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Thread: Finale Boot Picks TONIGHT!! ***Spoilers***

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    Finale Boot Picks TONIGHT!! ***Spoilers***

    Not too many sites making predictions yet.
    So far we have the following...
    Survivor Sucks
    Bob - 37%
    Ken - 27%
    Matty - 18%
    Sugar - 17%

    Totals are approximate. Predition determined by member voting. Poll will stay open until the show starts so the totals could change.

    Survivor Shrine
    Final 5 RC - Matty
    Final 5 IC - Ken
    Boot - Bob
    Final 4 IC - Ken
    Boot - Matty
    3rd - Susie
    2nd - Sugar
    WINNER - Ken

    ACME Brain Trust

    F5 IC: Bob. He may or may not give it away to Kenny or Sugar. Edge to saving Kenny.
    F5 Boot: Matty (or maybe Bob)
    F4 IC: Bob
    F4 Boot: Kenny.
    No F3 IC -- F3 faces the jury
    Sole Survivor: Bob (or maybe Matty... whichever survives the F5 TC

    ACME state they might make a change to their prediction within the next hour, seems as though they're running two scenarios with either Matty being fifth and Bob winning or vice versa.

    If anyone visits their site before I do and sees a change in the picks please post it in this thread. Thanks
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    Re: Finale Boot Picks TONIGHT!! ***Spoilers***

    I usually don't read this thread until I have watched the show and given the accuracy of ACME on Thursday I am glad I didn't. I enjoyed the surprise.

    I see there is a strong possibility that Kenny does not make F3 and that thrills me. I had been thinking he was a shoo in to win and Matty is out next. Maybe not.

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    Re: Finale Boot Picks TONIGHT!! ***Spoilers***

    I am fine with either Matty or Bob, but if Kenny wins I may well scream.

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