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Thread: Survivor Perspectives - Missed Opportunities.

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    Excellent work everyone. Really did a good job of reminding us all of at least some of the lessons of the previous seasons.

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    Thanks for a very insightful and thought-provoking article. Great subject. Great content.

    Originally posted by fluff
    My feeling is that Colby should have won because he took Tina to the final two.

    I thought Colby should have won because he took Tina with him, too. On the other hand, taking Tina to F2 revealed that he had been strategizing against the losers Ė they would have forgiven him for his immunity-run, but not for outwitting them. I remember Jeff thought that Colby took Tina along because he wanted to beat the best and instead the best beat him. I didnít buy that, I thought he just didnít want Keith to have the $100K.

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    Excellent analysis, Fluff! I especially enjoyed your dissection of Silas and Helen. Still can't believe that Jake basically laid everything out for Helen on that boat trip they took, and she still missed it.

    Colby, BTW, was vulnerable on one occasion. He lost Immunity to Nick in the balancing competition. Had Amber switched sides, even the mighty "Colbster" could have fallen.
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    Yeah, you're pretty safe when your fate is in Amber formulating a plan though aren't you?

    I think they all just wanted Jerri out at that point that they didn't even consider booting The Colbinator".
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