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Thread: Survivor: Gabon, 11/6 recap: Susie Goes Rogue

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    Survivor: Gabon, 11/6 recap: Susie Goes Rogue

    Previously on Survivor, Kota continued its victory tour and Fang blindsided Ace. And then Kota booted Dan, in a decision that may come back to haunt them this week.

    Susie Better Sleep With One Eye Open

    Back at Kota camp after the vote, Marcus says he’d like to analyze their weaknesses and shore them up because a merge is coming. He tells Susie she can’t vote for Corrine and not tell anyone what her issue is, and that she has to talk about these things if they’re to move forward. Corrine, meanwhile, is still seething that Susie said at council that she is stronger than Corrine.

    “The woman is 47 years old. What could she possibly have over me?” Corrine says. She tells Susie she can’t trust that Susie won’t vote for her.

    For some reason, Susie thinks that even though they’re six and she’s one, she has the power. This confuses me because it is ridiculous. At least, at this point. Perhaps Susie is psychic?

    Over at Fang, they’re a little happier. “How gnarly was that?” says someone. It was a textbook blindside, and while Matty’s glad he didn’t break his promise to Ace, he’s not going to corner himself with pacts on his girlfriend again.

    But all is not well with Matty and Crystal. He says Crystal is going to be gunning for him, because he voted for her, and she says he just needs to not let anyone else get in his head.

    They’re looking forward to a merge tomorrow, as well as a merge feast. Crystal says her clothes are falling off. Sugar tells them they can’t tell anyone she has the idol. They hope to hang together against Kota.

    The next day, at Kota, Corrine is still bitching about Susie. “I plan on burying her as soon as possible. Alive,” Corrine says. “I am an extremely vindictive person and I will get my revenge.”

    They have tree mail, which consists of a spoon, and a message telling them they’re to take their possessions to a feast. Naturally, everyone believes this is the merge and they’re excited. Randy says the Kota 6 will go to the end, and bid the Fang four goodbye.


    Both teams arrive at the beach, where a feast is indeed laid out. There’s hugging. There’s also a box with a warning not to open it until they’ve finished eating. So they set to. Randy says whatever’s in the box ends the fun and starts the gameplay, and so he’s going to prolong it as long as possible. They’re drinking wine, and there seems to be a clue for immunity hidden under a plate. Kenny sees it, but Charlie tries to grab it. Kenny doesn’t want to share it, but Charlie has seen it so he tosses it to everyone else.

    The clue is that there’s a dead log on the beach and the idol is buried underneath. So now they all know it’s out there. Marcus proposes finding the idol and “setting it adrift” instead of fighting over it. Randy finds it quickly. He sets it on the table and proclaims that he found it, he doesn’t want it, and anyone else can take it. But of course, they can’t, really, since doing so would put a target on their backs.

    “If you grab that idol, you were biting into the apple and would be exiled from Eden” Matty says.

    Randy drunkenly proclaims himself the “new king of Gabon” as they throw the idol, in a bottle, into the ocean.

    Marcus says he got 10 people to throw an immunity idol into the ocean. “It was a perfect way to make the situation easier for the Kota 6.” Oh really? We’ll see about that.

    Then they open that other box. A message says they must each grab a numbered stone. It turns out they’ve divided themselves into two new tribes. They’re shocked.

    The new Kota is Bob and Marcus and Susie and Crystal and Kenny.

    The new Fang is Charlie, Corrine, Matty and Sugar and Randy.

    Randy’s worried about Marcus, he doesn’t trust Susie because she’s crazy and stupid. “That’s a horrible combination,” he says.

    Marcus thinks he doesn’t need the immunity idol, that he has great relationships in the game and that’s what will save him. Susie says she can swing either way. Crystal says she’s still the enemy and doesn’t feel very hopeful about lasting in this game.

    I’ve Always Said Dizzy-Bat Is a Dangerous Game

    The newest iteration of Kota returns to camp. They fist-bump and declare they must stay out of that council.

    Kenny feels he doesn’t have the numbers, and he might be the next to go. It also transpires that one of Marcus’ best friends is Crystal’s cousin. Well, that’s strange. Marcus tells us he feels torn, because he has completely calculated voting her out, and he’s not sure if it’s still the case. He wants to keep good people and her cousin is good people so she might be too. “Crystal is actually a really cool girl, this is someone I can be straight with,” Marcus says.

    He says he’s crumpling up his playbook, and Crystal promises not to write his name down. But she tells us that promise is her playing the game. She also had said the same thing to Ace, and look how that worked out.

    The new Fang goes to its camp. Charlie says the Kota six had decided to stick together, so everyone’s stirred up. But luckily they’re up three to two in both tribes. He just needs to make sure he, Corrine and Randy stick together. He and Corrine go off but wonder if Randy’s going to spill stuff to Matty. And they think Sugar may have the idol. But they’re wanting Matty out too.

    Matty tells us he likes Randy, but doesn’t trust him because Randy’s now aligned with Kota. He tells Sugar that he was upset she went along with Crystal. She says no, she was going along with Kenny. Matty says no, Kenny didn’t trust Ace so Kenny lied, and that Ace was protecting her, not gunning for her. She tears up and feels awful. “I may have made a big mistake,” Sugar says.

