it's like instead of being the crazy guy you wouldn't invite to the party and you wouldn't even tell there was a party -- he's the crazy guy that the party wouldn't be complete if he wasn't there.
    ......It's a nice transformation that he's gone through. Maybe I've even changed now that I've gotten to know him better and see another side of him. The guy cracks me up, and not because I'm not laughing at him, but now I am laughing at him, with him. And it's a nice thing for all of the parties. He's going to play a bigger role in this game than I think he ever imagined he would.

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    Reply More Insider Ep 11: BUTCH THE AUCTIONEER
    You saw host Jeff Probst auction off various rewards for the hungry Survivors, but you didn't see Butch's impression of an auctioneer. Has the middle school principal found a new profession? Or will he have to live this down when he goes back to school.

    This video shows Butch doing a stupid auction of a blow dart. Alex seems annoyed.

    But this video does have one good joke:

    Rob (in a funny old voice to Alex): What the hell do I want to go to a food auction for? I'm just going to get hungry again.

    Alex: Shut up, Roger.

    You saw Rob approach Matt to have 'the most important conversation of the game.' Insider takes you back to the strategic moment and reveals the entire conversation in which Rob decides to switch his alliance.

    *******In this video, Rob makes a Final Four pact with Matthew.

    Rob -- Who do you see me talking to all day long?

    Matt -- Jenna?

    Rob -- Jenna, Heidi and Alex. That's the four. And Deena was the fifth. That was going to be the final five.

    Matt -- Did they want Deena, too?

    Rob -- What happened was. Deena -- she wanted to get rid of you last time around. That was the plan. You were going to go at the last tribal council.

    Matt -- But I got immunity?

    Rob -- But what happened was, before that. The day before, Deena said, if Matt wins immunity, Alex needs to go. And that f****d everything for her, because the girls went back and told Alex. And I didn’t want to vote off Alex either.
    ......And Alex said, “We'll still vote off Matt. But if Matt wins immunity, then Deena's going to get kicked off.” But then that changed. Everybody has grown to like you and see how hard you work. And if Deena sticks around, She is going to cause all the Sh*T to hit the fan in the camp. That was the day of the reward challenge when you came in second to Alex.
    ......Then that next day, Deena decided, “forget about voting Matt, Alex needs to go.” So both of them changed their minds and both of them decided the other needed to go. Both of them thought that me, Heidi and Jenna were going to vote with them.
    .....Then what happened, you won immunity, ironically enough. And Deena lost to you, sealing her own fate.

    Matt -- I thought everyone was still, like, behind me, but in reality, it would have been me.

    Rob -- And it's supposed to be you tomorrow. Now, I've sworn my all to the four. They've been very arrogant. They've already decided that they are the final four.

    Matt -- Which four are they?

    Rob -- Alex, Jenna, Heidi and myself. Those are the four.

    Rob -- What sealed it for me this morning was when we overheard Alex and Heidi talking. I have the most to lose here. Number one if Alex wins immunity, I don’t know what we’re going to do. I guess we can vote off one of the girls.
    ……I'll tell you and Butch this right now. When I betray those three in the shelter, when they are on the jury, there is no way they are going to vote for me. I am basically giving someone a free ticket to whoever brings me into the final two.

    Matt -- Without Alex, dude, I have the strength to win any physical immunity. I do.
    ……They have totally secluded themselves.

    Rob -- They're arrogant and Alex has done about 10 things in this game. He said, once Dave and Roger are out, I'll step aside. You guys go ahead. He keeps saying that, but he's never going to do it.
    .....This is what makes me so mad...that the girls are so mad at Christy yesterday that she bid on the letters against them.

    Matt -- They're spoiled

    Rob -- The girls said if it there comes up a challenge for a visit from somebody from home. They said that if Christy tries to win it that there is going to be bloody murder. This is how they feel about the game. That you Christy and Butch are so lucky to be here. That we're just stringing you guys along. It's like a Greek drama. ......These guys are arrogant, and I was going along with them, because that was...

    Matt -- you we're riding it.

    Rob -- Yeah.
    ……You tell me what you want to swear.

    Matt -- Swear that we get to the Final Four.

    Rob -- I swear that we will get to the final four.

    Matt -- You're the only person who's ever done that with me.

    Rob -- It's not charity and who deserves the money more.

    Matt -- Jenna and Heidi, what have they done?

    Rob -- They don't do any work. They just talk about how they deserve the money and blah blah blah.

    Matt -- My last question is Christy. That's the one thing we have to work on. Butch is fine.

    Rob -- Christy hates those guys.

    Matt -- Great, so you can speak to Christy first.

    Rob -- Yeah I'll talk to Christy

    Matt -- What do you think are the chances of our group winning this immunity challenge based on what happened today. Do you feel comfortable?

    Rob -- I think I have a good chance of winning this. Here's the thing. Those three...they all put themselves for each thing. They only know what they're thinking. Do you think Jenna and Heidi know what you think about anybody? Do you think they know what Christy is thinking? I think I have the best chance. I have a working relationship with each player. I have a good memory. And, you know what? They don't even know what I think and I am in their alliance.

    Matt -- Let's do it. Let's be tight. This is going to work. I'm excited.

    Rob (in confessional) -- If Christy, Butch and Matt don't see things my way I can get screwed here. They can go to Alex, Heidi and Jenna and tell them of my shenanigans in this matter. If that happens, I am going to go home tomorrow night.
    .....I am going to try to win immunity.. That is the ultimate insurance policy in this plan.

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    Maybe I'm a little dense, but what is this yahoo transcribe.. I've never heard/seen this before. Is it legit?
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    MIss F,

    I believe if you go to the CBS website, and select the Survivor:Amazon page, they have an offer to "signup to see never before seen footage" or "see the footage that didnt make the show"....but you have to sign up for a Yahoo! monthly pass that allows you to see it. It costs like $9/month

    Not positive, but I think thats where that came from.
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    I can't believe I've never heard of it until now.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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