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Thread: Benjamin "Coach" Wade - Survivor Tocantins

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    Re: Benjamin "Coach" Wade - Survivor Tocantins

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks;3713114;
    There was something squirrely about the lie detector results. It sounds like a point in Coach's favor, but not necessarily.
    Well he told many stories but only got results for one, so as for the others...............
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    Re: Benjamin "Coach" Wade - Survivor Tocantins

    Quote Originally Posted by pawpaw;3713119;
    Well he told many stories but only got results for one, so as for the others...............
    But as I recall, what Jeff read from the report wasn't enough to substantiate that he was telling the truth on that one either.

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    Re: Benjamin "Coach" Wade - Survivor Tocantins

    Polygraph's or "lie detectors" as they are called are extremely unreliable. Due to the false representation by the media, they are considered the be-all and end- all in that they can actually detect lies. This in turn is spread to the populace who then think that polygraphs are lie detectors. They are only lie detectors if the person getting tested believes they are and spills the beans afterwards to the polygrapher. They are merely crude measures of anxiety and nervousness. This anxiety may be an indication of deception so the polygrapher probes the person. A polygraph test is merely an interrogation without the presence of a lawyer. The machine is the "bad cop" and the polygrapher, who is usually former law enforcement and is a trained interrogator, is the good cop. Trying to help you out if in fact you are having a problem with the test. For instance, if the machine said you had a problem about drugs, the polygrapher would be like, "well, why don;t you tell me about this, you know it'll be our little secret." He'll try to be your friend. But he is not, he's just trying to get information out of you.

    Coach's test consisted of a series of questions, some are control and some are relevant. If his responses to the control are higher than to his relevant, then that is a pass or a telling of the truth. A relevant question would be if he was attacked by amazonians. If right before that, his question was a control, such as "are the lights in the room on today," and his response to that was greater than his yes to getting attacked by amazonians, then Coach passes and is seen to be telling the truth.

    Polygraphy is a pseudo-science whose reliability is nothing more than flipping a coin. That's why in many states polygraph results are not admissable in court unless both parties agree to it before trial. A very good lawyer would not even let their client have a polygraph test. It can be beat, witness the case of Aldrich Ames (CIA agent who sold secrets which led to about 10 agents losing their lives), Ted Bundy, Green River Killer (who passed a polygraph twice). Likewise, it can also lead to innocent people being incarcerated.

    Polygraphy is largely banished from the private sector but unfortunately is present in obtaining a Federal job. The american people should awaken to the fact that millions of dollars are being wasted in using these machines and employing these people. It's about as accurate as dousing for water or phrenolgy. Also is should be noted that Coach's polygrapher was John Grogan who is a known fraud and who is actually in the process of suing other polygraphers because they too called him a fraud.

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