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Thread: News articles about Jed's Departure

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    News articles about Jed's Departure

    Various news stories about Jed's ouster:

    Jed End by Entertainment Weekly
    First we had Ghandia claiming Ted (or, excuse me, ''Big Teddy'') was grinding her. Then Ted apologized for grinding her. Then Ghandia told the other women Ted was grinding her. Ted defended himself to the fellas, insisting he WASN'T grinding her. Then they had a big meeting where Ted said, yes, he was grinding her, but it didn't matter because he wasn't even attracted to the woman.
    Jed Gets The Goodbye by The CBS Early Show
    "It's interesting," he said. "Because the first three hours me and Robb were watching the net. And everone was sitting in the hut. Then after a while, you're like... We had Jake and Penny sit out and watch the net and Jake rowed out and checked it out. And we went to bed because we were exhausted. And I wake up, and everyone is sleeping around us. I'm like -- wait a second."
    Trouble in paradise by the Toronto Sun
    The cocky Sook Jai tribe threw the temple challenge so they could toss lazy Jed, a dental student who was yanked like a bad tooth. His teammates branded him a screw-up after he let the team net drift out to sea. Y'all don't come back now, ya hear!
    High Drama Highlights on 'Survivor' by Zap2It
    They wouldn't be terribly impressed with the Sook Jais, who have lost the fishing net that they won last week. Jed took a nap while he was on net duty, and it drifted out to sea. Proving that the camera crew won't help out in times of crisis, they pan out to show the bobbing net just behind Robb and Jed as they conduct their futile search.

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    Great articles John!
    From JEd's interview
    "It's just, if I'm sitting - if I'm going to be lazy - it's not laziness. It just what people's thoughts are of what's important. If laziness is making food and water and doing all that, and not shelter, then I was lazy. It just people's perception of what is lazy and what's not lazy."
    It's not laziness!? Boy, Jed's world must be totally different than the average working person. If your sitting down (alot) not doing anything and everyone else is working, then you're lazy.
    That interview is so dim-witted. Jed should just keep his interviews to a minimum. Jed why don't you just sit there and look pretty.

    From Entertainment Weekly article
    In one haul, they catch what looks like a goldfish and roast it on a spit. It's sad.
    I meant to bring this up last time, but I forgot. I was laughing hysterically at the itsy bitsy fish Jed and company caught. What's even funnier is that they roasted it.
    I can just imagine everyone taking one nibble of that baby fish.

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    They would have probably been better off if they had manned the nets instead of just letting them float.Either way they had the 2 laziest people trying to provide food which usually never works out.

    Thanks for the great articles.
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    He is a spoiled rich kid, that never had to lift a finger throughout his life. No wonder he was tired, this was the most work he's ever had to do.

    They had food all around them, and water like 10 feet from camp, and he's bragging about that. Jackass.

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