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Thread: Paulie's Precaps - Episode 10: Queuin' Day

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    Oh this was great! I wonder what they all saw? I mean, I wonder if they all saw mannequins of themselves, like Matthew said! It's hilarious how Jeff made him lose so he could get him out. I think Matthew is freaky! He would totally act like that if this precap really happened.

    Loved Dave's shirt! It was yet another funny one! I bet you were glad he made the jury so you could throw in a rocket scientist shirt for every week following his departure!

    Hehe...great precap! Loved the part about the chain, still incredibly confusing.

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    Loved the precap but there is no way I that I want scarey spooky Matt to leave.
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    FUNNY!!!! especially the conversation between Christy and Rob! You rock Paulie!
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    Loved it! Couldn't quote any part, as there is simply too many to quote!

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    Fantastic job, as always Paulie. You are the master. Of course you went a different direction with the title than I had expected. With the episode title of Q&A I was expecting a pre-cap title of T&A. You are quite unpredictable.

    My favorite part that hasn't already been quoted:
    “Darn it!” Jeff shouts. “Matthew wins again!” In rage, he picks up a chainsaw, cranks it to life, and hurls it at Matthew, who effortlessly catches its handle and includes the roaring chainsaw as part of his now four-element juggling performance. The other Survivors clap politely.
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    Hilarious! I looked forward to your pre-cap this week.. And it's so great that our Matt is till around, creepy and scary and brilliantly devious...

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