    He tells her if he hears she’s going to be voted out, he’ll tell her so she can use the idol, and she must tell him so he can maneuver and try to save himself.

    At Kota, Susie’s trying to break down some sort of big log. Crystal looks baffled. Bob and Marcus talk about being final six, but Susie makes Marcus nervous. “Given the opportunity she would sell me down the river,” he says.

    He talks to Susie, who says she can go one way or the other. “Susie’s in the middle spinning around in circles playing dizzy bat,” Marcus tells us. Susie says she wants to be in the top three. She says Marcus is the king, but she can cut his head off. If she switches, it’s his own fault because he didn’t give her a clear statement, a clear promise of final three.

    At Fang, there’s tree mail. Randy says he was thinking of losing and getting rid of Matty, so that it doesn’t matter if Susie goes rogue and gets rid of Marcus, they’ll still have the numbers.

    Randy isn’t terribly worried about Sugar. “There’s a one in a billion chance that Sugar is like a rocket scientist and she’s hiding the idol,” he says. Haha. He likes Matty but keeping Corrine and Charlie happy is more important. Matty’s worried.

    Susie Aims for Bronze

    At the immunity challenge, Jeff says the challenge is simple in concept, difficult in execution. Their arms will be outstretched, balancing two poles that hold a board. Move at all, it all falls and you’re out. Last one standing wins for their tribe.

    Crystal lasts one second. Sugar’s out after 10 seconds. “It’s going to hurt, and it’s going to hurt quickly,” Jeff says. Susie’s out. Randy and Corrine are out. Kenny’s out. Marcus starts shaking, and he’s out.

    That leaves only Bob for Kota. Charlie’s out for Fang. Jeff tells them not to get foolish and lose concentration, not to listen to anyone, including him. So why’s he still talking? Matty’s laughing like a loon, while his poles are on the edge. Jeff tells him to stop jabbering and start concentrating. But Bob’s shaking. And he drops a pole, so Fang wins immunity.

    Randy says if they’d lost, Matty would be going home. Matty is happy with himself, but curious about what will happen at Kota.

    Susie’s trying to decide if she can get to top three by trusting Marcus.

    Back at camp, they mutter about how it was a tough challenge. Marcus tells us he’d rather have Kenny go home, since he has a reasonably good relationship with Crystal. He talks to her and says he wants Kenny to go next, then Susie. And then Crystal would then go to six. He tells her Corrine and Randy can’t stand Susie, and Crystal’s no challenge because she screws up challenges.

    Crystal tells us when he starts talking about knocking off her ally so he can go forward, she’s not down with that. They’re both playing nice but they’re schemers.

    Out in the woods, Marcus tells Susie that the least threatening person is Crystal. She’s “atrocious.” Susie tells us Marcus has a lot of control, and she feels safer staying with him. But she tells him she wants top three, and she wants a guarantee.

    Kenny tells Crystal this is a huge vote. She tells him they’re targeting him. And that she can’t do it. He’s not happy with that. They realize they must win over Susie. So Crystal talks to Susie, and promises to write down Marcus if she wants it. Susie says Marcus promised final three, and Crystal says he can’t promise that, that Randy and Corrine don’t like her. “First opportunity, they’re going to take you out,” Crystal tells her.

    Susie isn’t sure Crystal and Kenny can get her to top three. She says she’s very trustworthy, and this is a big, scary moment.

    Well, This Will Just Devastate Charlie

    Jeff asks Crystal what Kota is like. She says it’s like espionage.

    He asks Bob if the lack of a merge has changed his strategy. Bob says he would have voted differently last time if he’d known this was how it would work out. Yeah, bet they wish they had reliable Dan now.

    Marcus says they’re looking to stay strong, and Kenny accuses him of wanting to vote out Fang. Marcus says they’re strong, why would they want to change people out?

    Bob says his vote is clear cut. Susie says she has made her decision and she’s ok with it.

    And the vote is…. 2 for Ken, three for Marcus. He’s out, and the first member of the jury.

    Marcus tells us in his final confessional that he doubts Bob will survive the next few days. And that he may forgive, but he won’t forget. He IS the first member of the jury, so perhaps Susie had better worry.

    Jeff says just when you think you’re in control, blindsided. I’d say that’s more betrayed than blindsided, but whatever.

    Next week:

    There’s some argument at Fang between Randy and Matty, and at Kota Kenny believes he can win the game.
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    Re: Survivor: Gabon, 11/6 recap: Susie Goes Rogue

    Lucy, love the recap!
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    Re: Survivor: Gabon, 11/6 recap: Susie Goes Rogue

    Make sure you're pronouncing it F-AY-N-G and not F-Oh-N-G or Corrine will correct you!

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    Re: Survivor: Gabon, 11/6 recap: Susie Goes Rogue

    Yeah, because the pronunciation of the tribe name has been their problem all along ....
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    Re: Survivor: Gabon, 11/6 recap: Susie Goes Rogue

    Great recap. Two heavy hitters in a row. Wow.
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    Re: Survivor: Gabon, 11/6 recap: Susie Goes Rogue

    Susie Aims for Bronze
    She sure is. Great recap, Lucy!
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    Re: Survivor: Gabon, 11/6 recap: Susie Goes Rogue

    Great job!

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